More Immoral Taxes On The Way To Prop Up The Bankrupt Monetary System

More Immoral Taxes On The Way To Prop Up The Bankrupt Monetary System

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Do you remember a long time ago the principle of “benefit in kind” was introduced to the tax system, whereby the revenue would impose a tax on employees for benefits they got from work. Up to a point you could understand it if the benefits were given in lieu of wages, but only up to that point.

I remember in the last decade when they got a little more greedy and extended the scheme to include ridiculous things like being able to park your car at work. Now what was the excuse at the time… something about it not being fair on people who have to pay for parking meters, you know the usual divide and conquer reasoning.

What it really showed was that rather than the meters being a way of unclogging roads, as claimed, they were really just another tax collection scheme; and in order to catch everyone else who wasn’t forced to pay those extortionate charges, the car parking at work benefit tax was invented.

So lets move on to today and see how far they have developed this benefit in kind idea for taxing us for not using their other taxing scams.

Today we see reported the Revenue are coming up with a whole raft of new ideas to put their hands in our pockets and involve themselves in our family lives.

The Finance Act is proposing to scrap the already megre €3,000 annual exemption on “gift tax”, instead limiting it to children under 18 and children under 25 in full time education. Now the fact that the gifts are already from net income is another issue and this would mean the receiver paying another 33% of it to Revenue.

What this could potentially open up is a situation where people, who through financial hardship have been forced to move home with their parents, could find themselves being pursued by Revenue because they are getting free board and lodgings. The principle being “How dare you get something for free!”

The tragic irony of this is that people don’t move home out of choice; they move home because the government has made it impossible for them to afford to live elsewhere. Mortgages out of their reach, rents too high, wages too low and jobs non existent, plus a wave of new individual stealth taxes.

So despite government and Revenue putting them in that position they now want to come after them for more because they are too poor to pay the other taxes that now accompany everyday existence. The trend over the last years seems to be to create a tax system whereby any adult man or woman must pay money to the state, regardless of their circumstance, simply for existing. Isn’t this slavery?

One of the targets has been reported previously, looking to tax people who have their kids minded by grandparents. Yet we have the most expensive childcare in Europe but still they want to tax us for not using it, just so we can go to work to exist in a system that requires both parents to work just to survive.

Now under what moral or even lawful standards is it acceptable for Revenue to involve itself in family arrangements like this? This is just a step too far.

They could even apply this 33% tax to the money your parents paid on your wedding. Does anyone actually own a wedding anyway, why would it matter who paid for a celebration everyone enjoyed?

You would have thought the government would want to avoid anything that stopped people spending and keeping money in circulation; after all money in circulation changes hands many times, funds multiple jobs, and yields taxes along the way.

You would also have thought that Article 43.1.2 of the Constitution which prevents the State passing laws inhibiting transfer of private property would limit their involvement, even in spite of the ability allowed to the State to limit inheritance “in the common good” given in Article 43.2. Where is the common good in this? You may even suggest that Article 41.1.1 which puts the family “superior to all positive law” would prevent them further involving themselves in our family lives.

After all what  kind of a benefit is €3,000 these days. Would it pay your student rent? No. Would it tax and insure your car? Barely. It’s a poultry sum but apparently it is far too much for us “taxpayers” as they like to call us, because that is all we are to them; not people, just livestock. While their paymasters might only light their cigars with €3,000.

You see the problem is not really the government, they are just the board of directors running a for profit state on behalf of their benefactors who issue their currency; they don’t care about breaking their own Constitutional rule book, they just do as they are told.

The problem is the monetary system the government is forced to use. It has built in bankruptcy over time as it is created out of debt. Every year we owe more than was created because it is created at interest by banks. Hence every year the government has to either grow the economy at a higher rate than the interest OR create new ways of taxing us.

As you may have noticed with the economy in the toilet for the last 6 years they have been inventing ever more ingenious new ways to take our money to pay back the banks who loan us our currency. Every tax we pay goes towards paying off those debts, while services are paid for by new money.

It is inevitable in this system that eventually those issuing the money at interest will own everything, including our labour, that is the way it is designed, wealth travels upwards, and we have seen the results of this as, even through the recession, the gap between rich and poor has grown exponentially. This is the biggest issue we as people have to challenge if we are going to take control of our country back.

Interestingly enough the first steps have been taken in of all places the UK Parliament where on November 20th they will debate the issuance of money and alternative methods. If we don’t start to look at this problem in Ireland now all we will see is ever increasing taxes and privatisation of resources.

