Statement on current party issues 25th Oct 2013

Statement on current party issues 25th Oct 2013

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Bad behavior by ex members

A lot of exaggeration, false information and extreme media spin about DDI has been maliciously and meticulously circulated in the last few days. It seems our un-tarnishable message must be hitting a raw nerve with the establishment to have attracted all this attention. We take pride in that and it spurs us on. We will not let them stop us.

When Mick Clifford of the Examiner rang our office on Thursday, he seemed determined to paint the recent walk out of seven members (out of our thousand members) from a meeting as some kind of a “split” in the grandiose big political style. Splits are things that happen to government parties with TDs and ministers, not to fledgeling parties finding their feet. People come and go from parties all the time, and 7 people walking out because they could not get their way in a meeting is hardly news. So what is the agenda there?

The perpetrators of the walk out have since organised a vindictive online campaign which has persisted for nearly a week. It is very much in the style of previous sustained attacks we have suffered from opposition parties we directly threaten like Sinn Fein and the Socialist group. We had not intended to get involved in online spats because feeding these things tends to cause more problems. However the perpetrators of this appalling and dishonourable behavior have now gone too far.

They are setting up libelous websites and vandalising the DDI network with spam. Worse still they have been spamming false information to DDI members personally, and even to the members’ families and friends. What we see here is a deliberate attempt to harm DDI to stop us from spreading our empowering message. A message that is beginning to have real results in Ireland (as our Seanad campaign recently proved with every county we campaigned in returning a no vote). At best this is all simply character and ego driven, but at worst it is nefarious and contrived.

All of this was created in the wake of a delegates meeting at the weekend at which 3 individuals from a combined preliminary Cork constituency and members from Offally, repeatedly disrupted the meeting in an attempt to press their agenda. This was not the first meeting in which this happened. Their agenda being to remove almost everyone managing and developing Direct Democracy as a political service.

The fact remains that nothing they were asking for could even be voted upon within the rules until a general assembly was called, yet the disruption continued. as it had in previous meetings from the same source. They refused to abide by any of the rules or acknowledge the democratic majority in the room.

After hours of disruption they did not manage to persuade the rest of the constituency delegates in the meeting to support their agenda. The remaining delegates did not agree with their demands and expressed this again by democratic vote. But rather than agree with the democratic consensus in the room, they chose to storm out insulting the remaining delegates. They later resigned their membership and started a bitter online campaign claiming that the democratic decisions were somehow ‘not democratic’ (because they did not get their way).

Let’s clear up a few false claims.

Nobody on the council is paid.
In fact nobody at all in DDI has ever been paid for their tireless work.

Interestingly the agitators deliberately failed to explain that DDI members “may” be paid – (this means merely remunerated for the personal expenses which they have incurred in the setup of this political party). They also neglect to mention the constitution also states there is no legal obligation for anyone to be paid. This also applies to the Executive which includes county delegates.

Contrary to their claims about links with “an extreme political party in the UK”, we can easily state that DDI has no links with any parties in the UK.

Another claim is that DDI is connected to a “Freedom of the Land Movement”, a claim that RTE also tried to insinuate in their recent Prime Time program ‘hit piece’ against the Irish people. People who have the audacity to think they should stand up against the banking cartel that with the government’s help has destroyed our country. ‘How dare we!’ However we would ask you how would that be plausible when apparently most ‘Freemen’ do not support the notion of government or politics? Yet DDI is a political party trying to get into government is it not? That would be a hard one to resolve.

All that aside there is one main issue we wish to address and that is the constitution.

Claims are made that it was some kind of ‘big secret’. It is nothing of the sort. Firstly it is in the public domain along with every other political party constitution at Leinster House, and it is as dull as all the others. The fact of the matter is that in these early stages the constitution has never been needed, until now, to answer any queries. We have all cooperated and compromised without much ado. There is no issue in sending it to our constituency groups for future reference now it is at last becoming relevant.

Secondly the general structures therein are designed for a large well established party. They are to be introduced as and when they become necessary otherwise they would become too cumbersome on a small and growing new party. We operate on the bare minimum of structures to allow complete flexibility in this time of rapid change. We have relaxed most of the rules so that groups can self-organise preliminary committees and participate in voting, despite most constituencies not yet having completed all stages of development to be fully ratified. Indeed the constituencies who have been properly constituted and ratified have been gracious enough to allow this relaxation and equal rights, and we thank them for that inclusive spirit.

