Enda Kenny Thinks Water Protests Are Funny

Enda Kenny Thinks Water Protests Are Funny

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Watch the video in the article below and see how our glorious leader behaves when confronted on a simple issue like taxing the water of life.

This is how Enda Kenny treats the ordinary people of this country and their worries. Does he engage meaningfully with them keen to hear the problems in a hope to do something to help? Is he keen to hear how the people want to run their own country for the future generations?

Well no. He just mocks them and laughs at them. He thinks its funny (they all do). He couldn’t care less what we think or want. He is doing what he is told by his corporate masters.

The most sickening image is the way he leans in to the protestor as if he were telling off a 6 year old school child.

It is also strange that a man who is hellbent on creating a federal Europe in which Ireland is merely on a par with a local council, where he wants all people in Europe to be EU citizens ahead of country, that he would try and marginalise this protester for her English accent.

As I have said many times before the irony seems to be lost on these carear politicians. The fact that she has an English accent is the fault of the incompetent FF and FG governments of decades ago when her family was forced to emigrate before she was born. The same incompetence that is being repeated by the current crop of FF/ FG governments who have sent another half a million of this generation abroad once more.

Vote for us they say. We have the experience they say.

Experience in repeating the same incompetent mistakes as their predecessors is all we the people see.

Article below from the Journal.ie

Taoiseach criticised for quizzing Galway woman over English accent

Enda Kenny is accused of patronising the woman.

TAOISEACH ENDA KENNY is coming in for criticism following an exchange with a protester in Galway.

When the woman, who has identified herself on Twitter as Dette McLoughlin, begins to debate with the Taoiseach about water charges he counters with:

You’re not from Galway at all.


To which she replies:

I am!

The clip was posted online by The Galway Advertiser, which identified McLoughlin as living and working in Galway for over 20 years. She was born in Manchester to Irish parents.

Another person is heard in the video telling the Taoiseach:

Lots of Irish people have English accents Enda. It’s called emigration. Another generation is gone.  Another generation will be coming back with English accents as well.

Reaction online has been critical of the Taoiseach’s handling of the exchange:

When direct democracy is back in our constitution politicians will  not be able to ignore the people. the people will be their masters and the people will be able to develop their own proposals outside of government and bring them to a vote for the government to then enact.
The politicians will know that everything they do will be under scrutiny and can be overturned or cause their demise. Just knowing this makes a politician behave and prevents them from even thinking they could force through a policy against the wishes or benefit of the people or the country.The only way to do this is the bring back direct democracy to the constitution and as DDI are the only party that wants to do this then we need to fill enough seats in the Dáil with our members to force the legislation on to the referendum agenda. Let’s get started.
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  • Posted October 28, 2014


    Enda Kenny is a #########……. I cant stand that man. Why is he in that position at all. That wasnt professional at all.

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