We are already taxed to the limit and government claims that we are a low tax economy with taxation somewhere in the 20%s are ludicrous. When you add up every PAYE tax, PRSI, BIK, all the levies they added, you come to a net wage. Then start deducting the stealth taxes, the pension levies, the VAT on everything, the massive excise duty especially on fuel, VRT, the stamp duties, the local authority charges, charges on building and living in your home, transaction charges, and of course all the fines they dream up; the list is endless, but when you add it all up you are already paying out almost 80% of your money in some form of taxation.

The nearer this system gets to failure the more immoral the taxes become. As you see in the UK with bedroom taxes, like the window taxes of old, the system is nearing failure; we in Ireland are not far behind. You cannot keep raising the level of tax because once you get to 100% you are, as I said before, a slave. This is why we must change the monetary system as a matter of urgency. We look forward to reading your comments and suggestions below.


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  • Posted November 12, 2014


    Best regards from Finland where the situation is exactly the same.

  • Posted November 13, 2014

    John SInclair

    This article ties in well with the letter written in the Indo earlier this week by a mother who has thrown the towel in with paying for childcare, which she likens to her children being raised as hens. The effect is the same, people are now out of breath just trying to stay on the threadmill, the whole system as it current stands, has people now devoid of any hope, every minute is spent trying to get through the daily rat race, trying to see another week. This isn’t living life, it is barely surviving, and for what? So that we can sit at the top table in Brussels and tell them that we were good obedient little Europeans who did what we were told and kept our rotten corrupt and bust basket case banks, open for business, under the false threat of, “the ATM’s won’t work”, a threat was that completely mythbusted in Iceland when they closed down their corrupt banks overnight, the ATM’s stopped working for 3 seconds…

    Something has to give in this country now, people are finally starting to wake up and see through the lies and the scheming that is continually leaving them broke. Irish Water being the latest example of an attempt to leave middle class people broke yet again, as the money is funneled into yet another organisation that is totally immersed in a deep culture of bonuses, excessively high salaries, staff cars, and wanton greed. Other semi states are running along the same lines, in particular the ESB.

    • Posted November 13, 2014

      Ray O’Connor

      You have to blame the regulator CER for that, they are as corrupt as sin, and have no ethical or moral compass, judging by the Labour Party appointee to the Chairmanship

      If you look at the customer care report for 2008(I think) on their web site you will see an example of their regulation. The ESB deliberately failed to supply a service by not employing a meter reader, how can they be maintaining proper books of account, helping hard pressed consumers managing their accounts does this comply with the EU directives for having transparent billing procedures, how does it comply with Vat invoicing laws and how does it comply with EU consumer protection legislation that you can’t charge for a service that wasn’t supplied, what do you call a standing charge, what is it for? There was no fine, no reimbursement to the robbed consumer……nothing. The CER has yet to offer a reason why a Mr. Sherlock in fear of loosing his family due to a high bill after years of estimates had to chain himself to a fence outside the ESB HO, could it be an example of how wide spread this consumer abuse is?

      In my own case against Bord Gas, now Irish water, and the directors including Banker Hynes are aware of this. I was harassed for money I did not owe for six months, they raised no invoice, even though they took meter reads, they told lies to the CER, an offence, they obstructed the CER an offence, yet a Commissioner in the CER tells lies in order to protect “their industry partners”. I have highlighted the fact that the Commissioner was a liar, I was threatened with further action, When I pointed out that would mean going to court and explaining their lies, the threats ceased. Subsequently they then accused me of crimes under the non violent offences against the state act, which is punishable by a term in jail. I have a legal, civil and democratic right to participate in the consultation process, yet I have numerous examples were my submissions are illegally censored. I have brought this to the attention of that looper Rabbitte and his successor White, St Joan was also informed and she said an investigation would take place, nothing has happened. The Stalinists see nothing wrong with breaking the law, bullying and threatening the citizens, such is their contempt for the citizen and the law.

      The other side to this is the Commissioners are happy not only to see their female staff being made too look like right eejits, for it is women they get to tell their lies and issue their threats. They are seen as eejits by the public for their stupidity, and then held up to public ridicule. These men have the same respect for their female staff as pimps selling back street hookers, they hold promotions and bonuses in abeyance unless the girls perform, while they sit having a giggle knowing the Labour party are going to protect them and promote them. Is it any wonder the Labour party has become the party of choice of sexual deviants and perverts. I know of no other party that has elected, rent boy wilie pullers, girl spanking TDs or here in Cork where they take it to extremes a child raping Lord Mayor, only the Catholic Church has a more sullied reputation.

