Rural Ireland hit again as a vital elite Garda unit is disbanded

Rural Ireland hit again as a vital elite Garda unit is disbanded

By Direct Democracy Ireland

An elite Garda unit that targeted criminal gangs that carried out robberies nationwide has been disbanded despite huge successes.

The crack team, who worked nights tracking and tackling violent gangs were, informed that their unit was to wound up because of ‘health and safety concerns’. Direct Democracy Ireland is calling on Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald to interject and reverse this horrendous decision. The Garda unit where instrumental in catching the seven man gang responsible for a terrifying aggravated burglary on a family in Killenmaule Co. Tipperary in late 2013 as well many other major successes.

The unit was a vital resource in combating crime within rural areas that were badly affected by the governments decision to close local Garda stations in many small towns and villages now these areas will be the stomping ground for ruthless criminal gang’s hell bent on causing mayhem and will stop at nothing to further their own selfish greed. And the decision to disband the unit is an open invitation for these gangs to work unhindered.

The ‘Health and safety concerns’ behind the reason to disband the unit are a smoke screen as the Gardai involved in the unit are said to be shocked to the core by the decision.

In a letter to Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald Direct Democracy Ireland have called on her to make a statement and outline the governments view or if in fact they had any input on the final decision.


  • Posted August 18, 2015


    you havnt once named the unit in the article. Also you have no twitter login option. get your act together lads

    • Posted August 19, 2015


      Hi Bob

      The Unit was unnamed or if it did have a name it was a secret, as for the twitter log on option ill get that checked out straight away

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