Sanctions Blow To Exports As Government Falls In Line Behind War Propaganda

Sanctions Blow To Exports As Government Falls In Line Behind War Propaganda

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Yesterday Russia announced it will be imposing sanctions on agricultural produce against countries who have fallen in behind the United States’ call for sanctions against Russia. This of course is going to hurt Ireland who’s greatest domestic export is our food, and our agricultural exports to Russia stand at €235 million per year. Not the government’s finest moment one might suggest.

What is frustrating about this is that our government now repeatedly fails to exercise it’s own foreign policy as a sovereign nation, protecting our nation’s interests; it has willingly abdicated that power to the EU as it has shown here, and recently on the issue of Palestine at the UN, by unquestioningly falling into line behind the EU spokesman on foreign affairs. So why on earth are we paying Charlie Flanagan a minister’s salary?

One may argue that the EU nations should agree a united front on international issues and that may well be laudable in some instances, but only when we are standing up for truth and human rights (which they didn’t in Palestine either). This case is a long way from that ideal and simply duplicates the kind of political media rhetoric and hypocrisy we were exposed to in the Bush/Blair fake Iraq WMD war propaganda. Make no mistake, war propaganda is exactly what this is.

Ireland is rolling in behind sanctions demanded by nations engaged in an all too obvious game of  geopolitical empire building and asset stripping, something that our history should make us very wary of indeed. Over the last 20 years the US and NATO have gotten involved in wars in many countries around Russia’s borders, and by agreement Russia did not interfere, but the legacy has been a string of permanent US and NATO bases now slowly encircling Russia in contravention of agreements made. Now here we find ourselves repeating the mantra but attacking Russia through Ukraine, to extend the cordon around the country.

Yet the increased sanctions are based on repeated claims that a Malaysian airliner was shot down by Russian backed “separatists” in Ukraine, without any concrete evidence being produced or even offered. Of course, like in Iraq and other military incursions, none will be given, because evidence doesn’t seem to matter when you are trying to annex Ukraine into NATO by backing an armed paramilitary takeover of a democratically elected government of Ukraine by a traditional fascist and pro EU leaning group in Ukraine. What kind of democracy is that, and what does it say about the political ethos of the EU for that matter? The utter hypocrisy for western leaders and media to claim the high moral ground in any event is startling, especially south eastern Ukraine where in Crimea they had a democratic referendum, not a war, to decide their own fate.

The fact that no verifiable evidence has been produced despite there being radar and satellite data available is very telling. There have also been plenty of eye witness accounts including from the OSCE investigators themselves that are contrary to the “official story” being used by the US and EU, and these point the finger much nearer home. Each story that has so far been proffered has been debunked and later quietly admitted by officialdom to have come from social media. Not really a good platform for starting world war 3 really is it, but apparently good enough for the Irish government to declare a sanction war and put the world at risk and our nation’s recovery in jeopardy.

The most dangerous aspect of course is that there is no coverage regarding the lack of evidence and the retraction of these stories in our media. It seems the job of the media is to put out the desired story regardless of truth and when it is proven untrue to just quietly say nothing, leaving the people it reached originally with the lies still believing them. Where is the correction? Where is the duty to inform? Well nowhere to be seen as we have experienced only one sided reporting on this issue since it began.

This is normal for the many NATO incursions into other countries for which they need to garner public support, so as to “appoint” a new government as they did in Ukraine; indeed just as they did in other nations. Even in Europe in Greece and Italy under the auspice of the bailouts… are we proud of how this skewed version of democracy works and is to be spread around the world?  Er no.

This war mongering and empire building needs to stop for the good of humanity and the only way for that to happen is for countries like Ireland to stand up and speak the truth. People would rather trade than fight, unlike government it would seem.

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  • Posted August 8, 2014

    tony brogan

    A1 commentary
    False flag events abound as the New World order seeks to tighten its grip on the world. It is time for people to stand up for themselves and not rely on governments or their propagandists

  • Posted August 8, 2014


    Very Well written Document and with far more truth to it than supplied by our weak men and women in government, Unfortunately we have no leaders, we have career politicians, and a very misinformed population, Thank you to DDI for trying to change this.

  • Posted August 11, 2014

    niall mulvany

    yep doing the same old thing whatever our masters say we follow , used to be the brits now its the eu or usa ,lets become the republic so many fought and died for and stop listening to the propaganda spewed out by interested parties and in this day and age not knowing the truth is well , a lie .Lets face it Birmingham would kick our arses lets trade ! make love not war ,ok we been doing the former for too long and are ill equipped for the latter .Blackmail by our trading partners is not on lets make our own minds up and not be told what to think

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