      You only have to look at the evidence, the Minister for reform the man that lacks female companionship is aware of this, as already stated the ministers responsible are aware, as is the party leader, my local TD, chairperson of the Dail Committee on the Environment, responsible for oversight of the CER when it comes to Water regulation is aware of it, yet they have not demanded that their political appointee Chairperson Blaney investigate this corruption, dishonesty and abuse of female staff, they allow the female staff to be shamed, to be held up to public ridicule while their abusers the senior management directing them to act in this manner are treated as up standing citizens. They possess the same evil mentality that sent young women to the Magdalene laundries, while allowing their religious, incestuous and gentrified abusers continue as pillars of society. Why does the original abused girl in the CER no long work there?

      One has to question why the party of choice for perverts and deviants, not only have failed to carry out an investigation, which I’m sure could easily rebut any false allegations I’ve made but instead promoted the corrupt official.

      Could it possibly be the fact that a former Labour Lord mayor of Cork, a Labour Party member was one of those directors formally informed of the abuse of the consumer. the illegal activity that BG was involved in, the humiliation of a member of the CER Staff etc and did nothing.

      The Guerin report has shown that it is the responsibility of the Minister of the day to investigate the conduct of their subordinates, It is the duty of the Chairperson to ensure that his organisation operates to the highest ethical standards, and show a duty of care to his staff, yet he takes the €180k a year, the Labour Party gives him and does nothing.

      Still I wait for a response from the Labour Party and their puppet Chairperson Blaney of the CER and water regulator.

  • Posted November 14, 2014


    Well, could it be that we are finally feeling and seeing the affect of the accumulated tip toeing implementation of the UN AGENDA 21 ?

    Government or more to the point Ireland’s corporation , consultants and none government organisations are implementing it step by step. Tip Toeing, some are unknown and unseen, along nicely.

    Here are some references, don’t take my word for it research yourself here are some sites to start with if you like.

    UN Agenda 21 for Dummies (no offence I watched this one myself)

    UN Agenda 21, Behind the green mask, by Rosa Koire, open mind conference

    UN Agenda 21 Implementation for Ireland

    Have you heard of ICLEI???? Dublin City Council???

    ICLEI stands for International Council on Local Environmental Initiatives

    These are none governmental organisations to implement UN Agenda 21. It is a stealth organisation.It “sells” climate action plans. It is really a policy and legislation arm of the UN, made up of elected officials, none governmental organisations and consultants, making POLICY for you! This is to concentrate power in cities and so they slip slide the power into the control of NONE REPRESENTATIVE BOARDS and COMMISSIONS. And presto this is how you BREAK JURISDICTIONAL BOUNDARIES !!!

    A bit of history and summery:

    So you heard about the UN Agenda 21?
    Posted on December 23, 2013
    by Micky Malone

    contributed by the author

    So you heard about the UN Agenda 21, and Sustainable Development?:

    Well seeing that you did hear about it, I assume that you did not give it much attention, or read the thousands and thousands of pages that make up several volumes of reports, plans and predictions, that apparently show us the way we must go to sustain this earth for future generations.

    Well to tell you the truth I have not read those thousands of pages either, as it would take many months to read all the reports, but I have read enough to understand what the objectives are, and more importantly who is involved. I am always sceptical when big corporations and banks become involved, because they do not give two hoots about the earth, or about people. All one has to do is look at their history to date.

    Anyhow I decided to take a deeper look at this fabulous plan for mankind, as I knew damn all about it, and my 7 year-old grandchildren were always talking about biodiversity. At first glance Agenda 21 looks and sounds rational and logical, but unfortunately the devil is in the detail. Agenda 21 was originally set up to look into the future and see where we were all heading in the 21st century, something similar to gazing into a crystal ball. Not a bad idea on the face of it, but when you examine the first draft of it, and who wrote it, then your suspicions are raised.

    The Club of Rome, a Private Environmental Think-Tank, with Consultants to the United Nations, established in 1968 and made up of extremely wealthy individuals backed by specialists, produced their first report in 1968. The following quote is enough to give you an example of what they had in mind. Remember this was the very first mention of pollution and global warming:

    “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up ?with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, ?water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill. All these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome. The real enemy then, is humanity itself.”?-

    So it was 45 years ago when the world was a completely different place a “new enemy” was created. This Think-Tank began to consult with the UN, trying to get it to adapt to this new way of thinking, in other words they created new fears, and so the seeds of the greatest programme for mankind were sown. Eventually the UN agreed to look into these.

    In 1987 the UN commissioned two people to look at the feasibility of better controlling global resources, and to come up with solutions that would minimise the human impact on those resources. Those two people were Ms.Gro Brundtland a former Communist Swedish Prime Minister, who was Vice President of the Socialist International organisation, whose aims are a Socialist/Marxist agenda, and a guy called Maurice Strong who was one time president of Globe Petroleum, later a director of the Environment Programme, and then Chairman of the World Wildlife Foundation. At one stage he purchased 200,000 acres of land that included a huge mass of fresh water lakes, and promptly began to sell this water to the surrounding State Authorities. He later got into trouble over some arms deals.

