The water resistance is holding firm

The water resistance is holding firm

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Last week the Sindo published an article about the Right2Water campaign that was basically an attempt to undermine the anti water charge alliance.

However, running stories like this simply alerts the public’s perception that there may be a major conflict of interest at hand in the newspaper because of the owner’s other business interests. Right2Water have made their own response refuting the claims.

The basic premise was that different allies in the campaign have slightly different strategies on (not) paying the charges, and the article was trying to stir up divisions that don’t actually exist. Saying the socialists just want to push along the we wont pay route, as do most of the non politically aligned and the unions involved; while Sinn Fein were alleged to be supporting people whether they do pay or don’t pay (not sure how that works but ok?), They also alleged one unnamed union official called for people to pay and “not break the law”, but of course they would not be any more specific (I wonder why?).

Obviously different groups against water charges are going to have slightly different ideas about how to achieve the goal of getting the charges scrapped. On the surface it seems that paying up now would just give the balance of power back to the government after resisting for 6 months. The campaign’s strength lies in holding on to its huge numbers, so we are a little bemused by the idea that anyone would support the notion of paying up now.

We would consider that naive, however naivety comes in many forms. There is also naivety on the side of the hard left when they shout “We Wont Pay”, because what that phrase means is that you refuse to pay something that you recognise has value and is therefore your responsibility. This puts you in default of a tacit contract in the eyes of the state.

So what do you do instead? Well, we pushed the idea of the “no consent return to sender” for the application pack (contract). So when you get sent a charge notice in April you simply return it the same way you returned the original application. You see the charge notice is not a bill, it is a second offer to contract with Irish Water, and as with any offer you can either accept or refuse.

You all pay bills but you don’t pay offers that come through your door, so keep your dealings with Irish Water at the offer stage and return to sender, no contract. Irish Water is a registered limited company and they require your consent to be billed.

Having said all that this is only an additional level of protection should the mass non-payment campaign not hold together, and they try to pick us off individually through the courts; but don’t worry, we believe it will succeed. As long as the numbers of people not paying those charges remains large enough the mass non compliance should be enough to get the job done.

Reports coming from inside Irish Water say that the figures of 50% compliance are ludicrously over stated and the real figure could be as low as 20%. So stick together and we will prevail.

To date DDI haven’t taken any visible political notoriety on stage during the non political right2water group’s protests, but we will be in amongst the people as always this Saturday 31st January and hope to see you all there.

And remember…. we don’t protest, we peacefully assemble and express our opinions.

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