Greece “Determination of a people taking its destiny in into its own hands”

Greece “Determination of a people taking its destiny in into its own hands”

By Anthony Connor

Direct Democracy Ireland has welcomed with a keen sense of interest, the decision and bravery of the Greek people, who have voted No! overwhelming Against harsher austerity measures, And we must congratulated Prime minister, Alexis Tsipras and the Greek government for affording the people of Greece a taste of Direct Democracy, And also a massive congratulations to the Greek people who in the face of a threats of a possible meltdown have stood against future tyranny from EU Chief’s.

The Greeks founded Democracy, and centuries later they have revived it.

The people of Greece were giving an option, and have chosen to make a convivial stand against the EU finance ministers & European Central Bank  Bullies, A vote that will no doubt, knock the wind out of the sails of all the European Governments who have favoured austerity at the debarment of their own people, the very same governments that now bow to their pay-masters every command, will now fear they will have to replicate the Greek governments willingness to go to the people by way of referendum on such crucial decisions that shape a Sovereign Peoples destiny. While it’s still a Government initiated referendum it’s more then our governments have afforded us in the past. Where the Irish people, who have unfairly, bore the brunt of 42% of all European Debts, ever given a choice on Austerity? We did vote for change but all the Fine Gael/Labour Government did was, change their mandate once elected.

Direct Democracy is a living Political and Social process of Governance of a Nation that will afford us all the opportunity to control our own destiny, Greek Prime minister Tsipras who strongly supported a no vote stated “No one can ignore the message of determination of a people taking its destiny in into its own hands” we can only ever dream of  Enda Kenny or Joan Burton making such a statement.

Greece defies Blackmail from Enda Kenny and other EU chiefs

Earlier in the week Prime Minister Tsipras accused EU chiefs of Blackmail, they had warned a No vote would lead to Greece’s expulsion from the euro and possibly the EU, but in a bold and brave statement Prime Minister Tsipras vowed he would be at the negotiating table on Monday with better terms. And what better terms can one have than the support of a nation’s people. How many of the EU Chiefs sitting around that negotiation table can boost of such support?


Most major European governments stated that a no Vote would force Greece out of the eurozone including our own puppet on a string Enda Kenny, but in reality the sky won’t fall in. and Enda Kenny and Joan Burton are just fearful they will be proven wrong in just about everything they have stated about seeking our own Debt relief. We must make it crystal clear to Enda and co. that it’s not just about being in Europe it’s about a nation’s people who should always be first priority, ahead of any countries future in the EU.

So what next for Ireland?

 That’s a question for Enda Kenny who shamefully to-date has yet to seek his mandated write down of Ireland’s unsustainable debt’s, further proof of his failures and weaknesses as leader of the Irish people. Who’s interest does he have at heart? Because we know it’s not the citizens of Ireland, When he cannot perform on his commitment to seek a write-down. He went to Europe and was put in his place and returned home with his tail between his legs, without even asking or forcing the issues required by the Mandate entrusted to him. What Ireland needs is a leader similar to Greek Prime minister, Alexis Tsipras, but what Ireland needs, more importantly, is the provision of Direct Democracy returned to our constitution so that we to can send a message of determination from a people taking our destiny in into our own hands”




  • Posted July 6, 2015


    Well done Greece, enda kenny is a puppet being controlled by puppet masters, he was given his agenda and that is to sell ireland to the big coperations, he has no plan on saving Ireland, the only people that will save Ireland are the irish people and not a polictical party controlled by outside influnce, the people of Ireland are waking up slowly but surely, we will never own our country with this kind of politics, we will never have a voice with this kind of politics, enda and his puppet masters were terrifieed when 160,000 Irish people hit the streets of Dublin to stop the water charges, this was the greastest movement this century. People of Ireland they fear us.

  • Posted July 6, 2015


    “We the People” of Ireland want Two Referendums.

    1. On Ireland’s unconstitutional Sovereign Bank Debts. because Private Bank Debts are not Sovereign Debts.

    2. On abolishing Irish Water. Because water is a humanitarian right.

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