One year until Appeal Court is ready to assist banks against people

One year until Appeal Court is ready to assist banks against people

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Alan Shatter has announced that the new Court of Civil Appeal will be up and running by this time next year at a cost of €3 million, according to the Irish Examoiner. What is notable in the press coverage in this summary is that there is a complete lack of information available as to what the debate really was.

The article mentions as a pro yes reason that appeals for sentences would be faster, but there is already a court of criminal appeal so this is an invalid argument. It also mentions waiting 4 years is “unfair for families”. What does that even mean? Unfair in what respect? Is this referring to Family law cases heard in the Family courts?

If you are being hounded by a bank to give up your property I think the 4 year wait would be welcome. Especially when it enables you to learn more about the corruption that has transpired in the banking sector, and how to beat them at their own game by learning from other litigants.

Make no mistake the banks are the main beneficiaries of this new court. Yet the press are notably omitting this from the reasons behind the no campaign, despite being made well aware of it by none other than ourselves.

So, we are now on a 12 month countdown before repossessions escalate. In that time we do not see any hope of banks doing any meaningful deals with mortgagees. It simply is not in their interest when it is more beneficial to them to repossess the house, sell it, claim the balance from the bankrupted borrower, whilst at the same time claiming the defaulted loan from the insurance policy. Banks are not moral institutions. They are there to make money for shareholders. Humanity does not come into the equation.

We would urge all those people who are being challenged by the banks or are taking a case themselves, if you cannot get legal assistance, to make contact with other groups of lay litigants and pool your/ their knowledge. Learn from eachother and learn how to succeed in the courts against the banks. There are now only 12 months to learn this information so people need to get together as soon as possible to help one another. You can win in court with the right approach.

The banks have acted criminally, every man in the street knows this, the press knows this, and the  government especially knows this. Yet they continues to do everything they possibly can to make the banks’ job easier.

Hopefully the next budget will change how successful the government’s ‘divide and conquer’ campaigns have been so far, and people will stop blaming eachother for this situation and realise that they have a common enemy.

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  • Posted October 7, 2013

    rita cahill

    30th September 2013: An Open Letter to Kevin Bakhurst, RTÉ Head of News re Court of Appeal Referendum
    By FOBI | September 30, 2013
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    RTÉ Head of News,
    Date: 30 September 2013
    Attention: Kevin Bakhurst, RTÉ head of news.
    Reference: Court of Appeal Referendum, 4th October 2013
    Dear Kevin,
    I write to you as the chairman of Friends of Banking Ireland. Following our regular Saturday meeting, concerns were raised by our members regarding the failure of the media and the National Broadcaster to report in an unbiased manner. The No side view in the forth coming referendum has not been given sufficient air time.
    This weekend we placed an advertisement in the Sunday Independent paper, in an effort to address this failure of an alternative view in the media.
    I would ask, even with only four days to go, that this imbalanced be readdressed by RTÉ.
    We have seen the chief justice intervention, the two main interest groups and the bar council all pushing for a Yes vote.
    There has been no mention of the seven year old damming Competition Authority Report into the courts and the legal profession, which exposed how the public have been treated and continue to be treated by the courts and the legal professionals.
    The issue regarding the conflict of interest regarding the judiciary, you are well aware from the CRH/ Judge Cook conflict which was brought to your attention, at a meeting, which I attended in your office with Seamus Maye.
    The failure of the public to be properly informed is of major concern. The voters have not been told the real story, as can be seen in today’s Irish Times. The High Court master has raised issues which need to be properly explained to the public.
    Jerry Beades, P.C.
    Chairman Friends of Banking Ireland

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