Joan “propaganda” Burton reminiscent to Joseph Goebbels

Joan “propaganda” Burton reminiscent to Joseph Goebbels

By Direct Democracy Ireland

Labour Leader Joan “propaganda” Burton has lost the run of herself after shameful claims made in a recent video released by The Labour Party that families have more disposable income to live it up thanks to her and her party’s policies.

The video that was posted on Facebook and YouTube purports to shows a young couple discussing home renovations with builders working in the background, you can hear the couple state “It’s great to be able to finally do the kitchen” The video is also accompanied by a written message from the out of touch Burton saying Families have Labour to thank for putting more money into their pockets to pay for luxuries like home improvements and foreign holidays, things are getting better for Irish Families. And as a result, we can be a bit more positive about the future. The recovery is beginning to reach the kitchen table. We have a little more money at the end of the month to do the things we put on the long finger. Such as give the house a lick of paint and just to rub salt into the wound she finished off with “Getting here has been tough. But the Labour party has brought us here to this point. And this point is also were we have a record number of people facing evictions a record number of people homeless and record number or people using soup kitchens also large scale cuts in our Health services, educational services and local authority services with the ultimate twist of the dagger being the amount of money still bailing out bondholders and banks this is the real legacy of The Labour Party.

Claims from Labour is that the couple in the video are real individuals telling their stories. All this comes in the wake of strong criticism from various charities who have branded the video a load of nonsense. With Ollie Williams of Twist Soup kitchens Ireland stating “This Video is an absolute load of nonsense and The Labour Party should not have put it out, we are providing meals to people every day who have lost their homes and have become homeless.

Direct Democracy Ireland are calling on The Labour Party to get real the option of having a fitted Kitchen or a lick of Paint or even the foreign holiday is alien to thousands of families from all walks of life the same Families that The Labour Party has abandoned, this propaganda video is reminiscent to Joseph Goebbels videos in the dying days of world war 2, trying everything in his power to fool the people into thinking that everything was ok.

With the inevitable increases coming by way of direct and indirect taxation after the General election we question Joan Burton and co on their logic. Fool us once shame on us…..


  • Posted August 24, 2015


    “Think of the press as a great keyboard
    on which the government can play.”
    ― Joseph Goebbels

  • Posted July 22, 2017

    john cully

    ….grossly unfair and inaccurate; dammit, Goebbels generally spoke truthfully………

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