No Power For The Poorest

No Power For The Poorest

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It is reported in the Independent yesterday that more than 800 households had their electricity disconnected in the month of April alone. A similar number had their gas disconnected.

Figures show that this monthly average is actually 41% lower than last year but that also means that for the last 2 years there has been an average of 1,000 people per months losing their power and a similar number their heating and cooking. Although in reality once you have lost your electricity your boiler doesn’t work anyway.

24,000 households turned cold and dark and silent in the last two years. 24,000 families and their dependents at their wits end in poverty. Let’s face it, the last thing you are going to stop paying out of necessity (before food) is your power. How desperate must people in this country be for this to be happening on such a massive scale. Yet politicians, revenue and privatised utilities still want more and more of the dwindling funds we have to live on.

If you can call it living without a penny for emergencies, basic health, clothing or a present for your child’s birthday. Now without light, heat or sound, we are simply surviving.

Just try and imagine for one moment what it is like to be forced to live without these utilities in today’s world. You can’t heat your home but for one room you might have a fire or bottled gas fire. You cant cook hot food. You have no hot water to wash dishes, your clothes or wash your body or your children. You cannot keep food cool. You cannot clean your carpets or cut your grass. When the sun goes down as early as 4pm in the winter you have no light to do anything by. Your day is long and dark and silent and cold. Your kids cannot do homework and in the end they have to leave. You cannot even cater for visitors and the lonely spiral down begins.

You are in this position because of poverty and you cannot get your monthly bill fully paid let alone pay a part of the arrears on top, yet that is the only solution offered. Now on top of this the government is upping the levy on electricity while the utility companies have been granted increases by the regulator every year. At the same time your income only goes down, the fuel allowance is cut, more tax increases are on the way

This is one of the many triggers that has tipped people over the edge into suicide in this country. Unable to pay for the basic essentials because of the excesses and crimes of those pulling the national purse strings.

People must stop listening to the government propaganda on these issues. propaganda that is designed to blame the victim and turn the rest of society against them. They do it on every issue they are themselves to blame for, and every tax and cut they want to make. It is time people started to unite and say we are not taking this anymore. We will not stand by and see our neighbours put into this desperate situation. One that is borne out of the misdeeds of the people at the so called ‘top’ in our society.

Its time to vote for yourselves, vote to get your control back through a system of direct democracy. Only then can you change the way we do business and the way we care for our communities.

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  • Posted June 14, 2014


    i would advise people that are in threat of disconnection to contact a company like per paid power and they will take over the line

    you will never be threatened to be cut off unless you dont pay the top up of course

  • Posted June 15, 2014


    Fat greedy corporations, bankers and this government only care for money at the cost of human dignity and survival we need to look after the less fortunate not punish them for being poor

  • Posted January 16, 2016

    Andy G

    Of course an important part of keeping energy affordable is to actually keep oneself open to the option of affordable, and reliable energy sources.
    It’s about time Ireland reconsiders it’s stance on nuclear energy,.. at least the newer passive safe Gen-4 reactor designs such as PRISM e.t.c.

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