Evolution of Direct Democracy Ireland

Evolution of Direct Democracy Ireland

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Press Release Sunday 22nd December 2013
“Evolution of Direct Democracy Ireland”

A Real Democracy Christmas Present For The People of Ireland. For only the second time in 91 years, the Irish electorate are facing the possibility of experiencing the concept of Direct Democracy as a system of governance.

Last Saturday the 21st of December, DDI held an EGM at the request of its’ grassroots members. The result of this EGM was nothing short of extraordinary. Initially when DDI was established, a five-member council was put in place as “guardians” of the party.

They held the power of veto over any decisions made by its’ members. This was installed in the parties original constitution to protect against possible takeovers. Each member took up their position on a temporary basis only & until such a time that the party was advanced enough to evolve into a fully democratic, member run organisation.

Last month, a mere twelve months on from its’ inception, the members of DDI decided that the party was now ready to make this transition.

At the recent EGM, it was decided, by all in attendance, that the original council members would be retained in a new advisory role, with no more power than any other member of the party. A new twelve member “National Executive” was also established and they will now take control of the day to day running of DDI. Each member of this executive was democratically elected.

This was a very important step for DDI as it marks the evolution into the next stage of its’ development.

The party now has the most democratic structure of any political party in Ireland. There is an open, fully transparent system embedded within the party which also embraces “Recall” – which means that every person within DDI is fully accountable to its’ members at all times. Not just once a year like the established parties.

In the past year the party has gone from strength to strength, and has set up branches in every corner of the country. It achieved an outstanding result in the Meath East by-election where Ben Gilroy finished a very credible 4th ahead of the Labour Party.

This bodes well for the local elections next May, as the result of the by-election showed that there is real anger out there among the electorate & also that people are looking for a real alternative. The time for the revolving doors of government will soon come to an end.

A common phrase met on the doorsteps is ” Ah sure they’re all the same “. And that is completely true.

It doesn’t matter who we vote into government because they all end up going in the same direction. The issue is the system. And the only party advocating a complete overhaul of the political system is DDI. With direct democracy in place, the power lies where it should, with the people. We need to turn the table on politicians, make them more accountable & make them work for the Irish people.

Imagine if that concept was rolled out nationally? Imagine every politician in the Dail working throughout the year knowing that at any point in time, if his/her constituents felt that they were misrepresenting them, they could “recall” him/her from office. This would mean that every politician in this country would be completely accountable for their actions/in-actions. If that were the case, we would have a very different country indeed.

Another concept of Direct Democracy is that the people hold the power of referendum. This right was installed in our first constitution in 1922 as a safeguard against bad governance. However in 1937 when our current constitution was introduced, articles 47 & 48 which had given the Irish people that right & the right to “recall” were both dropped, undemocratic it must be said. There was no referendum to decide upon this. The people did not have a choice. Direct Democracy was taken from us.

Next May will see DDI running candidates right across the country, whose main goal will be to re-introduce direct democracy at a local level. This will show people exactly what can be achieved in the future and will give hope to those disillusioned with politics and life in Ireland. It’s time for the people of Ireland to stand up for ourselves and to help shape our own future and the future of generations to come.

New “National Executive” consists of the following people:

* National Chairman: Jeff Rudd
* General Secretary: Anthony Connor
* Director of Elections: Conor Delgarno
* Media Executive: Kevin Brady
* Treasurer: Gerry Flood
* Policy Executive: Colin Ryan
* Youth Executive: Gary Wilton


* Ulster: Joe McCarron
* Munster: Mick Daniels
* Leinster: Simon English
* Connaught: Jim Connolly
* Dublin: Noel Reid


For any further comment or for more information please contact myself.
Kind Regards,
Kevin Brady DDI Media Executive
085 – 8638157

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  • Posted December 27, 2013

    Jeff Rudd

    A Present To The People Of Ireland.

    Just before Christmas on the 21st of December, Ireland’s fastest growing political party introduced major substantial changes to its organisation, its people and the way in which it is more accountable to members and the public.

    It would not be an understatement to say that it’s probably now the most democratic party in Ireland – and this democracy extends practically through its constitution and every day mode of operation.

    “Why did I choose Direct Democracy Ireland as a possible way forward?”

    I come from good parents (I could not have asked for better) who taught me to have good manners and respect in every aspect of daily life. Their many life lessons have served me well. Now as an adult, through continued always attempted, good behavior and respect to other sides of life, I believe that I and Direct Democracy Ireland can help make a difference – even if it’s a slight one.

