Mike Putt Adare/Rathkeale Council Area

Mike Putt Adare/Rathkeale Council Area Limerick

Hello everyone Im Mike Putt and I am participating in the local Adare/Rathkeale Council Area Election in Limerick for Direct Democracy Ireland .

My reason for going in the local elections,  people want change,  and I feel that along with my running mate Mark Keogh,  and the smaller parties together we can have that change.

I came back to Limerick in 1977, worked as an electrician in industry,  I have worked in Dell, Essilor, Paki,  AIBP, Jimmy O Donnells,  Atlas Aluminium,  Castle T furniture and others.

There were 2 events that got me into protesting, The first was the March with Steve and Carmel Collins after Roy was killed, The second closer to home was when my own Mother and Father had to move to England because the health service  was better over there.

I have been at protests against homelessness, the banks,  the health service,  against water charges, against Fine Gael, March for Tipp.

I am founder of yellow vest Limerick, 

I am founder of Limerick against 5G,

I am a member of several hospital watch groups and known as a strong community activist by many as fair,  honest and approachable.

Change starts with you, Be the change you need to be for a brighter future for everyone.

#Vote #1 Mike Putt Vote #2 Mark Keogh #DirectDemocracyIreland