Referendums timed to perfection with fore-knowledge of Federal EU plans

Referendums timed to perfection with fore-knowledge of Federal EU plans

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Yesterday the 3rd October an EU initiative was launched. It is a proposal to reform the Lisbon Treaty and is tentatively being called the “The Treaty of Bozar”. It is sponsored by MEPs lead by Andrew Duff, Liberal Democrat member from the UK who since 2008 is also president of the Union of European Federalists.

We urge everyone to read this today before they vote, you wont see this in the press because there is a press moratorium, and the orchestrators of this plan very cleverly used this to their advantage. Or more likely the Irish government has organised this referendum to be perfectly timed to happen just before this information is published and available to the people. We are being tricked by our own government.

The Lisbon Treaty is now law and is self amending. This means we will not be offered the opportunity to have a referendum on the changes which include:

  • The EU is defined as a federation of member states;
  • EU countries are obliged to respect the “values of the EU”;
  • The European Commission becomes the EU government, while the Council where member countries sit becomes a second chamber of Parliament. The Commission is responsible to both chambers (the European Parliament and the Council);
  • The Council and the Parliament obtain the right of limited legislative initiative;
  • The rotating presidency is abolished. The number of Commissioners is reduced, the Commission President decides the commissioners’ nominations;
  • Some MEPs are elected in pan-European electoral districts, on the basis of transnational lists;
  • The Eurozone gets a separate budget;
  • A new category of “Associated member state” is created;
  • The ECB powers are enhanced. Mutualisation of debt becomes possible on the basis of strict budget discipline;
  • Unanimity for treaty change is no longer required.

They need the Seanad abolished because so that we will we lose the Seanad’s right to veto the EU legislation, and lose the Seanad’s right to refer the legislation to the President for referendum of the people. We will be left with a whipped government majority in the Dáil to rubber stamp everything with no recourse to challenge the government, not even though the courts as we have no locus standi.

What this is essentially is a plan for a United States of Europe with the EU Commission as a Federal government and the Dáil relegated to no more than a Local Authority or regional council. Fine Gael have moved us steadily towards this goal as it is the stated goal of the European People’s Party (EPP), the EU federalist party of which they are a founding member and deputy leader.

The implementation of the ‘blueprint’ is set to start with a convention in 2015 which will of course lead to full legislation around the time of our centenary. When FG will be due for an election and the loss of the Seanad when the new Dáil commences. Coincidence? We think not. What contemptuous irony that our politicians celebrate our hard won independence, by giving away our sovereignty.

The report’s release is perfectly and deliberately timed so that it cannot become part of the debate on the Seanad abolition. It is only being publicised today, 4th October, the day of our vote. The day of our news blackout. There is no mention of it in the Irish media in it’s own right. This is extremely worrying and so it is left to us to spread this important news.

It should not go unmentioned however that Fianna Fail, who have been fronting the No campaign, have completely avoided any reference to the EU and the federal aims, of which they are very much aware. This is extremely worrying and would imply that they are gate keeping this issue for the future and possibly running on a deliberately weakened agenda.

Clearly they too have been part of the step by step loss of sovereignty to the EU in their previous fourteen years of government with many treaties sponsored on the same false mantra as FIne Gael of  “Jobs, Stability, Growth”. The puppet show of the Prime Time debate which concentrated on the little issues rather than the big picture looked to all intents and purposes like a scripted farce in a music hall.

We urge everyone to see the larger picture here and realise that the underhand tactics of this referendum campaign are there to distract you from the real issue. Remember that every referendum to change our constitution makes something that was previously ‘unconstitutional’ suddenly ‘constitutional’, and each change equates to another one of our protections under the constitution being lost. There are around 4o changes in this alone. That is 40 lost protections and this should never be done just to save €2 per person per year.

It is astonishing that many parties in this country who previously campaigned against the Lisbon Treaty don’t have the wherewithal to find out this kind of information and are now campaigning to let it self amend and lose our sovereignty completely.

Vote NO and NO today

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  • Posted October 7, 2013

    In the briefing notes and articles I sent out (one became a letter in the Daily Mail) before the Seanad referendum, I refered to what I heard in the Constituitional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament. Andrew Duff was one of the “luminaries” on that committee who with his fellow luminaries talked about the need to streamline national legislative systems as they were redundant and potential disruptive to smooth running of Europe.

    Interestingly until around that time there was an active movement to reform the Seanad which had taken public submissions like mine and had held public hearings. However this process seemed to loose steam around the time of the Lisbon debate. Was there a connection?

    There were many other changes put forth which we will probably see in future referenda like the 16 year old (guided by teacher and EU school program) vote, pan European MEPs, party lists for all countries, etc.

    Be prepared!

    God bless
    Kathy Sinnott

    • Posted October 7, 2013

      Admin D

      Could I have your permission to use information like this from you in articles or posts on social media?
      Would you like to be referenced or quoted?

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