Will It Be YES or NO On May 22nd Ireland’s Referendum on Gay Marriage

Will It Be YES or NO On May 22nd Ireland’s Referendum on Gay Marriage

By : Ray Hall

The referendum on whether to allow marriage between gay couples takes place on Friday, May 22nd. How people vote can change live’s immeasurably for some of the citizens of this country.

Opponents of the right to marriage believe they are manning a rearguard action not just on gay marriage but on many other issues, such as abortion, which they say will come into play if the Yes side wins.

While polls show the yes side well ahead, referendums which do not involve party preferences are notoriously hard to call.

It is now over to the people of Ireland to make their judgment on what could be a historic moment in Ireland’s history.

No Campaigners Say

  • If the referendum passes, homosexual married couples will have the same constitutional status as any other married couple.
  • Married couples enjoy the right to procreate, Now if the referendum passes it will mean same-sex couples will have that same right under the Constitution.
  • Same-sex marriage, wherever it has been introduced, has been an accelerant in driving demand for permissive laws on donor-assisted and surrogate-assisted reproduction and a proliferation of legal and ethical uncertainties.
  • Observations  in Spain, France and now in Ireland, [is] that the confluence of assisted reproduction with the advent of same-sex marriage conspire to drive traditional family rights off their moorings.
  • Donor conception is wrong and should be outlawed by any country which respects human rights.
  • Children are deprived by not having the experience of being brought up by a biological parent.

If this referendum proposal is rejected, it opens the way for a constitutional settlement by adopting a new name and language for same-sex unions in our Constitution, and so allows for them to be legally recognised and equally respected for what they truly are.

Yes Campaigners Say

  • Marriage matters because, it is a secure foundation for loving committed couples, couples should be free to marry on those terms.
  • The Marriage Equality Referendum offers the chance for lesbian and gay people to become equal citizens in the country they call home.
  • Allowing lesbian and gay people get married will have no effect on anyone else’s marriage.
  • As it currently stands, lesbian and gay couples cannot get married and do not have equal status under our Constitution. This amendment guarantees constitutional equality for lesbian and gay citizens.
  • People are fair-minded, and welcoming. This referendum is about making our laws reflect those values

Voting Yes in the Marriage Equality Referendum will be saying yes to marriage, yes to equality and yes to strengthening Irish society.

Writers Note

How will the result affect Irish Society? But, I’m just one vote and a majority of over 50% will be needed for either side to win.

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  • Posted April 26, 2015


    I believe it will be passed because Ireland has moved on

  • Posted May 6, 2015


    I believe the ref is a distraction from more salient issues e.g. bank bailout levy and is dividing/atomising society.

  • Posted May 21, 2015


    so if this passes, two transsgenders, men who dress like women, who have a penis and boobs will be able to rare children, what will the child be thinking, how confused would the child be, i can only imagin the bully these children will experience, also two straight people will also be able to marry, and this can be done for tax evasion and ownership of property, also that children will be educated about gays and transgender while in primary school, OMG what is happening to society, you call this moving on, yes moving into the dark.
    Gays already have the liberties to marry in this country, leave the children out of this. if the government and elites are so interested in equality, share out the money, gives us all an equal amount, now thats equality for the Irish people.

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