More Outrageous Mis-Reporting and Garda Violence

More Outrageous Mis-Reporting and Garda Violence

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This media cover-up and misinformation campaign especially from the Independent News and Media Group is becoming absolutely outrageous. Here are two aspects on the same event yesterday when Enda Kenny visited the Mansion House.

The first is the Irish Independent take on it in which they report that there were clashed between water protesters and Gardai. I don’t see any protesters attacking Gardai but I see a lot of heavy handedness in the other direction. Note how they skip over the most despicable act of the day and shoot it from a safe distance. All the time making it sound like the protesters are the problem, or the protesters are the violent ones. Check out the video in the article linked:

Now look at the same incident from another angle and tell us who are the perpetrators of violence on our streets?

This is an absolute outrage that Gardai are behaving in this criminal manner and are getting away with it day after day in this water dispute. Where is the Irish Independent’s outrage over this serious assault on a woman in broad daylight; why have they refused to even highlight it? Thrown to the ground and into an iron post at speed by three grown men. No wonder the crowd shouted “Shame on You”. Couldn’t think of just restraining her till the car had passed no?

These people are supposed to be guardians of the peace yet more and more we see this kind of thuggish behavior as commonplace. It seems the media don’t care, the politicians don’t care and the Gardai themselves don’t care that this is a violent criminal assault. It’s like they have all gone insane, or they think they are different to the rest of us.

This kind of thing has been going on too long and is getting worse. We have seen this rise in abuse since the start of the Shell to Sea campaign where one protester was even thrown into a 10ft deep drain by a Garda and paralysed.

This has to stop and it has to stop now before the Gardai kill someone. This woman could so easily have been that first victim had here head hit that iron bollard. These kind of unrestrained men are not welcome in the Gardai, not by the people and not by the decent Gardai that do their duty correctly.

We DEMAND that the Minister for Justice and the Acting Garda Commissioner make a statement apologising to this woman and to all similar victims in the protests. Further they must condemn outright these actions by these Gardai and make it absolutely clear to the Gardai that they cannot behave this way to the public without being held fully accountable as to law. They have gone too far and this is the only way to stop this happening again. Nobody is immune to prosecution for such an unnecessary and heinous act.

Furthermore the government and the acting Commissioner must prove to the public that these types of people will be rooted out of the Gardai and that there will be a full review of Garda training to ensure that Gardai understand they do not have the right to behave in this way, because it seems at the moment they believe they do.

We are aware there are moves afoot in government with an upcoming Bill to virtually transfer the management of the Gardai to the government through it’s new Police Board of government appointees. We think this is only going to make things worse as it has in every other country. It seems that when the Gardai are left to do their job we have fewer issues, but when they end up under the direction of the State as in the two protests mentioned they seem to be a completely different animal altogether. We encourage all current TDs to scrutinise severely the current green paper and if in doubt vote it out.

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  • Posted November 17, 2014


    Unfortunately Gardaí are rudderless at the moment.

  • Posted November 17, 2014

    David Byrne

    All the politicians have a twitter or Facebook account, send them the video and ask them for a reply or a comment. They should be bombarded with the video so they cannot deny seeing the clip. If you are a follower or FB friend of a politician no matter what party send them the clip, everybody should do this.

  • Posted November 18, 2014

    Tommy Gill

    What happened to your article about the obvious “photoshopping of the brick thrower”??

    • Posted November 18, 2014

      Admin D

      Read the article before this one

  • Posted November 19, 2014

    Patrick Rowley-Brooke

    Yes there was a brutal incident & the woman concerned is taking action as she reported on Newstalk yesterday but don’t tar all Garda with the same brush as she also said that she wanted to thank the other Garda who she thought stopped her head hitting the stanchion with his leg & that she actually hit her head on his knee!

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