Interesting Developments in the “New Party” Deception Game

Interesting Developments in the “New Party” Deception Game

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The Irish Times reported yesterday that the country is a step nearer having that “new party” the people are apparently calling for, with Lucinda Creighton ready to start a right of centre group of TDs in the new year, and Shane Ross near to agreeing an alliance of independents.

It is glaring, in this year long barrage by the media about the “need for a new party” that they continually fail to mention that DDI already exists to fill this void; despite having written plenty of articles about us in the previous year, and having reported on our standing 4 candidates in the European elections in May.

In reality this call for a new party – made up from sitting TDs from the existing stock of political thinking – is a call that most people see is being steered solely by the press and does not represent what people actually want.

The public don’t want this, they want people who think differently to the political class. they want a better Ireland and thinkers who can deliver it for them and their children. Not more of the same.

Hence, we don’t think Lucinda’s new right wing party is going to get much traction with the voters. They already have two of those in Fianna Fail and her own Fine Gael, and have seen them fail along with previous spawnings from the bellies of these two, like the PDs.

However Shane Ross’ idea of loosely aligning independents in a partial form of direct democracy will certainly cement those independents’ positions in their own constituencies.

We have approached Shane Ross before over the years regarding direct democracy and the DDI party, but he had worked hard to establish himself as an independent and was not willing at the time to risk that for a new venture with DDI, quite understandably really if you were in his shoes.

We are delighted however to see that Shane has now decided to help develop the idea of direct democracy in Ireland, the idea that DDI has been pushing into the mainstream consciousness through the work of our members, especially over the last two years.

We hope that after the next election, probably at the end of 2015, we will be able to strengthen that presence of mind in the Dáil with our own DDI TDs, who will then push for the full implementation of direct democracy for the ALL parties in the Dáil, not just a small alliance of independents.

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  • Posted December 1, 2014

    Mike Walsh

    DDI needs candidates Nationwide.

  • Posted December 1, 2014

    Carl H

    So Rosser has emerged as that leader in the Independent ranks I had been hoping for. He is a good guy with a bit of passion and maybe his rising tide might lift the DDI boat/vote.

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