    Well these two were commissioned by the UN to plot a course of action for the world into the 21st century. They came up with a comprehensive plan of action to be adopted globally, nationally, and locally by organisations of the UN system, that encompassed every area of human impact on the environment. Millions were donated to get every agency, NGO, and university to come up with their own proposals and plans that were going to take over from God, and come up with a survival plan based on that first report.

    It does appear a bit unusual when people with Communistic/Marxist backgrounds begin appearing with report after report that is duly supported by the majority of groups involved. It is a bit questionable as to why or how these two people were commissioned to do the first report. Was there a hidden agenda, or had the UN been duped by large foundation donations? It appears that this is the case, as most of the subsequent so-called partners had no objections towards such a tendency. Communism or Capitalism are never mentioned, because the proposed new system was not State Communism like the old USSR, where the state controlled everything, and neither was it a pure Capitalist system either. It could only be described as Corporate Marxist hybrid, where global corporations controlled everything including human capital.

    In 1990 the International Council for Local Environment Initiative (ICLEI) was formed, and this organisation eventually produced proposals that would break down the hierarchy of state government into smaller and smaller units of power. County Councils would be granted powers previously only granted to elected representatives. Local Area Communities would be set up, and selected brainwashed locals of good standing would steer these communities towards the proposed goals. Each neighbourhood was to have its local committee or neighbourhood watch who would oversee that their human activities did not infringe upon the new rules and regulations, and would be rewarded for snitching on their neighbours if they stepped out of line.

    Donations in support of ICLEI poured in from various suspicious organisations whose agendas were really hidden in plain sight. The Open Society Institute contributed $2 million, and further support came from such out and out communists as Van Jones of the “Green for All” organisation, the Tides Foundation, the Apollo Alliance, and Annie Leonard a wealthy American proponent of sustainability.

    This group produced volumes of new proposals on how this agenda was to be implemented at the root level of society, namely the primary education level. It was designed to “educate” our young children on the basic issues such as sustainability and biodiversity, thus setting the foundations for a “properly educated” obedient society within twenty years.

    Potential Leaders with particular “leadership skills and personalities” would be selected in every sub-group, and these would be trained and funded by public/private money. After a period of training (programming) they would be placed into the different levels of all groups, to steer decisions in matters concerning those groups.

    In other words it was to be built from the ground up, starting with our own local communities, by examining Social Justice, Inequality, and Biodiversity, and a total transformation of our society by a wide variety of means. They stated that, “Our green future will be invented at the local level with the power of communities”. They also stated, “ Facts and information will no longer be the primary purpose of education.” Another quote, “The aim of education is the knowledge, not of facts, but of values.”

    This was really a social rearrangement of education, equality, global citizenship, family units, housing design, health systems, transport, regeneration, biodiversity, all brought about by agents for change who would be well paid and trained, and supported by the foundations in the background.

    In 1992 the UN called a world conference of all members to be held in Rio de Janeiro. A total of 178 governments, plus thousands of NGO’s, and needless to say the global banking fraternity attended, to discuss the proposals put forward. Some 15,000 people attended, and it became known as the 1992 Rio conference.

    The proposed measures put forward omitted nothing in the field of human behaviour and their report was so comprehensive and looked so appealing to bank accounts, that all the governments signed up for the deal without giving any consideration as to how the proposals were going to be applied, or the consequences of such insanity. Who mandated all of these people to sign all the rest of us up to this obnoxious plan, a plan that was pure totalitarianism? Countries were not mandated to join; it was all done on a voluntary basis. This was the new bible for mankind and the survival of the earth.

    Public Private Partnerships would finance the plans, and major shareholders who could see the chance to make billions, agreed to donate funds. This was a major step in establishing a global communist one-world government that had been planned for decades, but few could see the hidden agenda, and fewer still realised its far-reaching societal reform policies, and the total devastation that it would cause across all nations. Unfortunately most still do not see this creeping cancer that is spreading across the US, and Europe.

    It became apparent early on, that this plan was going to be directed by the elite, (the Bankers) with the assistance of thousands of newly created agencies, and foundations. It was really the same old bosses, but with nightmare plans to utterly change in every conceivable way, how the people of the world should live. As I have written before, any time you see foundation mentioned, ask why they are involved, and what their agenda is. The entire plans were based on massive development loans and grants to countries that could ill afford such debt, and one can immediately see who stood to gain. As time went on it became apparent that what was initially a voluntary effort, soon changed to become mandatory one.

    The result of the Rio conference was the issuing of “the bible” of instructions and guidelines that was over 3 inches thick, and cost $145 when published. That in turn spawned over the following years, volumes and volumes of reports and directions from thousands of NGO’s, do-gooder groups, and foundations, dealing with every issue one could imagine.

