Jaan Van De Ven MEP Candidate South

Jaan Van De Ven MEP Candidate South

Jan has been involved in all aspects of the computer business for 35 

Computer Sales, Consulting, Software Development and International 

Over the years, Jan has been involved in politics in America, Ireland 
and the European Parliament.

In relation to his work with “Citizen Initiated Referendum” he has been 
invited as a guest in the Parliaments in Switzerland, Iceland and 
Brussels, Europe.

In the United States he managed IT for a Democrat Jerry Browns 
presidential race.

In Ireland he co-founded of one of Ireland’s newest political parties 
Direct Democracy Ireland dedicated to “Citizen Initiated Referendum”.

In Brussels, Europe he is a founder member of Democracy International, 
an organization dedicated to spreading “Citizen Initiated Referendum” in 
Europe and around the world.

Jan has also been involved in the organic food business.

He has restructured and saved a 5,000 member Organic Food Coop in Santa 
Monica, California.

And has been the chair of the Dublin Food Coop which at the time was the 
largest organic food coop in Ireland.

Jan would like to see Ireland produce more Organic food products for 

Organic food can be branded for its higher quality, better taste and 
pesticide free.

Jan has trekked the Himalayas in India and Tibet.

Jan is a meditation teacher.

Jan Lives in Kilmuckridge, County Wexford

Jan has 3 children and 3 grand children.

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