Irish water fluoridation is a human rights abuse

Irish water fluoridation is a human rights abuse

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DDI believe in people making their own informed choices in life and taking responsibility for them. Unfortunately government over the years has foisted many choices upon us whether we like it or not. In this case they have force medicated an entire population in opposition to the rest of Europe and against international human rights, and even EU regulations against exposure of infants.

For some reason the government insists on keeping fluoride in our water supply at all costs. Even with full knowledge of the harmful effects of adding these toxins to our water supply, and in the face of all evidence, best practice, and the precautionary principle, they persist. One would be forgiven for coming to the conclusion that, in conjunction with the unfluoridated Northern Ireland as a control, this has been a 50 year experiment in measuring the effects of chemically poisoning a population.

How they justify a panel of dentists making a decision to put a chemical into our bodies that effects the skeleton, the neurological system and brain, and endocrine systems, without the specialist knowledge of doctors in these fields is beyond reason.

People have the sole right to decide what goes into their own bodies. DDI will remove this chemical as a matter of urgency as it is a humans rights violation by the Irish government.

The following is the latest commentary from Declan Waugh who has given and presented full reports on the dangers of fluoride to the government:

Ireland is ignoring fluoride risk

Saturday, November 02, 2013

The Irish Examiner reported (Tuesday, Oct 15, 2013) that the chief executive of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) said that the fluoridation of water was not a risk to the public. This opinion is not accepted in most developed countries.

The safety of fluoride is based on dietary exposure from all sources, including water, beverages, medications, and occupational exposures. It is also based on the age, and nutritional and health status, of the individual consumers.

Twenty years ago, the World Health Organisation advised that the fluoride content in foodstuffs should be labelled, particularly in countries where water fluoridation is practised, due to their populations’ higher exposure.

This recommendation was so that consumers would be aware of, and limit, their exposure to this toxin.

No action has been taken in Ireland to comply with this recommendation.

In 2011, the FSAI published their first report measuring the fluoride content of basic foodstuffs in Ireland. Incredibly, their report underestimated, by 1,000%, the fluoride content of basic foodstuffs. This alarming finding is supported by recent scientific evidence, on human dietary exposure to fluoride, published in the peer-reviewed journal, Food Research International.

What the study confirms, among many other such studies, is that a large percentage of the adult population is exposed to excessive levels of fluoride, which can be detrimental to health. In Ireland, the numbers would be much greater, due to fluoridation of drinking water.

It is unbelievable that while the FSAI and HSE were informed last April of this serious error, no action has been taken, in the interim, by either body, to protect the public.

By failing to take any action, both agencies are in conflict with their stated purposes.

There are so many sources of fluoride that you cannot control the exposure of the population when you medicate their water supply. That is why fluoridation should stop immediately, as a matter of public safety.

Declan Waugh
Chartered Environmental Scientist

Co Cork

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We encourage everyone to support Aisling FitzGibbon in her legal challenge to fluoridation this year. If you would like to help fund the case you can give her support at The Girl Against Fluoride.

Fluoride is present in all food and beverages made using Irish water, it is also being added to food and beverages by manufacturers. Hence the dose is completely uncontrolled. So in the mean time it is recommended to at least drink and cook in fluoride free water.

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  • Posted November 2, 2013


    Informed choice doesn’t stretch to mortgages, presumably?

    • Posted November 2, 2013

      Admin D

      People were informed by their government to borrow and buy and that everything was fine
      Ratings agencies gave Ireland a triple A rating
      Banks and their auditors said they had a full bill of health
      Your decisions are only as good as the information you are allowed to see

      • Posted November 2, 2013


        Strange then that so very many people and organisations were ringing alarm bells, issuing warnings and so forth. But people chose to believe what they wanted – perhaps like the flouridation issue?

        • Posted November 2, 2013

          Admin D

          Perhaps, the government does tell us it is perfectly safe. Can we trust anything the government says anymore?

  • Posted November 2, 2013

    John Lagan

    Great article and letter from Declan. Just a word on the WHO, in case anyone gets the impression that they care about health. The labeling issue is a smokescreen as they are ardent supporters and promoters of water fluoridation. The chemical-pharmaceutical-medical combine control regulatory bodies such as the WHO, FDA, CDC, AMA, BMA, IMB, WDF etc., none of these organisations is remotely independent. The various reports they produce enable politicians to lie by telling the truth, a brilliant ploy on their part, for example: “I should say that the recommendations on measles mumps and rubella that the Government are following are supported by the World Health Organisation, the British Medical Association, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, the Royal College of Nursing, and the Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association.” – Tony Blair, Dec 18 2001. (Quote from The same ploy is regularly used to defend water fluoridation.

  • Posted January 18, 2014


    I say take out the fluoride for sure,.. but bring in water charges by all means.
    Why should people who pay good money for their own well and pump, as well as the costs to maintain and run(electrical) the pump be then forced to subsidise public water.
    You want a service,.. you pay for it!!
    This is why I also thing road maintenance should come entirely from road tax(even if it means increasing it) rather than general taxation which should be abolished.

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