Direct Democracy Ireland launching Campaign for Referendum on EU membership

Direct Democracy Ireland launching Campaign for Referendum on EU membership

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Direct Democracy Ireland are calling on the people of Ireland to join with us in launching a nationwide campaign calling on the Irish Government to give the people an opportunity to vote by way of referendum on their future within the European Union.

The campaign launch will be outside the offices of the European Commission on Mount Street Dublin on Saturday 18th June starting at 12 mid-day. The launch will be followed in the very near future by the organisation of a series of mass meetings throughout the country.

All the people of Ireland from all groups and political parties will be invited, in order to allow the debate to begin with the objective of forcing this issue to the top of the political agenda ultimately leading to the Irish people having their say.

  • Direct Democracy Ireland want the Maastricht, Lisbon and relevant Treaties to be revisited for with the Propose of holding a referendum on Ireland’s future within the EU/eurozone. DDI acknowledges Ireland’s role within Europe, however given the trend toward EU-centred antidemocratic policy: Many feel the information presented to the people of Ireland in order to decide which way to vote in recent EU treaty referendums was significantly biased and misleading. Direct Democracy Ireland regard such events as seriously undemocratic and will review these treaties status
  1. Direct Democracy Ireland are NOT anti EU/eurozone but we are most definitely Euro SCEPTIC.
  2. Were Ireland to withdraw from the EU, its subsequent relationship with the organisation could take several forms. A research paper presented to the parliament of the UK proposed a number of alternatives to membership which would continue to allow it access to the EU’s internal market. These include remaining in the European Economic Area (EEA) as a European Free Trade Association (EFTA) member or a bilateral model along Swiss lines with a series of interdependent sectoral agreements.
  3. The Irish people voted no to initial referendums on both the Nice and Lisbon Treaties. There were second referendums held on both of these issues, and it was then, following renegotiation’s that the votes were swayed undemocratic-ally in favour of the respective ‘Yes’ campaigns, With posters stating vote yes for jobs and the like.
  4. In relation to both the Nice and Lisbon treaties, the decision to force second referendums has been the subject of much scrutiny and widespread criticism. It is claimed that rejection of the Irish peoples decision to vote no stands testament to the European Union’s lack of regard for democracy and lack of regard for the right of people of nation states to decide their futures


Direct Democracy Ireland will call for a full equitable and lawful investigation into the Irish Financial crisis of 2008 and the debt imposed on the Irish People by the EU/ECB/IMF and suspension of all payments until such an investigation is concluded.

  1. Launch a full independent, international legal review of the bailout, which we hold to be an odious debt and illegal under international law. DDI believe that under international law and the Lisbon treaty bailouts are illegal. It is illegal for a government to sell the birthright of a nation. The bailout is also unconstitutional under Bunreacht na hEireann  article 6 which states: “All powers of government, legislative, executive and judicial, derive, under God, from the people, whose right it is to designate the rulers of the State and, in final appeal, to decide all questions of national policy, according to the requirements of the common good”.
  2. Since the bailout the Irish people have been forced into a disastrous situation financially, socially, personally, which is clearly not according to the requirements of the common good. Direct Democracy Ireland intend to legally challenge the bailout on the above points and on any other legal points discovered in the process of review.

Direct Democracy Ireland strongly opposes the anti-democratic elements of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership known as TTIP and the comprehensive economic and trade agreement known as CETA for being Anti Democratic.

  1. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a comprehensive free trade and investment treaty currently being negotiated – in secret – between the European Union and the USA.
  2. Groups of companies are intended to be included even during the elaboration of new regulations and laws if their trade interests could be affected. The name for this is: “regulatory cooperation”. It means that representatives of big business are invited to participate in expert groups to influence new draft laws, even before these are discussed in the elected parliaments. This undermines democracy!
  3. The EU intends to sign two far-reaching trade agreements: one with Canada (CETA = Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement) and one with the USA (TTIP = Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership). The official line is that this will create jobs and increase economic growth. However, Direct Democracy Ireland is strongly opposed as the real beneficiaries of these agreements are not in fact citizens, but big corporations:
  4. CETA and TTIP want to increase the power of multinationals at the expense of democracy and the general good. TTIP and CETA are bar for Ireland and we must not allow them to happen!

Anthony Connor of Direct Democracy Ireland stated “Our society is becoming acutely aware of an untouchable class within the EU whose sphere of influence spreads across governments, senior civil service, the legal profession, banking, and corporate interests, including media. The message that the people receive is a carefully constructed one designed to limit the scope of debate within the parameters beneficial to the interests of the ruling group. Alternative solutions that might actually work in the interests of the population as a whole are generally not allowed. we in Direct Democracy Ireland will give an airing to all possible solutions, each investigated on its merits, not on hearsay, nor government spin”.


Let the Irish people have their say on their future in Europe


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  • Posted June 15, 2016


    Agree totally with this posting. It has been over 40 years since the first vote on joining the then EEC, a lot has changed in the meanwhile and I feel that a vote by the people of Ireland on whether to continue membership of this change institution is more needed now then ever before.

    • Posted June 15, 2016


      Yes we do need the choice
      I vote leave

  • Posted June 15, 2016

    Ian Verhaege

    The need for change is very much apparent, considering the way this countries politicians treat and show no respect for the electorate, its now time for everyone to join forces and call for a referendum, leave the dictators to wallow on what was. And the same goes for Dame edna and co.

  • Posted June 15, 2016

    Saffa Don

    I suggest you use the “Best out of 3” Slogan. Wouldn’t it be fair if it was best out of 3? Ireland were forced to have second referendums twice when their NO was rejected. If a NO can be second guessed, why can’t a YES be second guessed?

    • Posted June 16, 2016


      Excellent suggestion Saffa Thanks

  • Posted June 16, 2016

    Joseph O’Connell

    I vote to leave, the EU have never done anything for me except tax the backside off me.

  • Posted June 21, 2016

    john cully

    …whether we stay in or go scuttling to the exit after Britain, what difference will it make? Will Ireland not be the same slovenly and indifferent people ruled by the same cabal of gobshites, shysters and assorted casino-scum in any case? No change for the better will ever be possible unless there is a preceding radical change for the better at the private, personal level in each and every citizen. Without this, all else is mere folly.

  • Posted June 23, 2016

    john cully

    Further to the above, let me quote in part from the estimable Edmund Burke; “if it is true that government forms the people, it is equally true that the people in turn impart their character to their government. Such as you are, sooner or later must parliament become”.
    As we rail and rant about our government does it occur to nobody that this is simply the fury of Caliban NOT seeing himself in the mirror? Until that miraculous day when we DO see ourselves thus reflected it will simply be plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose ad nauseam……..

  • Posted June 28, 2016

    Seamus Kelly

    Bring on a referendum.

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