    • I believe that our country needs better leadership.
    • I believe that our country needs better solutions.
    • I believe everyone should be treated in all aspect of their life, with equal respect
    • I believe strongly that more accountability is needed in regard to our elected representatives.
    • I believe we should be daily striving to work for our fellow citizen – not instead placing negatives upon them.
    • I believe that after two major Irish economic disasters that Irelands people should not someday have to again suffer a third.
    • I believe that our children should enter a world better than previous created – not worse than previous to their existence.
    • I believe that we the people have the very tool we need to effect change – and that’s in our voices and physical willingness to be active.
    • I believe we can indeed make things better for our present elderly, our infirm, our kids and for our future generations to come.

    I believe that strongly in many things….

    With my believing I sought a way in order to help the above come about. I sought a way in which my beliefs might help be listened to, sown, nurtured and created. I sought an organisation that shared my beliefs.
    Being human and through such a search, there was failures – for those that took my belief miscarried my convictions to their own ends which were not what I sought. So I left such things behind and went on with my search…

    My search I believe has finally ended.

    I have found honest good people, from the ground upwards (not the other way around) that share my beliefs. I have genuinely found decent hard working or willing to work, people who share the same values as I.
    I have found a new family that extends beyond my own biological one, one that is equally open and welcoming in great shared thoughts and feelings.

    I believe that like entering a home with a warm fire on a cold winter’s night, I have found a comforting second home in Direct Democracy Ireland – and all its people welcome me as I enter – and they have done so!

    I believe these same people share the same beliefs as myself and we all wish to head positive in the same direction, not just for ourselves but for our generations to come.

    How with my beliefs in Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI), do we make things come about for the better?

    • I believe that through DDI, better assistance to our people we can make their lives better.
    • I believe that though DDI we can hold more accountable for their antics and/or in-actions.
    • I believe that through DDI we can see better fairness be extended across the boards of essential services, state bodies and see greater use and time management of resources we already have at our finger tips.

    • I believe in DDI through its entire grassroots members, not other existing consummate politicians, that change can really come about! Those that are working towards real change – not more window-dressing, are the very people it will affect.
    • I believe that any policies of DDI will be ones that will see better fairness, transparency and openness – which in turn will bring about a better Ireland. A better place to return to, from far off fields where our young have had to fly to, in order to seek work and pay respect.
    • I believe that though Direct Democracy as a process and its Recall ability, we can bring about genuine much needed change. For that change will be people led – not business or bank led.

    In short, I believe in Direct Democracy Ireland – but more importantly, I now can really now further believe for Ireland’s future…

    The BIG difference from all other political parties is within DDI itself.

    If its own representatives:
    (a) get too big for their boots
    (b) forget whom they are working for at ANY time
    (c) abuse public money
    (d) not do what they are meant to be doing
    (e) doing things they shouldn’t
    (f) u-turning and lying etc…

    YOU get to free evoke “Recall” and hold them accountable.
    There is NO if’s or buts about this.

    It is a free legal process that can be used by any ordinary state voter. Its thats simple.

    When elected – the same principle applies when Direct Democracy is re-instated under the law.
    (You can suspect now why deeply the present politicians fear DD as a process. They don’t want to seen shooting down “Power to the people” – so they will instead attack the messenger which is DDI).

    To put it bluntly – if ANY political people (including DDI people) attempt to say “Stuff you Mr & Mrs Public!” – they are accountable by your hands, vote and will-power as soon as you see fit to take action.
    Not in years to come at main election times but as soon as you wish their accountability to happen. Next week starting off or next month!

    That’s the power of Direct Democracy and Recall as a process. It has been used recently in California alone to hold politicians fully accountable – and it can and should be used here all the time too.

    We in DDI believe that our politicians and representatives should be more accountable more of the time. The present system clearly does not appear to be working to public satisfaction. We all recognise public people that should be held to account but are not still!

    We believe that the power of democracy should again really lie with the citizens of the state – not just in fancy words in a constitution – but also visible by their actions on a Recall paper – instigated by them at ANY time of their choosing! ANY TIME…

    We believe that given our already built up collection of questionable politicians that have clearly abused the state, government departments, abused maybe even civil staff of the state – that all should be held accountable for their deeds in a way that so far has not been possible.

    We believe that under Direct Democracy and Recall, we, you and your neighbour can hold all accountable – all the time. Not wait for years to pass before you can kick their useless, corrupt backsides out of office!

    By the way, through Direct Democracy as a process, the ordinary citizen of a state also can create laws when they get a majority of the public to support them! Thats more power of Direct Democracy and its inbuilt referendum power which the public gets to use at any time – whey they want – NOT when the politicians say they can only use it!

    We believe that Direct Democracy and Recall will return power to the people. We believe history has shown this can happen (and it has) and that the people of Ireland deserve the power to be able to better control their own lives and the many aspects that effect it.

    Alaska, for example, has Recall for “Lack of fitness, incompetence, and neglect of duties or corruption.”

    • Sound useful?
    • Like to have that REAL ability here?