    Here is a partial list of activities that were to be examined in an effort to establish a Sustainable Environment, paying particular attention to Biodiversity, and several new buzzwords such as Smart Growth, Common Core, Common Purpose, Every Woman every Child, Every Child Matters, No Child Left Behind, Smart Development, Smart Networks, Smart Health, and Smart Grid.

    As the plans were to be controlled by “Major Groups” i.e. the elite corporations and banks, my research on these “Major Groups” revealed little information, mostly because they were hidden within the multitude of Foundations involved.

    I have to state at this point that the UN has a lot of good things going for it, and it does have a lot of good people working for it, but over the years as government donations reduced, that shortfall was filled by global corporations, who then demanded a say. That say in the running of this supposedly neutral international organization grew bigger until it reached the point where we find it at today, i.e. for the most part a puppet organization of the global elite. A similar situation now exists in all of the international organizations such as WHO, FAO, and the multitude of sub groups of the UN such as UNICEF. Anyway let’s get back to the totalitarian plans.

    The sovereignty of a country was to become practically abolished under the authority of the UN. We were to be regarded as “World Citizens.” Our allegiance was to the UN first, our Government second, Local Authority third, Area Community fourth, and Local Community fifth. Parental authority was never mentioned, that would be left to the schools, and local boards of management.
    All of that was to be achieved through education, beginning at 6 years old.

    From school leavers up, there would be funding and grants available to re-train, and up-skill police forces, teachers, nurses, and so on up the hierarchy to reach politicians of all parties. These courses would be organized and given by groups such as Common Core in the US, and Common Purpose here and in the UK, where NLP (neuro linguistic programming) would be the methods used. If you never heard of NLP well here is a small explanation.

    Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy created by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in California, USA in the 1970s. Its creators claim a connection between the neurological processes (“neuro”), language (“linguistic”) and behavioural patterns learned through experience (“programming”) and that these can be changed to achieve specific goals in life. Bandler and Grinder claim that the skills of exceptional people can be “modelled” using NLP methodology, then those skills can be acquired by anyone. Practically all of the top people in these organizations were Communist aligned with Marxist ideologies.

    Education as we know it will gradually change, here is another quote, “Generally more highly educated people, with higher incomes consume more resources than the poorly educated people, and in this case more education increases the threat to sustainability”.

    Partners (or what I call corporations) will fund schools through Public, Private, Partnerships, and they will appoint 51% of the school boards thereby having control of the “No child left behind” policies. All religions will be phased out, all health decisions will be taken at school, and the words mother and father would be replaced with parents. Parents will have no say, and home schooling will no longer be accepted.

    Now here is a complete contradiction in this quote from the US, “ The National Assessment Governing Boards, (NAGB) policy mandates that the content of the National Assessment Education Progress, (NAEP) reflect voluntary national standards.

    While the US was the first away from the blocks on implementing this “bible” of new behaviour, the UK follows close behind, and we in Ireland are getting there slowly. To assist you in comprehending the methods used, here is a piece from the UK Government site called voice4all.

    “Creating a Neighbourhood army’ of 5,000 full time, professional community organisers who will be trained with the skills they need to identify local community leaders, bring communities together, help people start their own neighbourhood groups, and give communities the help they need to take control and tackle their problems.”

    This appears to me as a scheme to fictionalising populations into smaller and smaller groups each with its own command structures, headed by a member of the “neighbourhood army” to control communities, and remove the inherent power within large groups and populations. Strength is in numbers working on a common goal, so the adage of divide and conquer springs strongly to mind.

    This is going to be the greatest change in human behaviour, with the aim of freeing up agricultural land, placing most people in suburban high-rise apartments, where selected corporations will easily supply all services, and private car ownership will not be affordable. You see we want the world species of birds, insects, and plants to return to their previous numbers and habitats, even if these measures kill people, because global population needs to be drastically reduced from 7.5 billion to about 500 million.

    There is no secret about this population control, even though they don’t come straight out and state so. When one hears people like Bill Gates (Microsoft) telling an audience that world population is creating climate change, and that through proper vaccination, healthcare, and family planning these reductions are achievable. Prince Philip International President of the World Wildlife Fund, stated that if he could reincarnate he would come back as a virus to reduced global population. The pressure to introduce genetically modified seeds across the globe is another method of population control, and couple that with the sample of unsustainable activities listed below, and the scheme can easily come to pass.

    The following is a small sample list of activities that are now deemed to be unsustainable according to the godless bible.

