Political policing perverts justice in water dispute

Political policing perverts justice in water dispute

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Did you ever wonder why almost nobody in the establishment finds themselves on the wrong end of a police investigation or a judges order?

Well events of recent months have brought into focus why this is the norm in Ireland. All the indicators point toward political interference in the daily operation An Garda Síochána. Not at rank and file level, but at senior officer level, from where unlawful instructions can be passed down the line.

If ever there was a time in Ireland that highlighted the apparent collusion between government, Senior Gardai and elements of the judiciary then the ongoing repossession of houses and businesses by banks has turned on the glare of publicity; and now the water meter debacle has allowed everyone to see.

We could mention the Ben Gilroy case against the receivers which has taken an interesting turn of late, but that deserves a story on its own. What we want to talk about is the politicising of the Gardai in the water dispute.

The case of Anthony Connor

DDI’s General Secretary Anthony Connor has been a leading light in the Drogheda/South Louth area organising resistance to the installation of water meters wherever the installers arrive. He was one of the main organisers of the best attended march (per capita) in the country where 1/3 of the town’s people turned out.

However last week, after many fruitless attempts to install meters, and after a heated confrontation between installers and protestors in the Termon Abbey estate, which included an assault by a worker on a child which Anthony Connor and others broke up,  Anthony was accused by the meter installers of assault and of breaking a worker’s nose. This event did not happen and anyone who knows Anthony also knows this is not even credible. In fact there are dozens witnesses to testify that it is simply false.

However the police received statements from the 3 workers, the main one even identifies a completely different person, and they did not take statements from any other witnesses, but based on this they threatened to charge Anthony.

The Gardai finally arrived at his door on Monday morning to arrest him and take him to the station to be charged. With Anthony’s wife in the UK and a child in arms he agreed and arranged with the Gardai to be arrested by appointment the next day, Tuesday at 12.00, however the Gardai returned a few minutes later saying the powers that be said he had to be arrested there and then, child or not.

So he had to dump the baby on a neighbour while he sat in a cell all day long after being charged under section 3 of the Non Fatal Offences Act 1997 and section 6 of the Public Order Act, both of which Anthony, and everyone else there, obviously denies.

So what is this all about?

Well this is not the first of these incidents and it has happened in other areas or been threatened. It appears to be a new method of attack by Irish Water and government. They are identifying the key organisers of resistance in different areas and they are having them arrested the day before the installers are due to arrive in an area. A similar thing happened in Finglas before, and this is not the first time it has happened in Drogheda. Organisers have reported being followed by water company staff, filmed, and harassed by police.

In Drogheda Anthony and another key organiser were both arrested on Monday so Coffey’s could roll in on Tuesday and install meters while the two men were taken to court and given bail restrictions preventing them from being in any estate where meters were being installed. Not only was this procured falsely but the judge in the case has infringed on their constitutional rights. A date for a hearing was also given and they will have to wait until April, by which time the meter installers will be long finished in Drogheda.

This is clearly a corrupt abuse of the law to get them out of the way till the installation is over.

False Statements?

So we have the Gardai acting inappropriately on an unsubstantiated and bogus claim on the instructions of their senior officer. We have statements that don’t concur with the alleged victim not even identifying Anthony as the perpetrator. And most laughably we have a witness statement from a worker who apparently made another complaint 3 weeks earlier that he had his shoulder broken in a scuffle with protestors, and yet here he is digging up the road 21 days later. Amazing powers of recovery, or just bogus? You will also probably find in the fallout from this that no workers nose was ever broken either.

Will charges ever be brought against Irish Water workers? Not judging by the clear collusion going on. Let’s give you an example. A man defending his home last week was assaulted and hospitalised by an Irish Water worker in Drogheda and was taken away on a spinal board in an ambulance. The Garda simply stood and watched and then told the worker to get in his car and drive away, which he did. Meanwhile the Garda got in the ambulance and cautioned the victim. You could be forgiven for thinking you were living in the Twighlight Zone.


We call on the Gardai to start doing their job properly, to end this politicising and to refuse to carry out unlawful and corrupt orders. We call on the courts to throw out these bogus charges against people and hold those who bring them in contempt and charge them accordingly. We call on the Ombudsman to bring these Gardai to heal for breach of duty and to root out he senior officers who are giving unlawful orders and remove them from the Gardai.

We the people can fix this. We have the power. If the people raise enough signatures they can hold a referendum to elect their own judges and senior police so that they can ensure they have representatives who will be just instead of politically partial. Direct democracy will enable the people to do this if they so choose in a new direct democratic system. You have the power in your votes to make the change

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Another incident has been brought to our attention and we feel it is important to reveal this to the public as it demonstrates how endemic and sinister this political corruption and perversion of justice is in the Gardai. This kind of intimidation of the people is something reminiscent of the Stasi. The Garda Commissioner must root out these unlawful employees and remove them from the service. The people deserve better than this.

Please read the image below.



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  • Posted January 23, 2015

    Joe Finnegan

    can we keep the grammar etc. good ..not doing any favours with sentences such as “dumping a child on a neighbour”…sounds unprofessional and rough out to say the least….great articles but just slightly rough to ordinary people who might be thinking supporting and joining DDI…

    • Posted January 24, 2015


      Rough out?? What in Gods name does that mean? If you’re planning on correcting somebodys grammar then the least you could do is learn how to use the English language correctly yourself.

      • Posted January 26, 2015

        susan Ann wyles


    • Posted January 24, 2015

      Sean MacNicholas

      We’ve got this kind of tuggery going on in our Country nearly 100 years on from the Easter rising in which several brave Irishmen gave their lives four freedom and you are worring about grammar Joe Finnegan

  • Posted January 23, 2015

    Mike Walsh

    I agree with the comment on grammar but this must get out to the general media and where ever it can get published.

  • Posted January 24, 2015

    susan Ann wyles

    Nothing new me corruption has been there years do you think this is new some people go through it years. Needs be shared. Done.

  • Posted January 25, 2015


    +There is a lot of inconsistencies

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