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We believe that Ireland should become far less reliant upon imports and reinvest in home grown industry to produce the essentials. It seems ludicrous that Ireland imports basics like paper, timber, sugar, basic clothing and even wellingtons in a farming community. We should be able to do the basics for ourselves and the domestic economy will benefit. We must not lose the manufacturing base and become over reliant on service industry.

Food is our major field of expertise; we have the perfect country to grow it. Yet we are importing vegetables from abroad. This is nonsensical. We should be the organic centre of Europe. We have the capability to supply the whole of Europe with green clean food and be self-sufficient.

Protecting Ireland’s reputation and respectability as a quality food producer. Irish farm produce is one of our main exporters it is a mainstay of our economy both domestically and internationally. We are very good at it and we have the best land and weather in the world for the industry to thrive. So rather than forcing people of the land we believe that we in Ireland should do what we do best and take pride in it.
Rightly or wrongly Ireland has a reputation around the world as a green nation with clean food. This is a brand that Ireland should and can use to its advantage. We can build on that global brand to make us the ‘go to’ place for organic clean healthy food. Not only would this give us an extremely valuable slice of the food market but it would make for a healthier population.

A change in farming mentality is necessary to reverse the now 98% of farming that is dependent on herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Once this trend is reversed we will see economic and health benefits to people and the environment. The depopulation of bees due to intense farming methods should be warning enough to make the change. Imagine what is doing to us?

We must also make better use of our excellent growing land much of which is left idle due to the way CAP is structured. This must be re-examined as a huge swathe of CAP funds are being funnelled into the pockets of a wealthy elite who own vast tracts of land and have to do nothing with it to claim the CAP benefits without farming. It is in effect a money laundering trick that needs to be addressed.

Direct Democracy Ireland A National Citizens Movement Election Manifesto 2016 Many new crops could be very advantageous to farmers and the economy, when we think of all the industrial, food, health applications of hemp as just one example we see there is need to investigate new ways to open up new markets.

We need to clean up our food and water if we are to avoid a health catastrophe here. People need educating to eat healthily, avoid processed food, and cook for themselves. These skills are not being passed on in the last generation.

We would like to see certain health problems being solved by removing their cause from the food chain and so we should insist that the harmful additives known to be in our food and water are removed.

In line with doing what we are good at we would like to see the re-emergence of our Atlantic fishing fleet. We currently only catch 2% of the fish caught in our own waters. This is the bargaining chip that the government and the EU do not like to mention when talking about good deals for Ireland. We believe this is an inordinate loss to our economy and the sustainability of life in the west of Ireland. We do not believe it is a good idea to hand over ownership of our continental shelf to the EU and thus our rights to our fish. We believe Ireland has the skills to operate a world class fishing and food industry to boost the western economy. These EU quotas must be revisited and or more drastic measures might be necessary.

Develop Ireland into the organic centre of Europe, building on the global green brand.

Grow larger percentage of organic food for home and export market.

Reduce the use of harmful pesticides fungicides and herbicides to achieve organic status.

Use natural horticultural methods for improving yield.

Keep Ireland GMO free, including imports.

Remove fluoride from water as it enters the food supply

Reform CAP to incentivise good land use and stop the CAP money laundering to vast land owners who don’t farm.

Making better use of the swathes of unused land with new crops or forests.

Use sustainable methods of forestry that allow other life and soil regeneration, as opposed to the soil stripping dead forests we currently grow and clear fell.

Opening up a huge new economic growth area by growing and processing hemp

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