We’ll never know the truth about the banking fraud until we remove its political gatekeepers

We’ll never know the truth about the banking fraud until we remove its political gatekeepers

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In light of the news that Michael Noonan has copper fastened our inter-generational sovereign debt by paying off the IMF early with new loans guaranteed with government bonds, we thought we would remind people that the scenario Ireland finds itself in is not the people’s fault. It is not even due to the government being asleep at the wheel. They had to have been well and truly aware of what was going to happen and why it was being done; after all they had a huge hand to play in enabling it by deregulating the financial system in the decade before. When you read political history you understand that nothing happens by accident in this world.

A few years ago, between the bank guarantee and the bailout, a lot of people tried to voice the conclusion that this was a set up by organisations who see themselves as above national governments; and it was stressed that to achieve their goal they needed assistance from members within national governments.

Barring a few notable exceptions most media ignored the call for a reality check on the government spin, and RTE of course went on the attack; but it seems perfectly plausible that indeed this bailout, at the insistence of the IMF/ECB, was a designed and orchestrated plan by a wealth class to garner more wealth, and control over the assets of a number of countries in Europe, Ireland being one.

The last four years have borne this out, and we know the legal planning for some of the privatisations goes back way before the bailout or the crash in the form of legislation and treaties.

Now add into the mix that Ireland’s economic advisers were themselves bondholders and advised us to pay up; and that we had a government saying they didn’t know who the bondholders were (well who did they write the cheques to?) ….. Well, they said that until DDI’s Ben Gilroy gave the list of bondholders to a TD to read out on national TV (cut to commercials, quickly!).

There were many articles and videos made to explain this at the time, but for pure simple logic have a watch of this video below that was made 3 years ago by Robin Wilson who ran as an Independent in the last election in Louth. He puts it in the simplest terms possible for everyone to understand; simple logic highlighting how obvious the stitch up is.

It may of course not be linked solely or primarily to oil (as he mooted) as the oil was initially given away in the 80s, but it is certainly a factor. It does however achieve the aims that have plagued every other country in the world that has found itself on the wrong end of IMF loan, that being long term debt at high interest, the loss of sovereignty, loss of resources, and the handing over of public services and industry to private corporations usually owned by bank/investor owned holding companies.

This is not a simple case of betting on currencies that we experienced in the 1980’s whereby billionaire financiers like George Soros used their massive wealth to buy and sell currency forcing government to prop up its own currency and eventually forcing devaluation; making billions for himself while the nation’s pensions were decimated. Though that was bad enough, what we see today is much bigger and much more complex to pull off, needing cooperation at government level.

The people who really run governments, and especially people who run successful multi-trillion dollar financial institutions, are not fools by any stretch of the imagination. Of course they would not invest in a massively overheated Ireland unless they knew beforehand they were going to get paid. They didn’t get rich betting on 100/1 outsiders in the Grand National. It must be remembered that to achieve this end game we see today, by its complex legal nature, it takes long term planning and assistance from within the target country.

We have already uncovered some of the many frauds and collusion that went on in the proceeding years, some have been revealed in court by us and others, and we are disappointed that the justice system continually refuses to deal with these issues; instead always trying to push it back to the government to deal with.

There have even been some prosecutions brought by the Gardai but they all go unrecognised for their seriousness. Take the Aiden Corcoran case 3 weeks ago where the banker ,who was found guilty of forging loan documents for years, was let off with a 6 month suspended sentence. Yet during the evidence the banker admitted that “everybody was doing it, and those who met their targets were treated like heroes”. He was only a mid level worker, so he (and everybody else) had his instructions from above; but this hierarchy is never investigated.

The government will never deal with this because, as we have alluded here, they are compromised to the highest level – hence the toothless banking inquiry that started as it means to go on, blaming us, blaming the system, but not blaming anyone in particular. No-one is actually responsible and we can expect more waffle in 2015.

However events may overtake both the judiciary and the government because the people may decide enough is enough and take back their power to decide for themselves.

It starts by voting out all sitting TDs and Senators from the established parties and voting in people who will change the whole political system and give people back their legal right to decide for themselves, like DDI.

If you want to unearth this den of vipers and unravel their web of deceit that has led our country to this point, then it starts with you and your power to end their control with a simple “X” when the general election comes around. We can wrest control peacefully and without a single act of anger, no matter how much they try to goad us into it. Then and only then will we unravel the crimes of previous governments and how they helped pull off this robbery.

It is that simple.

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  • Posted January 6, 2015


    Not alone the executive AKA government but the judiciary as well is wholly and totally contaminated by the property market a nd resultant collapse. It is never going to be possible to get justice or see any of the agents that caused this mess ever brought to justice. 6 Month suspended sentence for FRAUD is a joke.

  • Posted January 6, 2015

    helen callanan

    ..a riveting informational piece of reading!…I cannot but agree with the idea of ousting all of the sitting tds and seantors(VIA VOTE)and in the same way establish a new style of government…..but I have no trust in the voting system anymore…the outcome can be manipulated and I believe fervently that this happens over and over….someone highlighted the fact that the government is run by ex-teachers…and those who count the votes are also from the education system….everyone looking after each other….swings and roundabouts is our lot in life…

  • Posted January 7, 2015


    government going to drag this out till next election then it will have to be dropped has installed his own people in it to make sure nothing important is revealed

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