Now the main issue is where they claim there is a veto because there are five permanent members on the council, aka the signatories who founded the party. They would have you believe that every decision in DDI will be vetoed by this group and it is a dictatorship (their words). This is nonsense.

Yes, there is a temporary council of permanent members. The purpose of these five individuals is to protect the political party from being taken over by unsavory individuals or groups. It makes perfect sense that if a political party begins to be a force to be reckoned with, it shall be open to attack, possible infiltration and their ultimate demise. It is for this reason a council is in-situ. The council exists only for a limited time, and will remain only for as long as it takes for the party to reach a critical mass where it has an clear identity and common ethos among it’s members and officers throughout the structure that will sustain it against such attacks.

The reason behind this goes back 6 years. Raymond Whitehead tried unsuccessfully a number of times to get DDI off the ground in the five years before the current relaunch (November 2012). Each time control of the organisation was lost quite quickly, and the ethos of the party was changed. This unfortunately prevented DDI from reaching the populace for 5 years, but there are no grudges held, there is no ill will toward anyone. It was what it was for it’s time, and perhaps it is only now that the time is right for DDI.

When it was relaunched all the members were invited to the first AGM. The attendees agreed that they needed a mechanism to stop the party failing again. A way to protect it from takeover in it’s early growth stages until it was large enough, and with a clearly defined style and ethos, to attract like minded members in enough numbers that would protect it from subversion and takeover. Hence the members unanimously agreed that if DDI was going to survive the growing stage of the party then it needed a safeguard in the form of a temporary council of permanent members to act as guardians of the ethos and protect it from usurpation until such time the party was unassailable. When that period of time has elapsed, and if the members at the general assembly think they are happy to run without the council, then they can vote to end the practice. They could of course, if they so wished, vote to extend it, though that would be highly unlikely.

It would be naive of commentators to ridicule the idea without proper consideration. For instance, imagine if say a new socialist party set up tomorrow and after a few of months they had gathered together two hundred members. General assemblies tend to only attract a percentage of the members, maybe 25%. (so 50 in this example). We could easily get a hundred people to join up and all attend the assembly and call a motion to dissolve the party, and we would win. Much less is needed when looking to take over committees as a current example later will show you. It is what the socialist party do in many protest groups, and this was highlighted in it’s extreme with the campaign against household and water charges which has now fallen by the wayside since.

It seems the direct democracy message that DDI is pushing is something none of the established parties want to see in Ireland. Hence, they have attacked us from all sides since we launched to try and stop this message getting out. Attacks from without, and now seemingly from within, as expected.

We believe when the time comes there will not be a need to extend this safeguard as it has not so far come into play and will eventually become redundant. However when it does it is the members democratic decision alone. Most members have not taken issue with this virtually redundant safeguard because they share the same philosophy and mission for DDI. Those who take issue with it perhaps do not fully share the DDI mission and wish to change it.

The whole walk out debacle after the attempted coup d’état at last weekend’s meeting proved that point. At no time was it even necessary to refer to the council because the other delegates in the room themselves quashed any motion to change DDI from what it was envisaged. We thank them for that and trust their judgement.

Problems in Cork

At this point we wish to put the record straight for two members in Cork whom we regret we did not give enough support to earlier in the year and unreservedly apologise for that failure on our part. They did a lot of work in getting local people and local businesses interested in supporting DDI at the outset.

Back in May Joe Blake and Catherine Murphy set about organising two large meetings in Cork with presentations to get DDI off the ground there. They were both successful and resulted in a group being formed followed by further smaller regular meetings. At one of these follow up meetings Joe was elected Chair of the Cork group and Catherine was elected Secretary and Treasurer as nobody else wanted that job. Two ordinary members of the committee were also elected. One of those being Elizabeth Hourihan who became the chief agitator in later months. A second co-agitator Maurice Sheehan was added to the committee in following meetings, encouraged by Elizabeth.

However during the summer a meeting was called for a Saturday morning. While Joe and Catherine had both advised the committee they would be absent that morning (Joe in Limerick with a potential DDI backer, and Catherine at a funeral mass for a young relative), the meeting was not put off to a later time. In their absence Joe and Catherine were cynically removed from the committee and replaced with another friend of the two agitators called Noel Maguire who was made Chairman. These three, who later caused the disruption at our national meetings, now had control of DDI Cork’s committee.

