Government plan to deny human freedom to protect their revenue stream

Government plan to deny human freedom to protect their revenue stream

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No work, no travel

A story of serious concern has finally hit the mainstream papers today involving the Gardai, your PPS numbers and the unlawful removal of your freedom.

RTE report (see below) that the Criminal Justice Working Group set up early last year have made a number of suggestions including giving Gardai access to PPS numbers of all drivers. This however is the tip of the iceberg as the plan is to use them to identify people to prevent them from traveling or trading.

We are seeing the construction of a system that will be used to curtail human rights in an attempt to maximise the revenue government generates form old and new legislation, through penalty charges and fines.

We have already experienced this, with the government preventing people selling their own homes until they pay back charges and fines lumped onto the household charge or property taxes, and even the cost of energy audits.

We also saw the government using the same method to stop people working, and causing businesses to collapse, by not issuing tax clearance certificates for a business because the private individual who runs the business has not payed their personal tax in the form of household charges.

Now they want to spread this control to your car and further. They want to prevent you from selling your car if your fines are not up to date. They also want to prevent you from driving at all by preventing you receiving a driving license. Thus, they will through their enforcement arm, the Gardai, infringe on your free right to travel. Imagine how that would affect your ability to work or go about your normal private business.

PPS is not the real issue

People have recently been whipped up into a frenzy at the notion of their PPS numbers being used by anyone at all, but this is a big red herring. The PPS number is not anything special or top secret, it is simply an identifier number that everyone in the country uses when they have interaction with the State or any of it’s offices. It simply guarantees who you are in your dealings with them more accurately than Name, Address, Date of Birth.

For instance there could be John Smith born 1st March 1970 living in Wicklow Town and another in nearby Arklow Town, the only way to know whether they are the same guy with 2 properties or 2 different people is the PPS number. So don’t get sidetracked into debating the use of the PPS for ID with government agencies. For one thing It will be the only way to guarantee one man one vote, or if the holder has that citizen’s right to vote in a direct democracy system in the future, especially if we use online voting.

No, the important thing to take from this story is the attempted removal of people’s natural rights of free movement and to earn a living, and they will do this whether they use the PPS numbers or just your name, address and date of birth.

Already being implemented

DDI picked up on this story last year but awaited confirmation from officialdom that they were really going down this route. We were tipped off from inside the departments that government were not only planning this but had already started implementing it last year.

We were given examples even last year where driving licenses had been refused to people who had not paid property tax or court fines, and we expect this will also be extended to cover other charges including water charges, especially if they implement the kind of unlawful clearing house courts they use in the UK for such charges in batches of thousands at a time uncontested, which give them a quasi court order.

We have heard the ramblings of Alan Kelly only this week intimating he wishes to subvert the constitutional court system here too.

However, there is worse to come, as we were also informed that people have already been refused passports last year for the same reasons.

Don’t believe for a minute that this isn’t a reality because they have already started doing this in UK, Australia and New Zealand and are starting in the US. This information is being shared with customs there who have already been stopping people from getting on planes to take them on holiday.

Of course the media is told to sell it to the public in the usual divide and conquer manner blaming it on people on the dole or people with traffic fines going on holidays before paying their dues. This is always how they try to garner support by setting one group up as a pariah. They love to make out everyone on the dole is rolling in it or is a scrounger, when in reality not only they but also the working poor now have to choose between feeding and clothing themselves or turning on the heat.

It is a diversion because the biggest scroungers and tax beneficiaries in the state are those corporations getting billions of euros in tax relief or knock down prices and debt write off on “distressed” businesses and property from the likes of NAMA.

So while the government tries to inhibit the free movement of everybody in the country, the billionaire class get to have the movements of their private jet scrubbed from the flight tracker database so we can no longer prove they are not actually living abroad as a tax exile but instead avoid tax while living a lot closer to home.

So what is the purpose of all this?

You may already be aware that when you apply for a new driving license or passport in the last 12 months they have been demanding your PPS number before issuing. They also ask for a biometric photo and a digital signature. We have been advised, when we made inquiries, that these 3 things are for internal use and are not shared with any other department or organisation. However it seems by this article that that promise is yet another that was pre-designed to be broken. Just another ruse to get the information in. This is becoming rather too common and highlights the deceitful long term planning behind the governments of this country.

We are watching the slow construction of a control system around every man woman and child in the country so that the government can stifle all dissent and all opposition to any crackpot or corrupt piece of legislation they introduce. Most all of the legislation is about money generation. It is designed with revenue collection in mind through new charges and fines. Most of this of course ends up in the hands of the bankers and will do for generations to come.

They think this control system will guarantee their income by holding people’s lives hostage if we don’t comply. They will stop us working and trading within the tax system, and stop us traveling within this land for work and social reasons. They will also stop us traveling outside this land, no matter how ludicrous or unjust their charges or fines are. No matter whether you agreed to contract or not, or whether you were given the opportunity to challenge them.

They will do this for all state bodies and they will extend it to all their private entities pretending to be public utilities.

They will basically hold you prisoner until you do their will. This goes against your human rights.

This could go two ways

People could either be bullied into conformity, or they might just as easily decide to stand against this. The government could very well push a lot of people to stand up for their rights and simply travel without licensing, after all they passed their driving tests so they have every right to travel without permission.

They may even force many to carry out their business outside the tax system if they are being denied the ability to support their families. Remember their is now a huge class of working poor in this country, a direct result of the government’s policy of bailing out their wealthy friends in banks ahead of the people who have been driven into poverty.

This has the potential to wake people up to a mass disengagement with the State which is becoming more and more obvious in it’s desire to dominate and fleece the people of this island.

What is their next step for enforcement

The next step for them is to completely cut people off from their ability to refuse. They will do this by introducing a cashless society, making everyone dependent on it to exist. They have been slowly tip-toeing us towards it for years and now they will speed up the process.

Once all transactions are electronic you will have no way of stopping them deducting taxes, charges and fines from your credit balance. They will introduce legislation at will to give them the power to access your account. It is that simple.

However this may simply herald and hasten the creation of local service trading and local interest free non governmental currencies for local transactions and trade. In a sense this could be the galvanizing element that pulls communities back together and gets people off the teat and out from under the control of national government.

Every malevolent act of government can also be viewed as an opportunity for the people.

However it would be easier to simply remove every single sitting TD from government at the election. Get behind DDI and help your local group pushing the message ahead of the election and we can turn this thing around.

RTE article

Garda taskforce reviews possibility of garda access to PPS numbers

Sunday 29 March 2015 15.44


The prospect garda access to PPS numbers was first raised last April at a meeting of a Government taskforce
Unprecedented garda access to the PPS numbers of more than two million road users is being considered by a special Government taskforce, according to documents seen by RTÉ’s This Week.

Other measures examined by the multi-agency group include the exchange of PPS numbers between private vehicle buyers and sellers.

Also being reviewed is the linking of car-owners’ PPS numbers for each new vehicle registration.

Social security numbers being used to block people with unpaid fines from selling or buying cars or from renewing a licence is also being assessed.

The proposals are contained in the official minutes of meetings of the Criminal Justice Working Group.

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