Gilroy, Providing young children with a home is not an optional extra, it’s the states obligation

Gilroy, Providing young children with a home is not an optional extra, it’s the states obligation

By Direct Democracy Ireland

A report from the Dublin region Homeless Executive revealed that it has this year already spent a staggering €4,550.375 from just Jan to June on 531 families including 1,122 children.

Ben Gilroy of Direct Democracy Ireland stated it’s hard to talk about figures with so many families been so adversely affected, but the facts do speak for themselves and they are an appalling indictment on the Government in 2013 the cost of emergency accommodation was just €455,736 compare that to 2015 were the figure could reach as much as €10 Million and that is in Just Dublin alone and the ‘Rhetoric’ coming from The Government is just mind-blowing their failures are systematically destroying families, let us never forget the very sad story of Mr. John Corrie a Homeless man that was found dead in a door way just yards away from Leinster house back then the Government in what only can be described as a PR stunt promised to tackle the housing crisis but like most government promises they have failed to deliver and now the housing crisis is worst then ever, It’s a sad state of affairs when a government cannot meet the demand for basic housing rights but can make it its business to pay unsecured bond-holders, just a small fraction of those payments would sort out the housing crisis we currently find ourselves in, the promise of green shoots from Dail Eireann have yet to be seen around the rest of the country.

It was also reveled that the Dublin region Homeless Executive has on a number of occasions maxed out its credit cards and they have had to have the limit extended in order to assure demands for emergency accommodation are met. Direct Democracy Ireland accept the problem of homelessness cannot be resolved with the wave of a wand and that there are certain category’s of people that are a challenge for authorises to provide accommodation i.e. people with addictions, mental health problems etc. But families with young children should never be without a roof over their heads Direct Democracy Ireland has been contacted my numerous families around the country who have through no fault of their own have found themselves homeless some were forced to sleep in cars with their young children or break the family up in order to have a roof over their heads its completely unacceptable and heartbreaking but the problem may only get worse with thousands of families currently before the courts facing evictions homelessness for them is stark reality and we must address it as a matter of urgency.

Homeless families cannot wait years for public housing to come on stream nor can they hope to meet spiralling private rents. Providing young children and teenagers with a home and a bed for the night is not an optional extra nor should they be indebted it’s the states obligation and its time this government faced up to that and release the purse strings accordingly.

Direct Democracy Ireland are currently compiling information throughout all counties to get an accurate figure on the numbers currently seeking or in emergency accommodation, but we do expect the figures to be much higher then the Government are willing to acknowledge.

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