Mark Keogh Adare/Rathkeale Council Area

Mark Keogh Adare/Rathkeale Council Area Limerick

My name is Mark Keogh from Shanagolden, Co. Limerick. I am a Local Election Candidate for the Adare/Rathkeale area for Direct Democracy Ireland. 
I am married with four children and am actively involved in my local community. I was a first time Candidate for Limerick in GE 2016. I first got involved in the Water Charge protests at the very start, attending numerous protests countrywide.

I have supported protests in numerous areas of the country against the Evictions that are taking place in every courthouse, where struggling Homeowners and small Farmers are losing their homes and livelihoods at the hands of Government supported banks.
I am one of the founders of the ‘Rescue the River Shannon Group’ which has consistently highlighted the numerous threats to our river and Estuary along with Limerick Against Pollution Threats that are being rammed through Council planning with no thought for the people that have to live with the consequences.

I lived in Askeaton at the height of the Animal deaths era, where farmers nearly a thousand livestock and horses, but following an investigation by the HSE at the costs of £5.5 million, there was no cause found. I am still supporting ‘Cappagh Farmers Support Group’to this day for a reopening of an investigation.

I believe that having a Direct Democracy system in place in Ireland, especially at a Local Government level is the only answer to stop poorly thought out decisions being made by Councillors, that are made without any consultation with the people.

With myself and my Colleague Mike Putt running in Adare/Rathkeale as your Direct Democracy Candidates you will now have the chance to get involved in having a say in your children’s future and health.
Please give us both your highest preference vote on May the 24th. It is up to us all to change things.

Thank you

If you support the principal of Direct Democracy please donate as much or as little as you can, to help candidates advertise their participation in the 2019 Local and European Elections.