Greece brush off the Troika – Ireland watch and learn

Greece brush off the Troika – Ireland watch and learn

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It looks like Greece’s new government are determined to make the EU blink first over the country’s alleged debt.

They met the troika but refused to negotiate terms on the bailout, and a frosty meeting ended early. They say they would rather deal directly with heads of state and called for a EU debt conference. This is the kind of stance the Irish people have been demanding of our politicians for years now but to no avail.

Presumably the Greeks believe what’s the point n talking to the monkey when the organ grinder makes all the decisions. That might be slightly naive though because recent history has revealed to many that it is the banks that hold the real decision making power in Europe, not national leaders. Our own Brian Cowan and Enda Kenny are proof positive of that.

The most interesting quote came from the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble saying

“…the Greeks should abide by their commitments” adding: “There’s no arguing with us about this and, what’s more, we are difficult to blackmail.”

This was said without any recognition of the hypocrisy of that statement as the smaller countries of Europe have been blackmailed for years into bailing out the German banks. They may be difficult to blackmail but they are pretty good at bullying it seems.

The heat is being turned up because Greece apparently requires another €7 billion in loans from the Troika in February, which they say they no longer require. Why not? Well that €7 billion is simply required to make other loan interest repayments; rather like Ireland borrowing to pay €8 billion a year in interest alone.

So the Troika are lending money at interest to the indebted country so they can pay back interest on money they previously borrowed from the same sources. Now there’s a ponzi scheme to be sitting on top of if ever I heard one. We seriously need to look at designing a brand new monetary system to stops the flow of wealth up as this system is set up to do.

We ask why, despite all their soft promises, did successive Fianna Fail/PD/Green and Fine Gael/Labour governments continually fail to put up a fight?

What is happening in Greece today should make it perfectly clear that Ireland’s established parties never had any intention of batting for Ireland against the banks in what to all intents and purposes looks like an engineered financial melt down and power grab.

They do not and never heave worked in the people’s interest. They are solely, wholly and willingly subservient, doing the bidding of the political and banking cartel of Europe. Their statements since the Greek election highlight their true allegiance saying that no deal can be done and Greece should follow Ireland’s model.

The most hilarious statement of course came from Joan Burton who seems to be on a different planet when she claims what Ireland’s government did is similar to Syriza’s stance (cough, choke).

When DDI are elected we intend to deal with the debt in a different way. We want to suspend all capital and interest payments on the so called bail out, and we will challenge it in the international courts as an illegal odious debt foisted onto a sovereign people by a government.

Once this is in place we can call a halt to the fire sale of our assets and review those sales and giveaways that have already happened on the back of the illegal debt.

If Ireland and Spain can change the makeup of their governments, and make the same stance against the corporate austerity as Greece, it may be the turning point Europe has been waiting for, finally removing the yoke of the banks from the backs of the people.


Greece’s Varoufakis: ‘No debt talks with EU-IMF troika’

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