Establishment Attempt A Political Assasination ?

Establishment Attempt A Political Assasination ?

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1 Dismiss, 2 Ridicule, 3 Attack, 4 …..

The established hierarchy in this country enjoy the little world they have created for themselves. So when a group like DDI come along and tell the people the government and their institutions are actually their employees and should be doing what they tell them, well, these people get a little uncomfortable.

At first they pretended DDI didn’t exist, but we wouldn’t go away. We just continued to spread the message and we grew because the message is what people want. So then they ridiculed us as right wing, then left wing, then freemen, then extremists, then crazy or racist or criminal. We think the latest one is fascist (chortle) but the list is endless and completely contradictory. However, every time they did it more people joined us and followed us.

Not realising their folly the powers that be decided, as ridicule didn’t work, that they would attack us instead. So we are disrupted from within, we are given negative reports in press, unwarranted accusations with no right of reply. Hit piece television shows made from cutting room floor scraps of much larger interviews. Commentary and comment on all of these things across media and news. Blocked from getting on media while this is happening. Some of our regional members have also been personally libeled in print and even physically intimidated and had their homes attacked. A pretty concerted effort by the powers that be and their useful idiots in the opposition groups.

Political justice

So it was no surprise to us at all six weeks ago when Ben Gilroy was singled out from 200 people who attended the taking back of a Kildare stud farm by the administrators of the trust to which it belonged. The judicial pantomime that followed seemed to be perfectly timed to knock Ben out of the debate in the run up to the Seanad and Appeal courts referendums. It worked, but only in that it stopped Ben getting on tv and radio to put the ‘No’ argument over properly. Stopping him give tv viewers the vital EU related information that Fianna Fail seemed to deliberately omit from their arguments. However it didn’t work in stopping the members in DDI who went out en-masse regardless of whether Ben was available or not. DDI people do not focus on leaders. They do DDI work autonomously because they believe in it, and when the leader is attacked the party does not fall, as much as the establishment media would like it to.

Now Ben has no involvement in the trust that owns the farm in question, but his work with People for Economic Justice brought them together in the same fight. It seems the authorities don’t want ordinary people knowing about the existence of trust law in Ireland. Something the hierarchy have used to protect their own assets for centuries. It is very interesting that media have consistently ridiculed the idea that ordinary people should be allowed to use trust law to protect themselves too.

This whole scenario has thrown up some pertinent questions regarding the sequence of events that are already in the public domain, that we think people should demand answers for:

Why was Ben Gilroy, singled as one of only 3 out of 200 people present, many of them high profile, for a breach of a court order?

Why was he singled out when he was only an observer and was not taking an active role in the repossession of the property by the trust?

Why has there never been a summons issued in this matter?

Why as the only political figure present, was Ben singled out for a public character assassination by putting a notification of proceedings in a national newspaper?

Why did the receivers’ representatives ask for this to be put in the newspaper instead of serving them personally in the normal way and producing a summons?

What possible reason could you give for not being able to find a man who lives in a family home and takes his kids to school every day?

Why when the documents were not properly served, nor a summons ever produced, would a judge issue an arrest warrant?

Why, when other high profile people amongst the 200 challenged the court to issue a warrant for their arrest too, were they ignored?

How, as they said in court, is it possible for receivers to have already sold the land when there is an undecided legal issue regarding ownership of the land by the trust that has not even been challenged in court? Surely this leaves any purchaser in a terrible legal quagmire?


In the end Ben attended court today for a very brief time and was happy to finally be given the documents and affidavits of the receivers in the proper manner. The judge had no problem then giving Ben two weeks to respond to the documents and everyone walked away happy. We will be happy to welcome as many supporters as possible to crowd into court in three weeks time to see that justice is done.

So what on earth was the whole issue about in the first place, leaving Ben and his family on edge for a month and a half? To the dogs in the street this looks like an attempted political assassination? Irish people are not fools and they see straight through this kind of gangsterism. Despite the intentions of the media coverage of this in the news, we saw big jumps in our membership.

What the political elite don’t seem to understand is that every time they attack DDI the people don’t take their word for it. They come and have a nosy at our website and find out what the real message is. Once there they get to see all the positive things we write about and the revelations about the status quo and all it’s criminality, lies and propaganda.