In recent days we have received many phone calls from people in Cork who attended the first meeting in the Silversprings Hotel who have said they left DDI Cork but would be delighted to come back now the committee has resigned. There were also calls from people who would not join before because of the make up of the committee. In fact the slow progress in Cork since the takeover has meant Cork has surprisingly yet to achieve status as a properly constituted constituency.

What seems to have occurred in Cork is an orchestrated take over that made the constituency dysfunctional and in opposition to DDI principles. Whether this was due to egos or due to sabotage perhaps we will never know. However the facts speak for themselves and they have all the usual hallmarks of takeover attempts over protest and campaign groups that we have seen destroyed in the last few years.

This was expected and we will not be allowing this to happen to DDI. Our intention to bring direct democracy back to the Irish people is far too important to let it fail. We have up to now been very lenient and relaxed about the setting up of groups and the approval process for members and officers. It encouraged a spirit of openness, inclusion and autonomy. This perhaps is too trusting and leaves us open to infiltration and insurrection by other parties. It is unfortunate that people behave this way, so we will from now on be forced to use more of the rules available to us to prevent these problems re-occurring.

DDI is not a free for all where all political beliefs can gather. That cannot work. It is a party with it’s own specific ethos and mission. We do not want that mission to change, nor should it. We want to attract people who share that vision, rather than those who oppose it. There are plenty of parties with different missions to suit all all types of people. There is no point trying to change one that doesn’t suit you.

We are looking forward to regrouping very soon in Cork and electing a new committee from the members and welcome back all those who have contacted us this week who left the Cork group disillusioned over the summer.

We would request The Examiner make good over the “Split” article and correct the context to something resembling reality. Front page would be nice again! While at the same time we thank Mick Clifford because on reading his article many people in Cork have phoned to say they wish to join and/or re-affirm membership with DDI now the committee is being replaced.

We would also extend a hand to anyone who felt disenfranchised by the negative internet campaign being carried out by these operatives and their allies, and hope the reality is clearer now you have full information.

Remember it doesn’t matter how much muck they try to sling at DDI or at the individuals in DDI because the message of control over government is made of Teflon. Nothing can stick to it.

Let’s keep the establishment on the run.

Direct Democracy Ireland

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  • Posted October 25, 2013

    raymond whitehead


    • Posted October 26, 2013

      Anne Mullett

      Presume a log of all interference is kept for the Gardai. Sounds somewhat familiar. Pre war Germany. Intimidatory tactics, leading to loss of democracy. Such a small minority can’t be democratic, if willing to disrupt, discourse.

  • Posted October 26, 2013

    Jeff Rudd

    Congratulations to those that have released this statement.
    Thank you for explaining in better detail exactly how things stand and why.

    The public now has a much better, fuller picture of how DDI came about, the reasons for it good founder(s) being cautious, about those that would see its ruin if they wished to.and how such people were stopped NOT by those that safeguard the ethos/mandate of DDI – but actually by the normal citizens of Ireland that by democratic vote said “Sorry, DDI is not yours to ruin!”

    On-wards and upwards!

  • Posted October 26, 2013

    David Dunne

    I heard only rumblings of discontent on the internet and had no idea of what was happening. DDI is only something I have recently become aware of. A new political party which empowers the people directly. This is a good idea to my mind and on that basis I wish you all the best with your development and look forward to attending a meeting some time in the near future.

  • Posted October 26, 2013


    So you made the front page, Congratulations. If DDI was not a worry and force to be reckoned with, the “split” would not have been reported so prominently. As the saying goes “No one kicks a dead dog”. Keep barking and biting!

  • Posted October 26, 2013

    Gerard Flood

    This statement totally concurs with my sentiment and wishes. The agitators who wish to remain in the old brown envelope system should look to the old civil was parties for their inspiration. I feel that the 95% of the rest of Ireland are looking for new and different ways in which government can happen. So well done to the members of DDI for standing against these agitators and for showing that true democracy can and does work if enough good people feel it is worth standing for.
    Thank you admin of DDI

  • Posted October 26, 2013


    I have been to a few DDI meetings and the impression I got from the core DDI people was that they are in it for the good of the country, to benefit the people of Ireland and to see the country prosper using DD.

    Of course there was a few loud mouth, love the sound of their own voice, people at the meetings so I can imagine what happened in Cork!!
    These “agitators” are nothing but parasites!! They are in it for their own benefit and it seems to me when they didn’t get their way they only wanted to cause havock. For anyone out there put off by the negative campaign by these “agitators” ask yourselves how much campaigning and mud slinging did they do against FF, the GP, FG, Lab and people within the banking industry who together have done a fine job in lining their own pockets and wrecking this country for the rest of us!!