    1. Private property particularly land.
    2. Three-lane motorways take up too much land.
    3. Private car ownership.
    4. Ribbon and rural development.
    5. Septic tanks.
    6. Crop Irrigation
    7. The family unit.
    8. Grazing horses and cattle, sheep, and goats.
    9. Rural villages
    Rural services,
    Home schooling
    Population growth.
    Single family homes.

    This whole agenda is so vast, that it would be almost impossible to list everything, but one thing is evident, this whole scheme is a Corporate/Communist plan, using community activists, and women’s groups to establish a system of control, which we have never witnessed before, and which greatly diminish the natural rights of individuals to live freely.

    Have you ever thought why the US, and all the countries of Europe have opened their borders to immigrants from all over the world, supporting these extra people when the country can least afford it, and when there is little employment? By increasing the population of countries with immigrants, within a generation there will be a mixed multi ethnic population who will have no allegiance or cultural connections to their adopted country, no work, and no proper education, fully dependent on the state.

    Nationality will be a thing of the past as the older native families gradually become outnumbered, and with little economic growth as is now the case , wages will reduce as will social supports, resulting in a third rate country with little or no production output. The majority of jobs will be in the service industries, and in the newly formed control groups. There will still be a small percentage of skilled employment, but not very much for graduates generally.

    As is gradually becoming the case today, private car ownership will become too expensive for most people, and excessive penalties, insurance, and taxes will increase to bring this about. New town developments with vertically arranged apartments will be permitted, but no single-family homes will be allowed.

    Farming will be tightly controlled by subsidizing farmers to leave the land un used for periods of years, and there will be incentives to use GM seeds wherever crop growing is allowed, thus forcing on the public nothing only patented GM food that is untested on humans. Independent research on GM seeds found that they caused sterilization and massive tumours in third generation laboratory rats under test. This along with the health initiatives mentioned above will see the human lifespan greatly reduced over two or three generations, thus gradually achieving the reduction in global population.

    Here is an example of the doublespeak that is so prevalent today. There is a global push to have GM seeds introduced in all countries especially the EU. All GM seeds are modified to withstand Roundup, and Gallup weed killer sprays. When the weed killer resistant crops are sprayed, there is a devastating effect on soil organisms, pollinating insects, and ground water, yet under Agenda 21 we are supposed to protect biodiversity. Bee colony collapse is occurring annually, but nobody is bothered to find the cause. Some scientists believe that Roundup and Gallup are responsible, while others believe that mobile phone signals are the cause. Residues of Gallup and Roundup were found in the blood of over 50% of people tested across the EU, when most of those tested were never near such weed killers. How can we match the aims of Agenda 21 with the above behaviour, does it not give a clear indication of how twisted and covert the entire plan is?

    This is a creeping scheme so slow and hidden, that it will be upon us before we realize it. Take for example the Bill before the Dail, introduced by Minister Alan Shatter, to lower the age of consent from 17 to 16 years. Why and who would benefit from this? I am of the belief that this is just a test to see if it passes into law, and if it does then the age of consent will gradually be dropped over the coming years to 12 years as has happened elsewhere.

    Take another example of what Minister Leo Varadkar said recently, and another piece of the jigsaw fits into place. Leo Varadkar is helping to implement the UN’s Agenda 21 in Ireland by forcing people from their cars, through increased taxation and road privatization, or tolling, as our corrupt politicians like to call it.

    “Transport and agriculture are the primary sources of carbon emissions and Mr Varadkar said that while tackling climate change should not result in a reduced standard of living, it would require “changes to the way we live and where we live”.

    (This is Verbatim out of the Agenda 21 bible.) How can we change the way we live, and where we live without changing our standard of living?

    “Reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuels will be beneficial in its own right. Developing a roadmap for the transport sector will be challenging. We will need to employ many policies and measures such as land use planning and taxation to effect this change”.

    There is just so much in this insidious scheme, so much double-meaning and twisted wordplay, that it would take years to fathom out every aspect of it, and the thousands of unsuspecting individuals, who eagerly goose step towards self-imprisonment is beyond comprehension or logic, but remember, if you keep repeating a big enough lie often enough, then it will eventually be believed. Hitler once said, “It is great for leaders that people don’t think”.

    To finish, here are a few quotes from fellow globalist rent boys like Varadkar which say it all:-

    “It doesn’t matter what is true, it only matters what people believe is true.” –
    Paul Watson, Co-Founder of Greenpeace

    “We’ve got to ride this global warming issue, even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of ?economic and environmental policy.” –
    Timothy Wirth, ?President of the UN Foundation

    “No matter if the science of global warming is all phony…?climate change provides the greatest opportunity to? bring about justice and equality in the world.” –
    Christine Stewart,?former Canadian Minister of the Environment

    “We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public’s imagination…? So we have to offer up scary scenarios, make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts…? Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest.” –
    Prof. Stephen Schneider, ?Stanford Professor of Climatology, lead author of many IPCC reports.

