Pat Greene MEP Candidate Midlands North West

Pat Greene MEP Candidate Midlands North West

A first-time European Parliament election candidate, Patrick Greene is the leader of Direct DemocracyIreland and from Monasterboice in Co Louth.

I am a family man with 4 children and we live in the parish of Monasterboice Co. Louth.

I am a self-employed timber worker and a political activist for over 40yrs. since my teenage yrs I was a supporter of many political parties moving from one to the other as I struggled to find a party that put the people’s interest first and was not corrupt. When I was introduced to the political system that is Direct Democracy by Ray Whitehead I instantly knew that this new movement that became a party called Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) would not and could not put the party above the people!

After years of disappointment I finally found a political system that allows the people have a direct say in their family’s future.

With Citizen initiated referenda (CIR) at a local level and national level we families can protect ourselves. By collecting 600 signatures in 8 months from across Louth you can call a local referendum on your issue!

Only your #1 vote for me Pat Greene of Direct Democracy Ireland, will effect change, if you give your number 2 vote there will be no change!

You are telling your children that you are afraid of change and you do not care for their futures! You do not need to know me, you only need to know that I will give you and your family the power to use citizen initiated referenda. Stop this cycle of bad management.

Your children will ask you why you didn’t. Your #1 vote for Pat Greene and CIR is a #1 vote for your family! You owe it to them!

Trust me I have seen it all, join me in the fight for our freedom from these corrupted parties.

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