So we want to thank the orchestrators of the ridicule and the attacks. We thank the newspaper hacks, the tv ‘journalists’, the radio talking heads, and the insecure political opponents who made it all possible. You have made us bigger and stronger. In the days following the Prime Time hit piece alone our website gained over a thousand new subscribers who now get to see the truth and spread the word.

Irish people are no longer naive enough to think that political reach in this country doesn’t extend in to every branch of government and into all institutions of any importance. None are exempt, and many are government appointed. People are well aware now and see what’s going on behind the curtain. The people will not stand for this any longer.

Media gatekeeping must stop

Since the frenzy in the wake of the by-election on March 27th died down DDI have been largely ignored by mainstream press and media for around 6 months. We are always in contact with them but hardly ever manage to get a positive story printed or a place to comment on the airwaves. Even our ‘No’ campaign in the recent referendums was ignored, despite sending in articles, and talking to editors and programming controllers. We even saw information from articles we had sent in for publishing being used days later in articles by others and credited to other parties.

Then hey presto, suddenly six months later the press are falling over themselves to write about DDI. and add us to news bulletins and points of discussion on TV and radio, and even making tv shows about us. Of course you guessed it, all reports were as negative as they could make them. Even if they had to misrepresent the truth to do it. We are sure they will say it is our imagination and they only publish public interest. Well actions speak louder than words mainstream media and your actions are literally screaming corruption and dedication to the status quo. The whole world is now watching you across cyberspace. . . and they are not impressed.

We are getting reports from around the world that people are seeing how the Irish media are behaving towards this new movement that espouses people controlling their own country, and frankly they are shocked. The people in Switzerland where direct democracy has worked for hundreds of years are especially stunned at why Irish media would attack this idea, and it is becoming a big talking point in their country.

The collective methods used by the media and the branches of the establishment are now so patently obvious that the public are wondering how those working in the media aren’t dying of embarrassment at the amateurish nature and transparency of the propaganda.

We would suggest to the media now that they think very hard and decide on which side of history they would like to be remembered.


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  • Posted November 1, 2013


    Any chance DDI will address the way that Ben Gilroy was exposed as lying about expressing ‘Freeman’ beliefs regarding maritime/admiralty law, as per RTE Prime Time report? Thanks.

    • Posted November 1, 2013

      Admin D

      He did nothing of the sort Jack
      Let me put the record straight for you
      1. The interviewer said he talked about admiralty law in many of his videos. He doesn’t in any of his videos as it is never part of any of the talks he does. The video in question was not his, it was an auience members so why would he put 2 and 2 together on that
      2. The video in question shows Ben answering a question about admiralty law from a member of the audience, so again why would he remember that if it were not part of his talk.
      3 The video in question is from 2 years ago, why would he remember?
      4. The interviewer deliberately cut off half of Ben’s answer to her question to make it look like he was a liar or at best absent minded. What he said to the interviewer immediately after saying he ‘didn’t remember saying that…’ was ‘… but it is admiralty law’ and then went on to explain why.
      Ben did a one and a half hour interview from which they cut and pasted together about 3 minutes of half sentences for nefarious purposes. They deliberately made he and Clare out to be liars. Both have demanded the full recording of the interview to take civil cases for defamation against RTE.
      Perhaps you could spread that around and ?

      • Posted November 2, 2013


        Thanks for the quick reply!

        But I’m watching it right now:

        1. In the Youtube video, Gilroy says: “They are maritime courts. They are of the sea. That’s why they have the master of the high court, he’s the master of the ship. That’s why you are in the ‘dock’.”

        He’s clearly not talking about anything other than OUR courts, hence his reference to the master of the high court – a role that doesn’t exist in Britain, Canada, the US, Australia, New Zealand etc. etc.

        He is not dismissing this idea as nonsense, he is explaining or disseminating it.

        And it’s only one of a great many of examples of Freeman belief expounded by Gilroy (other famous examples being trademarking his name, the notice he puts on his door, and so forth).

        So to claim that he has nothing to do with Freeman/Sovereign beliefs rather insults the intelligence of the public.

        2. He goes on to say that he never made any reference to ‘maritime courts’. This is clearly a lie. The episode recorded in the video we can all see is hardly the first and only time he mentioned ‘maritime courts’ and the law of the sea – he seems very comfortable talking about it.

        I think it would be better for DDI (and the public understanding of DDI) if it either came clean about these Freeman/Sovereign beliefs or else made a clean, public break from them.