    Below are a few examples of donors, but bear in mind that thousands of corporations subscribed, but their names are seldom hidden. This is an agenda to in-debt nations with billions in loans on the false idea of saving the earth, from the destruction caused in large by these same corporations, and the same gangs as usual reap the profits. All highlighting in red are the ones who stand to gain, and sentences in blue are my own comments.

    Commitment by the Asian Development Bank, together with seven other multilateral development organisations to provide more than US$ 175 billion of loans and grants for transport in developing countries over the next decade.
    So who owns this Development Bank, and who are the seven other organizations who are lending $175 billion to developing countries, who can ill afford such borrowing?

    The African Development Bank has committed to invest US$ 20 billion and to mobilize US$ 80 billion in additional resources in providing investments and expertise African countries need to achieve their own energy goals.
    Here again we see mandatory loans of $100 billion being foisted upon poor African countries under the pretence of energy goals, but let us not forget that the natural resources will be plundered in return by the global gangsters of moneylenders.

    Through the Every Woman Every Child initiative, the United States has committed to mobilize US$ 63 billion in order to help partner countries save lives and achieve sustainable health outcomes. The United States will scale up efforts and achieve significant results in maternal and child health and family planning.
    The US is hell bent on maternal and child health that will include mandatory vaccinations, sterilization, forced adoptions, while their general healthcare presently ranks about 27th in the world, where they once held third position.

    Bank of America has set a goal to commit US$ 50 billion over ten years to finance Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and other activities that advance the low-carbon economy.
    Here is more bullshit about energy efficiency, and renewable energy, while wind turbines have proven non-profitable in every region, while technology for free non-polluting energy has been classified secret for the last 60 years.

    European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has a sustainable energy financing target of US$ 30 billion including co-financing with partners which supports SE4ALL goals.
    Here again the EU are still persisting on renewable energy, an energy so costly that all users are expected to subsidise it at ever-increasing costs. Wind energy has proven itself non commercially viable, our subsidies have enabled it continue.

    The Muskoka Initiative for Maternal, New- born and Child Health committed US$ 7.3 billion in new and additional funding for MNCH by 2015. It was anticipated that this would eventually mobilize more than US$10 billion. In June, G8 partners committed US$ 5 billion in new and additional funding by 2015.
    The G8 partners are so keen on the health of mothers and children that it becomes more suspicious that family planning and vaccinations only support the pharmaceutical industry at a cost of thousands of lives. There is no mention throughout any of the reports of the role or health of the man.

    India is spending over US$ 3.5 billion each year on health services, with substantial expenditure on services aimed towards women’s and children’s health. Currently, India is focusing on strengthening its efforts in the 264 districts that account for nearly 70% of all infant and maternal deaths. India will provide technical assistance to other countries and share its experience, and will support the creation of a platform for global knowledge management to oversee the dissemination of best practices.
    India a country with millions in poverty will borrow $3.5 billion annually for mother and child healthcare, yet they do not support the hungry street families of Calcutta with food programmes. One would imagine that food would be the first priority, but it really shows up the hidden agenda. You can also deduce from the last sentence from the quote above, that India will be used as a global knowledge test bed. Test their poisons on the poor as usual.

    Siemens reinforces its commitment to grow its externally verified Environmental Portfolio from currently €29.9 billion to €40 billion in 2014.
    Now after reading the above sentence one would think that Siemens are a generous company investing up to $40 billion, but what do they do? Siemens are involved in “Smart Grid” another scam that pretends that by installing “Smart Meters” on every house will reduce distribution costs. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are also involved in solar panels, biomass, healthcare, building systems, financing and real estate. All of this looks fine until you delve deeper, and then you see the hidden agenda that produces greater profits, and greater control.

    DuPont is setting sizeable goals to help end world hunger and ensure food security that are achievable by the end of 2020. $10 billion Global Compact.
    Du Pont who are one of the major players in the genetically modified seed supply, want to own all food seeds by genetically modifying them. Farmers cannot save this year’s seeds for next year, they must purchase new seeds every year, and they must also purchase the sprays, so instead of ensuring food security, they actually impoverish farmers. If anyone believes that DuPont give two hoots about world hunger, then you had better open your mind, because it is nothing but achieving control of food.

    The Forum saw the launch of more than 200 commitments [25] covering energy, finance, climate change, water, food, anti-corruption and women’s empowerment. Several of these initiatives have the potential to set new paradigms. Among them are frameworks for public-private policy collab- oration on biodiversity, on food and agriculture and on access to water for people and industry.

