Privatising Ireland is the Wrong Direction

Privatising Ireland is the Wrong Direction

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Consecutive Fianna Fail and Fine Gael governments have been taking us down a path to privatisation of services along the same route taken by the UK.

We have seen health services selectively privatised leading to a rundown of the public service and a two tier system. Waste collection privatised resulting in the lowering of working conditions. We have seen the recent disaster of privatising the medical card assessments. We have also seen the privatisation of our social welfare offices, and now we see on the horizon the privatisation of our water.

Yet none of these things have ended well in Britain. Utilities costs are forever rising. The appalling exploitation of people on the unemployment register through workfare, and the scandals associated with Atos forcing terminally ill people to work or lose support.

One of the most loathed privatisations in the UK is the replacement of police with private security firms with no duty to the public. This will happen here too and the G4S company in question has already started making inroad in Ireland.

Did anybody consult the Irish people about this agenda? Of course not because they know the answer they would get. People do not want to be hostages to private corporations. They want to publicly own their services and run them not for profit.

So where is this leading if we allow this to continue? Well not a good place I can tell you. It goes to place where more and more power transfers from the millions of people into a handful of mega corporations owned by a super wealthy elite. We already have one or two of our own here in Ireland buying up the country one step at a time with foreknowledge and assistance from the government.

So to see how bad this is going to get if we don’t stop them at the next election take a look where Britain is going now. This revealing linked article explains the nuances of the UK government’s new Infrastructure Bill. This is another very scary piece of legislation that will basically remove all public land out of the control of the people and their institutions, and put it in the hands of a private company to do with what they will without recourse to the people. Oh and of course the landed elite are exempt.

Everything that happens in the UK eventually happens here and none of it is by accident. After all no government should copy something knowing it fails the general population. If they do they obviously do it for the benefit of someone other than the general population.

Everything in this country belongs to the people. The Constitution guarantees this and restricts government to this. It is repugnant to the constitution for them to sell off our assets. The only way to stop this is to vote out all of the established parties at the next election and get direct democracy back in our constitution so we can always stop these things in the future and reverse what has been done. Only a sovereign people can save the government

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