        It’s a shame to see a great idea discredited by these associations.

        • Posted November 2, 2013

          Admin D

          In your reply there is a lot of your own conjecture. You seem not to have understood the earlier response that explained that the interview was deliberately cut up to create a false image.

          Before you speak ill of anyone for speaking of sovereignty I would advise you to read our country’s constitution. At multiple points throughout the constitution and the proclamation of independence it references Sovereignty. Please read those two documents and also read DeValera’s writings on Sovereignty.

          You seem to have fallen victim to the state sponsored spin to convince the people of this country that they have no rights and that the constitution is irrelevant and that sovereignty is evil. It is the founding document of the State. What is stated within is all the State is and nothing more. This is something we have been slowly uneducated about.

          • Posted November 2, 2013


            Again, it’s best not to insult somebody’s intelligence if you wish to persuade them. I’ve been aware of Ben Gilroy’s Freeman beliefs (whether they are real or just a flag of convenience is relevant only to DDI) since he made his first appearance on the web, having studied the Freeman movement’s expansion into the UK in the years previous. I immediately recognised all the characteristics (“are you on your oath officer”, etc).

            To suggest that the video was edited to make him look bad is an insult to my intelligence – I’m no stranger to editing. To suggest that I’ve fallen victim to a massive conspiracy and am incapable of independent thought is a further insult.

            I have to say this is a rather disappointing reaction to a serious issue facing DDI – it is reminiscent of Fianna Fail covering up and defending Bertie Ahern through his ridiculous denials. It looks a lot more like politics as usual rather than a new, fresh approach.

          • Posted November 2, 2013

            Admin D

            I don’t wish to persuade you Jack. From your first comment it was clear your mind was already made up and you are a supporter of an opponent party. Your circular argument technique and avoidance of reality made that abundantly clear to everyone who reads this. I see no need to engage further.

            Neither do I think I could insult your intelligence. You couldn’t possibly be naive enough to think RTE don’t cut 3 minutes of half sentences out of 90 minutes of interview to make a fraudulent tv show. I think you know perfectly well but deny it to cause a scene. Making a tv program is not a massive conspiracy, it is simple film editing for a simple agenda. You exaggerate to confuse which is a common tactic.

            I find it very worrying that you refuse to address the content of our constitution. You either haven’t ever read it, or worse you have read it but have nefarious intent to deliberately ignore it and try to persuade others it is not a document that encapsulates sovereignty and rights that are being stripped away.

            It also worries me that if someone makes an oath of office you don’t think it is important that they stick to it. This must mean you believe that anyone who takes an oath (eg a judge) to uphold the constitution can break that oath without penalty. Thinking like that allows tyranny to prosper.

            I would advise you to do some research into what freeman ideology is and how it works before you rant about it. You may find out that it works differently in different jurisdictions/ It grew in UK Canada, Australia etc because it works there owing to the fact that the people are subjects of the queen who is the only sovereign because she holds their sovereignty in trust. These people simply claim it back. here in a republic it works differently. In the Irish republic our founders made every man and woman sovereign hence making them free and equal in status to other sovereigns like the queen of UK. Hence you don’t need to be a freeman in Ireland because you already are free in the founding documents of the nation. That was how highly our founders thought of us.

            So your argument has no basis. Ben Gilroy uses law to fight his cases and defend his rights as protected by the constitution. You should too as should everyone. It is your birthright. Use it.

            Unless you take on board these real points I will not be engaging further in circular arguments that refuse to deal with reality.

  • Posted November 1, 2013


    The powers that be are sweating -simples- and well done to Ben for making them….

  • Posted November 2, 2013

    Fergus Mooney (@fergieirish)

    good on all you at DDI, keeping an eye on proceedings from the UK

  • Posted November 2, 2013


    Does DDi now recognise the Allen Trust as legitimate as you point out in the statement that the idea of returning to Kennycourt Stud was to return it to the Trust which ” owns the property ?” Ben Gilroy was singled out from 200 people who attended the taking back of a Kildare stud farm by the administrators of the trust to which it belonged.

    Serving the summons ? Ben was not here was he ? was he not abroad ? your replies to “Jack” above are ridiculous.

    He was in Court so he was aware or served somehow……

    Personally I like Ben but professionally…this is a unmitigated disaster.

