Chris Faulkner Drogheda Urban Electoral Area

Chris Faulkner Drogheda Urban Electoral Area

I am Chris Faulkner, a Drogheda Native, a Law Student and a person who will speak out against injustice regardless of who it offends. I am a person who has chosen to put his name before you, the people. Some people like to talk, but I prefer to walk the walk and act. I want to represent my community and help those who need help the most. I have put my word’s into action ample time’s and I will always do so.

I am a member of Direct Democracy Ireland and I have been for 5 year’s. I was Direct Democracy Ireland’s youngest ever member. Direct Democracy Ireland member’s myself and Anthony Connor who is my colleague running in Drogheda South and Pat Greene who is our Candidate for Europe and Rural Drogheda, organised one of Drogheda’s biggest ever marches in which 10,000 people took to the street’s opposed to the Fine Gael/Labour Governments Water Charge’s and Irish Water’s attempts to privatise our Water Supply.

I have stood side by side with families facing the prospect of losing their family dwelling via unlawful evictions and I have attended eviction court’s nationwide with my colleague’s to see exactly how they operate. Bank’s and Landlord’s need to be made aware that they’re lawfully obliged to seek a valid Court Order to perform a Lawful Eviction, if they haven’t it’s unlawful. I believe families should be given every opportunity to remain in their home’s and that eviction should always be a last resort.

Politics in this country is a dirty word, apparently, well I don’t agree. I think the water’s have been muddied by corrupt Politicians who only serve themselves and vested interests. This need’s to change. On May the 24th we need you, the people to give us a chance, one opportunity, that’s all we ask and we will show you People Power, Direct Democracy and Real Representation.

On May the 24th

For Drogheda Urban Electoral Area. #VoteFaulknerNo1

For Drogheda South/East Meath. #VoteConnorNo1


For MEP, for a figure representing you and Direct Democracy in Europe.