Politicians only seek security when they are doing something wrong

Politicians only seek security when they are doing something wrong

By Admin D

Before now no Taoiseach or Minister has ever needed full time security from the people of Ireland. They could happily walk around Dublin without a care while in office and after. That was always the beauty of Ireland compared to countries like the UK or US where successive leaders were so universally despised for what they were doing to their countries they couldn’t move without an escort and a team to scout and vet in advance.

This author remembers meeting Ministers and Taoisigh like Albert and Garrett out on the street or at events back in the 90s, and not a bother on them. Regardless of allegiance meetings were always friendly, social, cordial, and commonplace.

This need for full time security first started when the corruption became so very obvious and so obviously unpunished. Bertie Ahern was the first to need full time minders at his side after he left office and the tribunals revealed what was going on behind the scenes. This author also met himslef once or twice, and as cordial as Bertie is the minders are stuck to him like glue these days and have been for some years.

But the idea of Enda and Joan and their quisling ministers needing security while in office ?

Needing security is an indication that something they are doing is seriously wrong and against the best interests of the country. Something so obvious that the people are awake to it. Something so bad that the government know the people have every right to feel enraged.

An honest popular politician who works on behalf of the people never needs security. Look at the Presidents of Bolivia and Uruguay for instance. Can you imagine a Ben Gilroy walking down the road needing security? It wouldn’t happen because he, like all the members of DDI always work for the people.

Ireland used to be that way and sadly it is their disregard for the true owners of this nation that is changing this. They know we are awake now and that makes them fearful even if a threat does not exist. We know Irish people are not that way inclined, so we strongly believe no real threat exists and this is simply water charge propaganda.

This really shows is how far these politicians have strayed from the will of the People. They know the people have finally seen that these gombeen men do not work for the people’s interest. they work for themselves, their ilk and their corporate masters.

More than ever we need a DDI government to put people back in control so they can remove a government that is so out of touch that it reaches a point like this.

Taoiseach to receive more security

Security for Taoiseach Enda Kenny, as well as senior Cabinet Ministers, has been tightened.

The move is in response to alleged threats against them in recent months.

The Taoiseach has been advised to vary his route to and from Government Buildings every day, while Ministers will now have to give gardaí details of their weekly diaries.

Extra measures could also be extended to some members of the gardaí, after it emerged a female garda was followed to her home last week.

Security for President Michael D Higgins is also under review.

The move comes after video footage emerged of protesters heckling and swarming around a car carrying President Higgins as he left a school in Finglas.

President Higgins, 73, was called a “little midget parasite” and “traitor” as the group convened to protest his signing into law the Water Services Bill in December.

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