  • Posted October 26, 2013

    Joe Cunningham

    The established Political Parties know they are in trouble in the forthcoming Local Elections … these Local Elections may determine what Parties will form the Next Dail Government in 2016. This being the 100th Anniversary of the 1916 Rising.

    I am not surprised the present Political Parties are in disarray and shaking in their Boots … Why you may ask? … Because they are afraid and rightly so.

    Because … of the Political Party Whips in Ireland

    When you elect a Candidate in Local and Dail Elections … you elect an individual a Man or Woman to Represent their Constituents.

    The voting Electorate of Ireland are not bound by the Party Whip System of Governance … This is where Irish Politics is at these Past 93 Years … Where did this form of Governance get us five years ago. A banking Crisis of Epic Proportions that no Country can sustain yet alone contain through Austerity Measures without dire consequences morally, financially, emotionally and Politically.

    The People of Ireland are finally beginning to waken up about our Political Governance in all its forms. Our Present Elected TD’s are gutless when it comes to their Job in the Dail … Because they are not representing the Irish Peoples interests except their own Party and their own self interests. Do they Have a clear Individual Conscious? Party or otherwise? I believe they don’t because their Party Whips play as Party Political Teams Vs Political gains here in Ireland and the EU.

    Who Looses out here … The Irish People in Debt up to their Necks with no Hope of ever getting out of it …

    What is next then … The People of Ireland can change their Political Landscape in all Areas of Political Governance in Ireland and more importantly of Whether of Staying in The Euro … of staying in the European Union.

    The Winds of Change are in Our Irish Air … morally, financially, emotionally and Politically.

    The Political Attack on DDI is prove of This on RTE’s Primetime programme.

    Ben Gilroys showing in the Meath East Bye-Election Proves it.

    The Established Party Political Machines and their Vested Interests are Gathering Jointly Yet again demoralizing the Irish People to achieve Political Dominance in sharing their Political Spoils together … a Political pretence … the same as the last Dail Elections in 2011 … A False Mandate based on Irish Democracy in Our Sovereign State of Ireland.

    Fine Gael, Labour, Fianna Fail, Sinn Fein and the Socialist Party have all got Party Whips system in their Political Constitution lodged with the Oireachtas.

    These past Five years of 7 Austerity Budgets is the wake up call for the Irish People.

    So ask yourself one question?

    If you are a Party Whip Political Candidate Running in the 2014 Local Elections & Dail Elections 2016.

    Would you be afraid of the Irish Electorate? … the Irish People!

    THEY ARE AFRAID OF YOU AND I … the People of Ireland acting as an Independent Individual with a Vote that can change the Political Future of Ireland.

  • Posted October 26, 2013

    Jeff Rudd

    What the public should also be aware of is that also not just at one meeting but others, they themselves were bullying, using intimidating shouting – yes, actually shouting – harassing all and trying to silence not one founder as he politely tried to explain matters (repeated) to all in a room – but to others there that day and at other meetings too.

    * Did the rough Cork people act in ANY way, shape or manner professional? No far, far from it.

    * Does DDi have matters to sort out and resolve? Certainly, as does any org at any time, never mind at birth – no argument.

    * Does it need people that previously might have not only been a continuous disruptive influence in DDI Offaly and Dublin meetings – but possibly elsewhere? No.

    * Does it need people in it that at every higher heads meetings, is unequivocally constantly aggressive, intimidating, insulting and shouting down others, trying to silence all there? Absolutely not!

    * Does DDI need people in that that can’t even seem to follow the simple steps as laid out for a long time on a DDI website, in regards to setting up a proper branch of DDI? No.

    * Does DDI need people in it that have no respect for the work done by Ben, Ray and many others – but instead just want to be rid of them too (as they got rid of others unmercifully and unprofessionally in Cork) including even its graphic designer? No.

    * Does this nation need a bunch of people that have are aggressive in their attitude towards others? Who’s language was/is colorful? No.

    * Does DDI and frankly the nation need people that operate in a way that is totally undemocratic – not allowing anyone to have a say that disagrees with them? No. Ranting and raving, rising up and down off ones chair is no way to behave professionally while repeatedly attacking others loudly and aggressively at ANY meeting – and this is what they did, again… and again… and again…

    They are what they are – and people will see them for what they are. They are in fact their own worst enemy. Their time is limited and given their pure rough continuous mannerisms in the way they have repeatedly treated others by not allowing them to to have a say but shouting them and all down, they will be the doom of themselves.

