Scrapped Broadcasting Charge Is Back… Is Anyone really Surprised?

Scrapped Broadcasting Charge Is Back… Is Anyone really Surprised?

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If you remember last year, in late autumn early winter, the government made noises about scrapping this new broadcasting levy. At the time they were under huge pressure to get the waverers to sign up for the water charges so they made it sound like water would be the very last charge of their austerity agenda.

It was “please please please just sign up for water and we will leave you alone after that… honest”

But these politicians, who condescend to the EU Commission’s wishes, don’t have the power to make these decisions do they. They don’t have the backbone; neither do they have the will nor the inclination.

Well it is more than that, it is sneaky, it is conniving; an obvious attempt to massage the minds of the electorate, spinning yet another blatant lie. Now here is the lie unfolding as they tell us “the broadcasting charge is definitely on for 2015… ha ha fooled you again suckers!”

Well they must be believing their own lies if they are introducing this based on the figures they released for people signed up to pay the water charges; those numbers were all spin too, and will never materialise. People inside Irish Water are saying the numbers are nothing like what is reported, plus the will to refuse to pay is as strong as ever.

Perhaps this is the real reason the government are reverting back to a Revenue collected tax model with this new charge, where they can bully people with the courts.

The government can’t seem to make up its mind whether it wants to be a direct tax driven socialised country or a country that privatises everything on a “user pays” principle. It seems to want the best of both worlds when it benefits them.

So the question is… Is RTE private or public?

If a tv network is private you might expect a little bit of a slant according to ownership (within broadcasting standards), but at least you know who owns it and can compensate for that. As a public broadcaster we should not have to put up with the deluge of slanted opinion we get from RTE, something that has been highlighted on occasions too many to mention.

A lot of people in this country have already switched off RTE, many for years, and if this government is truly intent on privatising things to a user pays model, then we have a serious double standard here with this new broadcasting charge. People don’t like being propagandised with government brainwashing, and they like even less being forced to pay for the propaganda.

User pays… but you can’t choose not to use it. Hmmmm, will they ever square that circle?

Broadcasting charge will go ahead – Alex White

Published 03/01/2015 | 02:30

Alex White
Alex White

PLANS for a household broadcasting charge have not been shelved and the levy will be introduced after 2015, Communications Minister Alex White has insisted.

Proposals will be brought to Cabinet next year to help “prepare the ground” for the new levy, which is due to replace the TV licence fee of €160 a year per household.

The charge was due to be introduced from next month, but was deferred to avoid a clash with water bills set to land through letter boxes.

It is also considered politically difficult to introduce, given that the public are fatigued by a series of levies introduced in recent years, including the property tax and water charges, coupled with tax increases.

Mr White said the charge would go ahead, saying it was not a new levy, but a replacement for the TV licence fee.He said there was a “major problem” with collecting the existing fee, with some 16pc of households refusing to pay. It is estimated that between €25m and €30m a year is lost through evasion.

“We’ve come through a difficult period of discussions about utility charges versus exchequer funding. We need to prepare the ground,” the minister told the Irish Independent.

“We have not abandoned a public sector broadcasting charge but it will not feature in 2015. I will be bringing proposals to Government next year.”

While Mr White said he was not abandoning the charge, it is unlikely to be introduced before the next election.


Source: Irish Independent

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