    Sad to see Ben supporting this ridiculous trust which preys on vulnerable people.Now clearly from your statement DDI officially supports this “trust”also.

    Their is no doubt that Ben is clearly a supporter of “the freeman movement” even though he referred to it as nonsense on primetime.

    Any attacks on DDI by the Media are made easy by DDI in their behaviour..its like you continue to give them the ink from which they attack you.

    I know Ray thinks I am negative,I am not ..I am very positive ,but I am not blind nor stupid…..when questions or someones opinion is difficult to handle …DDI attack

    I am still sure that DDI is finished as a force in Irish politics unless their is a complete Audit,cleanout & rethink ..and I have no political agenda here.

    Have a nice day

    • Posted November 2, 2013

      Admin D

      Hi barry
      We know very little about the Charlie Allen’s trust or how it works other than trust law in Ireland is perfectly normal and legal and is used by many others. hence until this trust is tested in the courts we see no reason to doubt that it is not exactly the same as any other trust. The basis of law in this country is innocent till proved guilty. The state have to prove in court that the trust is not legal before they can do what they have done. That is just common sense and not an endorsement of any particular trust or right of ownership. It is our duty to demand that due process is followed otherwise we have tyranny.

      There never has been a summons barry and there still isn’t. Ben has been in Ireland for almost the entire 6 weeks apart from a short break a few weeks back

      Perhaps you don’t understand that freeman ideology is somewhat unnecessary in Ireland as our founders gave us personal sovereignty in our own constitution. We simply need to assert our rights through law to be free barry. That is your right and it is what Ben does. Everything is backed up with law or the constitution, unfortunately people are kept away from that knowledge and scared off with the media’s new fear word.

      Speaking as a casual observer I think Ray would be right to think you are a little negative I am sorry to say. Hope you change because I hear you have a lot of energy and a ken mind. Remember your thoughts create your world. If you never ask the answer will always be no.

      • Posted November 2, 2013

        B Callaghan

        Trusts are used everywhere and are perfectly legitimate. .however this one is rather dubious and you do not need a Judge to tell you that.I know you guys are far brighter than you pretend. Fallons pub ? Eugene & kennycourt stud ? Etc

        .As for freeman “law” please send me references to cases won in Court in the last couple of years.

        My negativity ?

        I am many things…negative is not one of them.

        Perhaps you are falling into spin mode as seems to be the ultimate destination for your & many political parties.

        This is a sad day to have to read your comments..such a pity.

        • Posted November 2, 2013

          Admin D

          Barry I am sure we will surprise you in the future and hope to have you back when we do 🙂
          Lot of good new people in DDI now all wanting to get things developing.
          We want to bring the best ideas from any sources regardless and pull them all together
          We dont want to jusdge anyone.

  • Posted November 2, 2013


    For the record, I am not and never have been a member of any political party. I am a reformer by instinct, and unhappy with how politics is run in this country.

    However, based on how I have been treated in this discussion (accused of supporting other unnamed parties, accused of lacking intelligence, accused of circular reasoning) and the staunch defence mounted for Ben Gilroy – a man who seems to be a complete charlatan – I can see now that DDI is at least as bad as the Shinners and the Fianna Failers in defending its leadership’s crooked/criminal acts.

    What a sorry, sorry performance. This movement is going nowhere until it cops on and deals with the mé féiners, crooks, opportunists and conmen that are at its core. And throwing accusations at independent minds asking questions will not cut it.

    • Posted November 2, 2013


      Hi Jack, could you enlighten us on the criminal acts?

    • Posted November 2, 2013

      Admin D

      Thank you Jack, your points will be taken on board and reviewed
      We have no crooks, no mé féiners, and no opportunists in DDI. All we have are people who know the state is corrupt. They know why and they know who. All our people want to do is change that and we will take ideas from any source so long as the ideas are good ideas. We do not judge anyone with a good idea just because the media might demonise them. The media demonised anyone fighting back against the banks last week. that says where their agenda is. If you want to try and pidgeon hole us go ahead. We can’t be pidgeon holed because we have people from all ends of the spectrum who just want to fix the country for our kids. We do not and will not bow to corrupt media sound bites. There really is nothing more to it than that. If that doesn’t make you happy then I can’t help you and I hope you find what you are looking for in some other ‘politically correct’ group.

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