Joan Burton Calls Protestors “Fascists” – Oh The Irony.

Joan Burton Calls Protestors “Fascists” – Oh The Irony.

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The Irish Independent reports today that Tanaiste Joan Burton has likened the water protestors in Tallaght, that delayed her in her car, to fascists.

Yes you heard it, apparently that is what she wants people to believe is fascism.

Either Joan is utterly ideologically ignorant, or she is trying to manipulate the compliant portion of the population still further, in another divide and rule tactic. We believe that she probably suffers from a little of both.

She complains that:

“I have to say at times when I was in that car I was worried about the parallels with fascism.”

and she qualified that with her belief that she (and her colleagues) were:

“…arguing as you see it from a democratic point of view…”

First let us correct the Tanaiste’s misconception of the term.

“Fascism” is generally held to be the unhealthy coalescence of a bloated, overbearing state government with corporate vested interests. Now I’m sure we don’t have to point out that the status quo fits this description to a tee, yet the irony seems lost on Joan that the main issue of these protests is about the privatisation of the people’s resources and the subsequent profiteering, as well as the double taxation.

We have had successive governments that have cemented the vested interests of private corporations in Ireland, from health care to energy, and public services, they have legislated away regulation and obligated us to an agenda of privatisation of anything that moves. Were we even asked, where is the democracy Joan?

Protest and public participation is the very essence of democracy in the first place. In fact it is absolutely essential to hold the government to account and keep them reined in. So we would ask Joan, where is the democracy when you pass laws to restrict protest, and you deploy courts and police forces to prevent it and enforce your will. This is the very epitome of government fascism.

We remind the reader that this is not an isolated phenomenon, it is growing Europe wide; as the new draconian laws just passed in Spain prove; laws that ban association, protest, filming or photographing police, or publishing same amongst a host of other “offences” punishable by fines of up to €30,000 (or jail) The resulting chill preventing media reporting government violence, bringing Spain back to a time that led to civil war with Franco’s fascists.

What Joan fails to see is that there is a reason for the protests and a reason why they changed from standing on water stop cocks outside people’s houses, to following TDs to every engagement they attend and generally making their life more difficult. The reason is because the people realise there is no democracy in this country and the government are just not listening; and the longer they refuse to listen the more the protests will evolve. You would almost suspect the government want this to happen.

The lessons of history should tell these tin pot dictators that if they continue to ignore the true democracy in this country (which is the people), then don’t be surprised if they end up on the receiving end like modern day Captain Boycotts.

So out of touch is Joan that she compares her delay to being subjected to:

“controversial interrogation techniques used by the British Army in Northern Ireland during the Troubles”.

We wonder then what all the fuss was about in previous decades if the British Army were interrogating nationalists by seating them in a comfortable top of the range Audi for a couple of hours, or clipping their shoulder with a stray water balloon. Why did they have commissions of inquiry at all?

One of the most arrogant and misguided quotes by Joan was when she said:

“I suppose I had a couple of hours to reflect on what it would be like if we had a country run by some of the people who were outside and who seem to have a utterly nihilistic approach”.

She seems to forget that “…the people outside…” are the nation. It is their country and their right to decide its future. Joan and her gang seem to believe the people do not have this right, and it belongs solely to a political class; and then they wonder why there is a reaction?

You can always rely on Ms Burton to show her complete disconnect from reality, and she did that in spades when she said:

“I thought it was extraordinary that a community celebration, was being used to bring a message of despair to a very disadvantaged community.”

It’s like Orwellian double think when she makes these statements. She is trying to convey that the protestors are bringing a message of despair to a disadvantaged community, yet the answer to the question was in the statement itself. The only messenger bringing despair to a disadvantaged community is the messenger (Joan Burton) who disadvantages them further by taking more money from their already empty pockets with another regressive tax.

I have often thought that the political class live on a different planet, and every time Joan Burton and her colleagues speak it reinforces my belief. However, sadly this is not true, they are from Ireland but they are born completely devoid of empathy, and conscience. There is a word for people with this mental disorder, it is “sociopath”, and it is long past time that anyone seeking public office should undergo suitability screening for this dangerous illness.

So dangerous an illness that these statements made by Joan and others like her are not crass or foolish or ill advised; they are carefully worded and deliberately constructed. They are taught how to do this as part of their training in neuro-linguistic programming. It is a long studied and well known psychological method employed for deliberately misinforming and misdirecting groups or populations. Here is it used divide and rule, to get people to mis-associate these terms like fascist with water protest groups and thus turn away based on their perceived misunderstanding of the terms and their previous association. All mainstream party politicians are taught how to do this, along with never answering a question.

The tragic comedy of this is that history shows that fascism is always born out of a form of politics that starts out as socialism; and isn’t that exactly what Joan Burton’s Labour Party claim to be?

DDI will give the people back that role in the running of their own country so that when this happens you do not need to protest, you just call your own referendum. That way the people can have that power every day, not just once every 5 years.

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  • Posted December 22, 2014


    I watched this woman and her husband killing time in our local gymnasium in Dublin 15 year after dreary year,waiting for the inevitable day that the dreary old game of musical political chairs would springboard her and her ilk in the Labour Party back into the money.!
    What a dreary people we are to elect such boring,-almost idiotic-, mundane people to oversee the permanent government (Civil Service) for 5 years when the professional strokers(FF) cause mayhem and ruin.

  • Posted December 28, 2014

    Enough is Enough

    Burton spent two decades plus, lying and deceiving the Irish people. She worked very hard to earn the response that she got from people.

    There will be no austerity for the bondholders, or from her party’s fat cats sitting on state quangos.

    We have a large section of the electorate who are expected to pay for the damage done by those who profit from the underperformance of a out of control institutional state. The dominant ideology of the institutional state is gombeenism. We see this with FAS/Solas debacles, and Rehab (a semi quango).

    David McWilliams called it “insiders and outsiders”. The insiders get “something for nothing”. The outsiders are then expected to pay up. It is completely unsustainable.

    The FF/FG/GP/LP/PD continuum are the same nonsense with different packaging, and different beneficiaries from state largesse. But the people who are expected to pay, are always the same. We need to get outside this continuum. They represent the same rip-off culture. They represent IBEC/ICTU/the media/the EU. They represent money. They have fantastic soundbites, but those soundbites have an echo that disappears after the election.

    I hope that new parties and movements emerge in 2015.

    Best of luck DDI.

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