Councils Take Another Step Closer To Ending Fluoride.

Councils Take Another Step Closer To Ending Fluoride.

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As previously reported, two of DDI’s national executive (Colin Ryan and Simon English) have been running a behind the scenes anti fluoride information campaign in support of other anti fluoride activists. They have been having discussions with city and county Councillors from every political group in councils all over the country.

Now that Dublin City Council has recently affirmed this stance our attention was switched to other councils like Dublin South and Kerry where motions were to be tendered this week.

The campaign revolves around a legal escape route for councils who wish to stop fluoridation; highlighting the unlawful nature of the practice, the detrimental effects on overall health, and the possible future legal and medical fallout if we don’t act now.

The great news is that we were told today that Kerry CC became the 3rd major Council to pass a motion to remove fluoride from our water. putting themselves in line with the other 98% of Europe. We extend many thanks to all those Councillors who supported this and who gave us a fair hearing.

The motion was brought by Sinn Fein’s Councillor Damien Quigg and was supported by Independents, small parties and Sinn Fein. This adds to the mounting opposition to fluoridation spearheaded by the decision made by Cork County Council and followed by Dublin City Council earlier this year.

The motion to Dublin South CC was raised at the Council meeting on Monday, and was expected to pass, but was deferred to the next meeting for time reasons. However, although we expect many in Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail to fight this as they have in previous council votes, we still expect it will have the votes to get through.

Our mission now continues as we encourage more councils to bring similar motions before the end of the year. We believe that once we have enough councils onside they will have the weight of numbers and of public opinion to decide to stop adding fluoride to the water even if the government refuses to revoke the enabling legislation.

After all, the government would not dare attempt to suspend a dozen county councils at once over fluoride, especially knowing should the council elections be re-run they would lose scores of seats themselves. They have already had 10 councils vote against Irish Water this week, so they are on very weak footing as it is.

The will of the people will prevail, and what we are seeing in the councils is a form of local direct democracy in action, asserting people’s wishes over central government.

We believe people are waking up to the fact that they own their own body and only they themselves have the power to decide what chemicals are allowed to go into it. No-one else has the right to decide for you.

There are a number of other councils in our sights and we look forward to another progress report from the next Council to add their weight to a campaign that will make this legislation unenforceable.


We would like to congratulate Kerry CC for the unanimous decision of those present in the council chamber, including members of the government parties who while in clear revolt with their national party wish to remain nameless, but we thank them for their support and common sense on this issue.

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  • Posted November 12, 2014

    Margaret Clarke

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. –Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Posted November 12, 2014


    It’s not meaningless,. point is, if the fluoride concentrations are in high enough concentrations to effect teeth then by definition it can’t be classed as the negligible trace amounts as you seem to be implying.
    Also as fluoride is a topical treatment, not an internal one, there’s absolutely no reason to be ingesting the stuff.
    If the government insists on social programs to help the teeth of the underprivileged then they could just as well hand out bottles of mouthwash, or have mouthwash programs in schools.
    No reason to force this on everyone else, just because some people can’t practice proper oral and dental hygiene.

  • Posted November 13, 2014

    Graham Mc Allister

    The flouride that is seeped into the Irish water system is a waste product from either fertiliser plants or alluminium plants, this is a very toxic substance and very expensive to dispose off, so a simple plan is to fool the masses its good for tooth decay and put in in the water supply. No questions asked as we should be able to trust our governments. Our very close neighbours in the north of Ireland have removed the flouride and have stamped a 5 year jail term for anyone caught puuting in the water system. 98% of europe no longer use it, there are battles going on in the US to remove the flouride with some success so why do we sit and let them put this toxcin in our drinking water, think of our children and our grandchildren, its time to stop the poisioning of the Irish. We can no longer trust our government. Go research dangers of flouride and you will be very shocked.

  • Posted November 14, 2014

    Graham Mc Allister

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