    You know where to look for people that trying to make that happen. Its the absolute fundamental bedrock policy of Direct Democracy Ireland – what’s more there is a Guardian Council even instigated in DDI to make sure that the party does not swerve from this policy. No if’s or buts.
    – YES – We are that determined to make it happen!

    It gets better!
    If those “Guardians” don’t do their job of keeping any eye on us, to do our job – they too are accountable to the members of DDI at any time! Accountable through a process that any one member can start off on their own.

    EVERYONE in DDI across the board is fully accountable to the core members – at ANY time.
    …And that’s even before its people get into office – where there too they are equally at any time also answerable to the people!

    Now that scares the hell out of the other politicians from other parties – for their fear that if the public like the idea of more accountability and have a way to do it, they are “up the creek” a lot more with their questionable antics and trying to get away with it!

    …So you will see openly and covertly (by media for example) they will attack DDI to try silencing the message of “Power to the people!”

    • We believe that we are giving the public a more powerful tool to see right be done.
    • We believe the people of Ireland have long been denied their right to hold more a lot more accountable.
    • We believe the people should lead the way – not the corrupt of this world.

    We believe that Direct Democracy Ireland can bring much needed change – change much needed to the Irish political system – not just the faces. The seemingly never ending political contest of swapping seats of power, back and forth between groups that the public has got far beyond weary of, has got to change. The system we believe has got to change. Greater accountability has got to be introduced.

    Direct Democracy Ireland is now leading the way by doing what it says on its cover. Its already showing how better can be gotten out of public representatives – not through over-paid slackers and/or wasters of public funds. It’s made its own even more accountable before it even gets to the stage of asking that similar be done elsewhere.

    Put simply, Direct Democracy Ireland leads by example!

    We ask that you, the public, to have faith in others one final time before the next local elections in May and give a new organisation a chance to bring about change and return power back to the people.

    We believe we all can bring about change. We believe you can make that happen!

    Jeff Rudd
    Chairman, Direct Democracy Ireland.

    • Posted January 5, 2014


      A pity you could not attract a solid high profile political figure (Like Shane Ross, for example) to your ranks.
      He is a good public speaker;of unquestionable integrity; and well liked by all opponents of the dominant political parties.
      If you do not get your campaign started now-with foot soldiers distributing good bulletpoint leaflets at doorsteps..you will not make any impression at the local elections-where all change must begin.
      there are no free rides in politics-in any country.
      You will be ignored by the media in general until you prove yourself:only with new “rebel”, “anti status quo” ,”anti cronyism”, “anti corruption”, local councillors in situ-around the country can you begin to harass the incumbent Oligarchy-wherever, and whenever, opportunities arise.
      Right now you need somebody with the vigour; the intelligence, the compassion;the organizational talent; the political experience; and the deep patriotism of a reincarnated Roger Casement.
      I would gladly join forces with a “Newbie” in politics as long as their constitution gave members the power to seriously influence/amend every policy decision made by their TDs-in government-but before they (always arrogantly ) made budget decisions hurting the weaker and most vulnerable in society..
      You will be attacked by all the forces that four strong political parties can command-if and when you ever come to the notice of the populace at large,and are accepted as a serious contender.
      You will also be attacked by the powerful public service unions-many of whose members have been virtually untouched by the pain and sacrifice they are “imposing” on middle Ireland at present.
      I hope there are some determined ,and very strong minded people within your ranks -you will need exceptional talent to survive the gutter style smears to which you will be subjected.
      A major obstacle in your path is the apathy of many of the electorate.
      Given that less than 50% of the electorate even vote in general elections (and less in local elections) it will take genius to get the apathetic to the polling booths.
      The rump supporters of the big parties-many of whom are still doing very nicely thank you-will all emerge to vote for the retention of their present privileges.

  • Posted December 31, 2013

    Ray O’Connor


    Can you post a profile of the new executive members?

    I agree with the objectives of DDI, but I’m also aware that radical lefties tried to take it over as a way of promoting their left wing agenda.

    The antics and opinions of some of the previous executives stopped me from becoming a member.

    So while I welcome the constitutional reform agenda of DDI, it will only take hold if the executives are credible. To this end former political allegencies and history must be disclosed.


    • Posted December 31, 2013


      The moment anybody becomes enlightened enough to become a member of DDI they demonstrate a change of heart and all previous political convictions held will have to undergo a rectification in order to meet DDI Policy.
      This is the natural development of Enlightened Self Interest.
      DDI = One Person One Vote = therefore no matter if Hittler joins He only has One Vote.

      These Posts are DDI

      • Posted January 6, 2014

        Ray O’Connor

        Thats what I’m afraid off, Pat Rabbitte used this logic to journey through parties to get to the stage where he could financially rape and verbally abuse the Irish public with his every utterance. You only have to look at the greens who also purported to be lead from the ground up but once in power sought to change the rules in favour of the party elite.

