The Securitisation of European Debt “The European Economic Treason Treaty “

The Securitisation of European Debt “The European Economic Treason Treaty “

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By Direct Democracy Ireland

The EU Council, the EU Commission and the Government have known all along that the total cost of setting up Irish Water PLC was always going to be on our State Books and not off the balance sheets as some would try to have us believe in the mainstream and State ran Media outlets nationwide.

Initially we had the Fianna Fail/Green Party Coalition Government who in September 2008 forced us into the State Bank “blanket” Guarantee – Then after the General Election of February 2011 the Fine Gael/Labour Coalition Government who in a complete u-turn from what they had promised catastrophically continued where Fianna Fail/Green Party left off with the introduction of the Household Charge, Local Property Tax and Irish Water PLC, so where else was the money required ever going to come from … only from the State Coffers (Funded from the Pension Fund / Property Tax / Car Tax plus International High Interest Loans etc) and all under the guise of being off the Balance Sheet. Is That Fraud? …. so as not to effect or increase our huge National Debt, it’s a total misnomer and a lot of people in Ireland fell for it Hook line and sinker, to the tune of 43% of households allegedly to have paid up.

EU number crunchers EUROSTAT have done their sums and in a key report have ruled that the detested utility that is Irish Water PLC cannot be classed as a commercial operation, again one can’t help believe that is by total design. The results, originally due out in June were suspiciously delayed to coincide with the Dail summer break. But;

Direct Democracy Ireland strongly suspects that the EUROSTAT decision will be reversed.

The question must be asked – When Irish Water is eventually abolished, as the writing’s on the wall would indicate, (as the vast majority of Irish People have not paid, and have no intentions of ever paying three times for water). Which of the European Investment Banks will have possession of the debts it has accumulated, forcing the Irish people to once again bail out yet another failed government escapade holding our €11 Billion worth of Irish State Assets as ransom, also how will our Government handle the issue of Council Staff that were transferred to Irish Water from the 34 City and County Councils back in 2012/13. Will Ireland have any chance of getting our unlawfully removed Water Charge Exemption back?

The setting up of Irish Water PLC was a Political Decision by the 2011 Fine Gael and Labour Government and not imposed by the Troika as they have us believe under the Memorandum of Understanding for Ireland’s Bailout Programme. The EU/ECB knew of Ireland’s Household Water Charge Exemption.

So, if by some miracle Irish Water does continue to exist – will it be sold off to the highest bidder? The exact same as any other State Assets to pay off more International/European Bank Debts. One must also ask? By whose design? … The Troika? the European Banks? or by European Private Capital/Hedge Funds?

At first, there was the European Economic Union (EEC) 1973 i.e. The Nice Treaty.

Then in February 2003 we had the European Union (EU) i.e. The Lisbon Treaty.

Then a Treaty establishing the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) 11.07.2011 – The signing of the Treaty paves the way for the ESM to take over from the European Financial Stability Facility and the European Financial Stabilisation Mechanism in July 2013

So what have we got in August 2015 and for generations to come, we have the Irish State “blanket” Banking Guarantee of September 2008 in effect we have been forced to take on the burden of 43% of all European Debts. We believe that the EU is heavily involved in the ‘Privatisation’ of Ireland its services and its natural resources. This is all part of an effort to harmonise a private corporate structure throughout Europe, all with the unsanctioned approval of our Government, is this Economic Treason?

So what is it? The EETT? “The European Economic Treason Treaty” that is being robustly implemented by unseen and unelected individuals that are being fully supported by Neo-Liberal policies that are coming from the EU Council, The EU Commission and the ECB spanning across the once Sovereign Nations of Europe. Imagine Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Ireland all holding a Referendum on their continuing membership of the EU?

Is this the reason why Politicians who work within representative democracies in Ireland and Europe fear Direct Democracy!

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  • Posted August 7, 2015

    Rita Cahill

    European Union Treaty [1994] 1 CLR 57 …… Northern Ireland Assembly. Act 1973. 156. Obscene Publications Act 1959 … Treason Felony Act 1848 … Moreover economic decisions impact on constitutional concerns in Republic Of Ireland’s Constitution with the Council of Ministers of the EC and also in relation to …… Under the Nice Treaty which is. against policy of Some

  • Posted August 7, 2015

    Rita Cahill

    Meagher Solicitors

    Our expertise in this area includes advising on:

    Irish GSM and 3G licensing processes
    Co-location agreements
    Telecoms and broadband operators

    Up to their oxters in a parallel universe

  • Posted November 17, 2015

    Desmond Devlin

    I’m a Nordie who favours a Nine-County Ulster Nation open to anyone with either an Irish or British Passport. It’s clear as day that a United Ireland won’t be realistically achieved without unwelcome concessions towards the British.

    An Ulster Nation will use Gold and Silver as its currency. There are resources of Gold outside Gortin in County Tyrone, however the Developers’ Unionist Party will flog off that resource cheap-as-chips to the EUSSR.

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