    No doubt they try to imply that they are pure saints and totally innocent victims of DDI. Had the nation been at a meeting in Offaly recently and then in the Red Cow recently, their eyes would have been opened to a more real reality that the walkers from Cork would not have liked the people of Ireland to really see.

    They are what they are and sooner or later, the genuine people of Ireland will see this…

  • Posted October 27, 2013

    rita cahill

    I wouldn’t worry to much About the Propaganda media” As they were always a bunch of Liars ” but The government had a lot to do with it too” it Seems they are Running a Little Scared here of a Competition Elite, after all The Government have the media Censoring Youtube” Emails, Facebook looking for any info or Video’s that can do damage to Government and media’s reputation, Can you not read between the lines here they are playing the People as the Villain’s in all this” the Protestors are a Threat to The EU and The media and the government” we have to keep on Fighting back and Don’t let These Fucking wanders scaremongering People away, you are doing the riht thing by standing up to These bastards who got us into this mess in the first place, Media borrowed alot of money during the boom,And most of these bastards have not Paid all their money upfront, Neither has the Government from Previous and now paid up their debts, The Bankers who robbed us and not one of them in Jail” the Garda that had the tapes and not one of them were charged for with holding Evidence of all Anglo Irish Tapes and Bowe and Fitzgerald and Other bankers who all get off scot free” do we sit back and let these Bastards walk all over us” no We are Irish and we Must Fight back what is not our Debt’

  • Posted October 27, 2013

    rita cahill

    we must take control, what this government and media, the people of ireland are getting more closer to the truth and they dont want any of us to mess that up for them, so when the couple who went to the court because of her debt mortgages this got the FG and LB government along with other Phone calls that Came Through kennys’ phone from EU” Enda can you shut the Irish Up and put the People off from Suing the Bankers as they no quite well that the People can Win this in a court of law against Eu and bankers and Government, and if it goes public it will not look good on the EU and it could Ruin them for Good, Remember they are scared of you more than you think” Keep on Fighting and Stand up stand up put on your fighting gloves, get up get up stand and fight your side

  • Posted October 27, 2013

    harry price

    in a country rotten to the core we need a party like DDI

  • Posted October 27, 2013

    Jeff Rudd

    Its convenient (once again) blindness that the disruptive few from Cork seem to be suffering from.

    * They didn’t mind humiliating and bullying back in May, Joe Blake and Catherine Murphy. There were and still are good people that (a) was attending a death mass for a child and (b) out actually looking for funding for DDI when they behind their backs by Machiavellian methods, were kicked off their positions by a bunch of people that quickly called a meeting then they knew Joe and Cathrine could not attend to defend themselves even!
    …So much for a being fair and democratic there by the erratic Cork lot.

    * They didn’t mind being aggressive, intimidating and bullying at a number of subsequent meetings.

    * They didn’t mind shouting down and over, humiliating and intimidating the very founder of the organisation when he tried to make any statements at the Red Cow meeting.

    * They didn’t mind trying to silence anyone else in the Red Cow meeting (who were entitled to be there) by additional shouting at all other others to boot, Also using intimidation and aggressive behavior.

    * They conveniently went on about how much effort they put in for some months – yet were not even willing to recognise the many years of effort put in by the founders. In fact while they demanded to be ‘seen’ for their so called efforts, there was no mention from them of the many others that had put in similar and/or more efforts over longer periods of time, from all around the country.

    * They didn’t mind skipping over that it was 5/6 individual PEOPLE (not even 5/6 branches) that actually left DDI out of the many that is now around the whole country with its many, many, far more other members!
    Split? Its like saying “I lost 5/6 hair from my full head of hair – I must be bald then!”

    * They didn’t mind shouting at others in the room, intimidating them and shout over them when they were entitled to speak. They didn’t mind repeatedly interrupting anyone else that tried to get a word in edge-wise during their aggressive rants across the whole room!

    * They didn’t mind harassing not only the founder repeatedly but the person chairing the meeting, harassing the person taking the minutes of the meeting, harassing the others there from around the country!

    * They don’t mind going on about how there is no supposed democracy in DDI when in fact ALL the decisions taken on the day, were taken by democratic vote. More convenient blindness!

    * They don’t mind totally avoiding the topic of how they brought two good, genuine people down in Cork, bullied them and humiliated them in their country by their total unwarranted removal. No, they conveniently want the public to also skip over their disgusting actions there also!