        Until the executive declares former interests and memberships we can only assume that they do not want the public to know.

        If you look at some of the objectives of the DDI,
        to reduce rates, reduce mortgage burdens, abolish property tax etc, have to be paid for in some manner, but DDI does not say how.

        Currently to me the DDI is appealing to the desire for reform, to as many people as possible, but in the manner of Pat Rabbitte.

        A little more credibility is required I’m afraid, and I certainly wouldn’t like to join a party that woulod accept Hitler, even if he started observing the Sabbath.



  • Posted December 31, 2013


    How will it be decided that a public representative is to be recalled?
    What percentage of members votes will recall a DDI representative.?
    As things stand a representative-once elected can ignore any such recall until his full term in office expires.
    Therefore this recall business will not be enforceable until DDI are a majority party in government and can change the law of the land.
    I doubt that any person-once elected to the Fail Eireann gravy train- will voluntarily abandon his lucrative 5 year+ pension term of office.!

    • Posted January 2, 2014

      Ray O’Connor

      These are questions that need to be fully answered. I also have concerns regarding permanent government. If you look at the current proposals for bonuses , the hands are in the till and the Troika isnt gone a wet week. DDI talks lower tax but that means reform of permanent government if services are to improve.
      While I want to believe DDI, I’m afraid they may be Animal Farm socialists like Labour, saying you have to compromise when in government.
      I would prefer if DDI made a statement, saying they would not sacrifice political and permanent government reform, but would be prepared to compromise on other policies.
      This would I believe give mass appeal when it comes transfers and might give critical mass to assist in forming a government, be it left or right. Which are the same until we have reforms.

  • Posted December 31, 2013


    Dear tirnaog33
    you have pointed out an unresolved issue in the evolution of DDI – I.E. how members can overrule a decision taken by a representative. If the decision is challenged on a local basis (County,City, Town or Provincial) then only a majority of members with their primary residence in the affected localities would be deemed sufficient to overturn the decision in question.
    Recalling a representative would be initiated Locally and then require a majority of all members Sovereign Nationwide,

  • Posted January 3, 2014


    Just a thought.
    I highly recommend that you guys get organized on a war footing well before the local elections in May.
    If you are in early with canvassing and leaflet drops etc. your message will not be lost in the plethora of rubbish that will come through letterboxes from March onwards.
    You should consult with members to get their views/ideas about the best approach to the public in order to secure their vote.
    You should also please please ask everybody to cast a vote.
    The beginning of change will be the turfing out of the incumbent gangs of freeloaders, in the local elections.
    As such elections often result in only about a 40% turnout of those eligible to vote it must be emphasised that people have only themselves to blame if they do not bother to vote, and the hard core rump of FF/FG and Labour turn out in strength to retain their privileges and those of the ruling bureaucracy.
    we have too much government.
    We live in a Quango dominated state which is relentlessly crucifying middle Ireland by picking their pockets through more and more stealth taxes every year.
    When the Troika came calling in Latvia one third of all teachers lost their jobs and all public servants took a pay reduction of up to 35 %.This concept would be unheard of in ireland.
    This feather nesting of strike-threatening teachers,state supported charity and company directors; and the countless job-for-life Quangoistas- who are a vast parasitical organism feeding off private enterprise- must stop.
    The constant promotion and protection of of incompetent higher Civil Servants has to be stopped.
    As long as incompetence continues to be rewarded, no change will occur in the public sector.
    As long as the ESB for example can blackmail the nation with impunity no change will occur.
    We live in an Oligarchy at present-not a Democracy.!
    Sometimes I think only a Dictatorship could take this country by the throat and overturn the vested interests,and the powerful public sector unions.

  • Posted January 5, 2014

    Andy G

    What is the view of DDI on introducing the right to bear arms and replacing most or all or the army with a voluntary militia (not conscription like in Switzerland as this is slavery).

  • Posted January 5, 2014


    I would also like to say that I believe that Ben Gilroy’s current public profile ( in the eyes of anybody who even knows who he is..) is, that of a staunch defender of reasonably affluent(or once affluent) businessmen and landowners, who borrowed too much money from the banks-and who are now finding they cannot pay it back.
    I am not sure that the average urban voter will identify with a public figure who is seen to intimidate bailiffs in the pursuit of their legal duties-even if the banks were negligent and culpable in handing out money to all kinds of people (particularly property and land speculators).

  • Posted January 9, 2014

    charles mc gann

    To think that we the irish people who have worked so hard to keep body and mind together have sat back and let the scum of the earth beat us into submission with treats from revenue and hogan to beat us down in order to hand over money for the privalige of keeping a roof over our kids head.well i hope the spinless people of ireland are proud.because im sure the bond holders who got their pound of flesh aree sipping champaign at your expense.well done prople of ireland.well done.

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