Lies, statistics and “turning the corner” (allegedly)

Lies, statistics and “turning the corner” (allegedly)

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Post submitted by Noel Gallagher

If our governments lie to us to attain office, is it any surprise that they continue to lie to us when they are in office? More worryingly, are we naive enough to believe them? We have been told many times that the worst is over, we have turned the corner etc. The bold Michael Noonan, alleged darling of the Bilderberg Group, quoting W.B. Yeats during his budget speech – “too long a sacrifice can make a stone of the heart”……. before he then buried the knife again in the most vulnerable.

Indeed many of the hidden blows of this budget have yet to be revealed. No one can take €2,500,000,000 out of a budget that has been already pruned almost to death, without causing extreme suffering to many – prepare over the coming months to feel the brunt of many of these still hidden cuts and charges.

Now after all these years of “ Austerity Measures” (for some at least) we must surely be getting somewhere. This oft promised “light at the end of the tunnel” must surely be coming into view…… well where can we look for the answer?

Our government claim to be creating 3,000 jobs per month. Let’s have a look at some of these jobs. They have claimed, for example, that there will be 2,000 jobs created installing water meters. So they choose to make a virtue out of introducing another tax to pay the bondholders. Let us leave that for the moment and look at the jobs, which incidentally will obviously be temporary by definition.

More importantly, this week an advertisement appeared in a Donegal newspaper seeking water meter installers under THE JOBBRIDGE SCHEME!!! A princely €50 on top of your dole and you can gain “valuable experience” as a water meter installer. What you do with this valuable experience, gained while earning slave wages, when the metering is complete is a good question.

On another occasion, our national broadcaster, or more accurately – the subservient mouthpiece of our current regime – announced the welcome arrival of a pharmaceutical company to our shores in the following exact words “ three hundred jobs will be created during the construction phase, with a FURTHER one hundred and fifty jobs on completion” I don’t think I am being unreasonable to suggest that there is such an obvious flaw in the above sentence, that reporting it thus, was designed to mislead the gullible listener. These and other methods are being used to twist the real unemployment figures, and lie to the electorate.

The real answer lies in the bottom line. What do we owe now, what did we owe 1,2,3,4,5 years ago, and what will we owe next year. The following are the actual figures of General Government Debt from the Central Statistics Office, and National Treasury Management Agency.

2007 €47,200,000,000

2008 €79.600,000,000

2009 €105,500,000,000

2010 €144,200,000,000

2011 €169,200,000,000

2012 €192,500,000,000

The projection for the end of this year is €205,900,000,000. DOES THIS LOOK LIKE WE HAVE TURNED A CORNER??

There is also the small matter of the Pension Reserve Fund, which was accumulated during the boom years and which at one time contained €28,000,000,000. This has mostly been handed over to the banking sector under orders from the Troika, and this will come back to haunt us in the years to come as our population ages. But when our Governments have such a track record in kicking cans down the road, they will worry about that later. Perhaps the shambles they have made of the health service is a ploy to reverse the trend of longer life expectancy. Well they have been poisoning our water for decades….

Meanwhile, the assets of the country are being sold off, or being readied for sale, from under the Irish people by our treacherous government, without making the slightest dent in our national debt. This was surely the endgame in a designed cycle of deliberate boom followed by bust, and the subsequent enslavement through debt of the Irish people, along with the overnight evaporation of 100 years of hard won workers rights.

What threats and inducements are made to new governments to get them to change their stated policies fully 180 degrees once in office? The time has come for people to make a stand against the austerity parties. These debts are unserviceable. They may also be odious under international law, being wrongly foisted on the people by a regime not working in the interests of the people they were elected to represent. Have we to wait until everything is gone to realise this? It is time to get behind DDI and reclaim our country for this and future generations.


All 166 TDs and 60 Senators received this inquiry by email. Less than a handful replied. The most detailed of replies coming from a Labour TD who insisted all the indicators were for recovery and the budget was a good business budget. Also that they continue to hold out the begging bowl to the ESM. Sticking to the script I suppose, can’t expect anything other than that.


Many good points have been raised here, most notably the level of utterly unsustainable debt which continues to rise into the future. The figures are never mentioned when the recovery rhetoric is blasted through our radios, tv and press. One might ask why media does not balance government statements with perspective and reality? Why are they not doing their job?

One of th emost glaring misleading statements is that on jobs. A few construction contracts will not take people off the live register. All it will do is create somewhere to go for the subcontractors still working when their current project ends.

Take everything government says with a very large pinch of salt.

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  • Posted December 9, 2013


    No news for over a month!?

    What’s going on, I understand the members are rightly upset about the constitution, is there a purge?

    We need to know…

    • Posted January 3, 2014

      Admin D

      I got busy elsewhere in my personal life. See what happens when I go away?

  • Posted December 18, 2013


    This is bull…

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