    * They want to conveniently skip over their strong friendships and connections to possible others from other minor parties too! We wonder why!

    * They conveniently repeatedly fail to mention why they tried to remove more people in higher DDI level, after their very questionable Cork removals? Opps – they don’t wish the public to focus in on that either!

    * They conveniently wish the public to skip over their attempts in some cases to humiliate others at latter meetings while they also humiliated others previously to the Red Cow meeting! The public is not supposed to know about this either if they can help it!

    * They conveniently fail to mention that the above DDI statement is ACTUALLY produced due to they consistently and utterly spamming everyone across the internet with their convenient short version that (surprise) espouses them as martyrs – and heaving out a whole load of stuff that they don’t want the public to also know!

    * They say that the above statement is a “completely untruthful statement” – but ask the two good people from Cork about how they were removed and there alone, their statement of “untruthful” is COMPLETELY blown out of their water! Your not supposed to see that though!

    * They conveniently are willing to overlook their own very many questionable activities yet say that DDI has such activities! More convenient blindness or wanting the public to stay in the dark about that too?

    * They go on about “unwarranted” attacks – while they are once again conveniently blind as to their unwarranted attacks not just on Cork people but on many others at a number meetings. You didn’t hear them tell you of those attacks did you? Aaa.. no!

    * There is dedicated people ALL over Ireland willing to do their bit – but they sidelined them completely and just bullied, intimidate, sneered and humiliated others instead of saying “well ye all too put in just as much effort, if not more, than us!” No, they were the only ones doing so called great work – if you can call their overall continuous behavior great work indeed!

    * They conveniently gloss over the fact that Raymond Whitehead is much respected not just in DDI but by many Senators and politicians across the political isles of Dublin power institutions and in fact many long/new established businesses in Ireland He did not get this recognition by behaving as they have dome repeatedly. He remained polite, open and willing to work with anyone while being utterly professional at all times.

    No, they with their own many questionable antics would have the public believe that the creator of DDI was the bad guy. Something far, far from the truth!

    The fact is that for a while DDI sat back and let some unpractical people still have a say, a democratic say (shouting and demanding more like) to others in DDI. When they didn’t get their way, something that happened truth pure democratic vote (they want you all to miss over that bit too), they stormed out of a room and called the others “un-democratic” – the irony and convenient blindness on their part is astonishing – but not surprising to the majority in DDI to be honest. Now the public know it too.

    So if the media wishes to be informed of facts, like DDI has done above in laying all its cards on the table – including where it could have done better for two people in Cork that were ABSOLUTELY treated disgustingly by others in Cork – then let the media be called to read the above and be aware of the FULL facts of whats gone on.

    Not just a short version that a tiny Cork lot would rather not come to light – but totally the full details of what has gone on, let the people see a more full picture – and them decide for themselves who has been doing the questionable activities, the bullying, the intimidating, the shouting, the glossing over of facts they would rather have the public in the dark about.

    If the forums of Ireland are going to just attempt to take their spam postings, try to use them to disparage DDI and meekly accept it as the entire truth – they would be silly enough to fall for just a complete un-full version then and would be sucked into supporting very people that themselves have questionable activities and in some cases, political background which should also be seen and recorded by the media just as equally!

    DDI has made the above statement, warts and all regarding itself, to inform the public to more FULL facts.
    Let the cards fall where they may – but there is little blindness in the eyes of the thousands of supporters and members of DDI across Ireland.

    Cork DDI is now better off. No ifs – no buts. Others questionable attempts by one way or another, have failed. What is left behind (and what has now being contacting DDI central office) is decent, equally hard working people that are working towards returning power back to the people.

    Thats is DDI’s mission and DDI is determined to stay on that track. Attacks will come again to derail us of that peaceful mission but we will not be deterred. will we fail at times – lets be honest – yes. Will we just give up? No.

    The public is awakening to a new political force and the old establishment is worried, fearing that we might actually succeed or make a difference. Thus (again) the latest attacks internally and externally.

    Direct Democracy Ireland will keep going however. The Irish people need to get their country back and control of it. DDI hopes to help that come about.

    On-wards and upwards…

  • Posted October 30, 2013

    Ibhar Mac Suibhne

    The mission is simple..transparency and accountability to the electorate …some people don’t get it yet and may never get it….so to hell with them
    Great to get clarity ….cheers and ‘drive on’ DDi guys and gals!

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