It’s all Greek to me – Decoding Endaspeak

It’s all Greek to me – Decoding Endaspeak

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Today Enda Kenny came out to “warn” Greece that they must do what Ireland did to get out of their debt crisis (as reported in the Independent).

That would imply Ireland is out of crisis, but hang on we still have a debt of around €224 billion give or take a billion or ten. We still borrow money to pay €8 billion a year in interest alone on debts we didn’t incur. All the austerity measures are still in place and more are being added. We are selling everything we possess, and this will continue for the next 3 generations.. If that is getting out of the crisis then I would hate to see what Ireland would be like in another great depression.

Enda’s soundbites are equally as duplicitous but perhaps they just got mistranslated from Greek, so let’s see shall we ?

Translating Endaspeak

 – “…Greece that it must be willing to engage “constructively” if the country has any hope of renegotiating its crippling debts.”

(Greece must pay back every penny as and when the EU demands regardless of the consequences)

 – “the government must be prepared to “negotiate and engage constructively” with other member states”

(Greece must do what the big 3 countries in the EU tell them to save their own banking systems)

 – “…cited Ireland’s negotiation record with its EU counterparts which …lent towards the country securing a restructuring of €50bn worth of bailout loans”

(Ireland’s leaders rolled over and willingly did everything they were told and pushed the odious debt onto our future grandchildren)

“…Alexis Tsipras is to accept that any new deal must come with strict conditions”

(Greece must cede its sovereignty to the European Commission)

– “decision by the European Central Bank to stop funding Greek lenders, …the move was a “message” that debt write down is not on the cards.”

(Do as you are told or my EPP group who control the EU will starve you into submission, and this is no idle threat)

 – “Clearly, this is, if you like, a direction to the Greek government, that as we have said, this is not a case of having debt write-downs…”

(Pay up, this is an order !… otherwise the Irish people will see we lied the whole time when we said our hand were tied)

Using your new language skills

So now you know how to translate Endaspeak you can use this new skill to undertsand what Enda is really saying next time you see him on RTE.

Please note: There are many variations of Endaspeak, including Noonish, Kellyan, and Burtonian, but they all follow the same language rules.

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