    Now if you have read this far, surely you must be scratching you head in awe and wonderment, because if you apply basic logic, you could not give Agenda 21 full backing. It is a “Trojan Horse” of hidden Marxist ideologies that will remove all of your rights and freedoms, unless of course you have been programmed.

    It is a fact that the majority of people involved in putting Agenda 21 into practice, such as the political parties, the County Councils, the Civil service, do not see the trap, which they are eagerly walking into. They are not ill-intentioned people, they just do not understand.

    It is also a fact that the majority of parents do not even understand what Agenda 21 is all about, and who can blame them. The volumes of reports, proposals, and guidelines would take months to read, besides when a local meeting is called about some local issue, and only a few turn up and decide upon a certain course of action, then the absent ones cannot say that they were not asked; their vote was decided for them by their absence ; unfortunately this is what’s happening across the US.

    I am not denying that sustainability or biodiversity is a good and essential part of our trusteeship of this earth, but we must begin changing the things that need changing, the things that benefit the common good, and the environment. All I can see from what I have read is a total controlled society of zombies, led by zombies obeying the dictatorial directions of globalist bankers and corporations.

    If we are all concerned about our environment and climate change, then let us logically explore what we can do to make things better, and not just explore where we can make money at the cost of freedoms, liberty, and choices.

    In India and many other African countries there is unimaginable hunger, and death every year, but not much in the line of support.

    In 2010 Haiti was devastated with an earthquake that killed over 200,000 people and affected over 3 million others. They still wait just to regain the level of poverty that they had prior to the quake.

    A few weeks ago the Philippines were hit with a massive earthquake that displaced over 4 million people, and left many millions without food or shelter. No substantial aid reached them for over 3 weeks, and when it did eventually come from the UN, it was in the form of 10,000,000 polio vaccines, solar lamps, food and water. This is very peculiar considering that polio is not present in that country. 47,000 deaths already due to vaccine adverse reactions, and thousands more paralysed.

    Here at home Eirgrid intends to lay high voltage lines across the finest arable land in the country, and who is shouting about biodiversity, or sustainability?

    Everybody knows at this stage about the aerial geoengineering that is taking place across the globe, but nobody is shouting about consequences of such insanity.
    Political interference in scientific climate research undoubtedly is shaping the direction of climate change policy. Yes we will buy carbon credits from multi-billionaire Al Gore, who purchases these credits from poor corrupt African countries.

    UN Agenda 21 is a sinister and devious plan by the elite Corporations, and Bankers to corral the people into towns, and control all aspects of their lives, under the guise of correcting the climate, creating “good” healthcare particularly for children and women, controlling all food, water, and regenerating vast areas of land while people go hungry. It is a totalitarian system of control, and we all go willing towards our own imprisonment, and further enslavement where death will be the only release.

    Waken up people the entire banking collapse was planned and programmed to impoverish nations, reduce wage costs, while retaining or increasing profits, while at the same time constantly repeating the mantra of climate change. If anyone thinks that the natural carbon dioxide gas is altering climate, then tell me what part does the sun play, or how did we ever get out of the ice age?

    If you sum up the few examples of donations outlined above, you will see that planned “donations” are as follows:

    $200 billion on energy.
    $175 billion on transport.
    $89 billion on mother and child health.
    $10 billion on hunger.

    Do you see the hidden trend? All supposedly to counter climate change, and control human activity, but actually creates immeasurable profits.

    For the month as a whole, ice grew at near average rates throughout November at 28,900 square miles per day compared to the 1981 to 2010 average of 27,200 square miles per day. (Why do they say ice grew at near average rates, when in fact it grew at 6.25%?) At the end of the month, extent was 224,000 square miles lower than average and 162,000 square miles above the same time last year.

    Antarctic sea ice extent remains unusually high, near or above previous daily maximum values for each day in November. Sea ice extent averaged 6.63 million square miles for November. The long-term 1981 to 2010 average extent for this month is 6.29 million square miles. (This is an Nov increase of 5.4%.)

    Right so the ice caps are melting and the sea level is rising? ?? NOT ACCORDING TO THE FIGURES FOR NOV 2013. CLIMATE CHANGE! THE BIGGEST MONEY SCAM AND FRAUD EVER PERPATRATED.


    In my own journey in trying to understand the world around me, I have discovered that the more I teach my self how to think, the greater the realisation of how little I really know.

    Our own inability of HOW TO THINK FOR OURSELVES remains the most critically crucial component contributing to our ignorance, and ignorance remains the most effective form of MIND CONTROL

    About the author:
    Micky Malone is an elderly Old Age Pensioner living in Ireland with married adult children and researches banking, pharmaceutical industry, global trends, science, and corruption.

    Just thought I put it out there,

  • Posted November 17, 2015

    Desmond Devlin

    Taxation is theft!

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