Call To Arms Over Irish Water

Call To Arms Over Irish Water

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Most expensive water in Europe:

The General Secretary of Direct Democracy Ireland, Drogheda man Anthony Connor, who was also a local election candidate, as called on the people of Louth/Drogheda to rally together and make a stand against Irish Water installing water meters, “We have had great success, we stopped Irish Water in large parts of Meath through peaceful means and prevented them from installing water meters”.

Anthony stated that Louth has not yet been targeted for the installation of water meters but work will commence in Louth from September, Anthony went on the say “I will stand with anyone that does not want a water meter installed at their home, Irish water is a private company limited by shares and it’s a complete Lie when they say it is to conserve water; in reality it’s a Bond holder payment tax forced upon an already pushed to the limit Irish Nation”. He went on to say “we already pay for water through taxation, last year alone €1.4Billion was collected for water. 2% of all V.A.T goes into water as well as 5% of all Motor Tax; so before a bill even comes through your door we officially have the most expensive water in Europe. We have started a national campaign with the intention of taking a legal challenge against the government and Irish Water.”

The National Citizens Movement has been set up by various different anti water tax groups and will see them unite for a major push against Irish Water. When asked about the numbers of people refusing the water meters he stated “…most people have the attitude, let them put the meter in we just won’t be paying for water”, a stance which Anthony said he welcomes, mass non compliance will defeat this unjust Tax.

Anthony then asked why the Labour Party have failed us and wonders why they have become so disconnected from the very people they claim to care for? “Maybe for them it’s hard to understand the plight of the working poor and unemployed when most members of the labour Party earn 6 figure salaries, they are no longer Labour for the people, they are Labour, the franchise. Labour Inc. a business protecting their wealthy established Party leaders and all the well connected individuals therein. Labour exists as a memory now. The champion of the people has been vanquished. Labour is no more”.

If you would like to become part of The National Citizens Movement you can visit their facebook page, Or, If you want to be active or need help in the water meter campaign in the Louth / Meath area contact Anthony Connor on 085-8560338 or email

Anthony Connor,
National General Secretary,
Direct Democracy Ireland,


Twitter: @antzc40

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  • Posted September 6, 2014


    Don’t see whats wrong with being charged directly for a service you use.
    If you don’t want water charges then get your own well and pump and rainwater collection system. If don’t want an electricity bill then get solar panels and a mini wind turbine
    e.t.c., e.t.c. ,.. you get the idea.

    The real outcry should be about general taxation, such as the general taxation of people with their own wells who then subsidize those on mains water.

    • Posted September 6, 2014

      Admin D

      That’s not the way our social systems work, supply of services has always been subsidised for those who cant afford them, in fact the whole taxation system is based on that premise of ability to pay. This is who th redistribution of wealth is done indirectly, it levels out the inequalitity of the valuation of people’s labour when in fact everyone’s job is just as valuable as the next man’s in the proper running of society. That’s why the tax system is as it is. The problem you should be having is that why would you pay for something again to a new private company when yo already pay for it through taxation?
      The issue is also that when you privatise you diminish th service to what is or isn’t rofitable. You add cost to the customer because profits are syphoned off to a few individuals, money that should eithe rnot be charged or be reinvested. The privatisation of the water ystem is designed to create another commodity upon which large investors can make large profits in the markets, something that will come from your pocket and will cause prices to rocket, eg with ptrol as they bet on the value of stocks and futures. Water becomes a casino, not a necessity of life

      • Posted September 7, 2014


        Point is, most of the people on mains water are NOT poor,.. why should other people who paid good money for their own wells be forced to subsidize those on the mains.
        I’m not rich, but I don’t remember the townies coming to pay for the drilling of my well or the installation of my pump, or the electricity used to run it.
        If you want to make a case for helping the poor then fine,. perhaps reduce their water charges, or give a free maximum allowance for example.
        As for Irish water being a rip-off deal, maybe you’re right,.. perhaps cheaper alternatives could be found,.. say the people in the community could themselves maintain the water supply.

  • Posted September 7, 2014


    PS,.. taxation is theft pure and simple.
    With regards to privatization,.. I don’t think publicly owned infrastructure should necessarily be sold off since more competitive private alternatives should be able to run in parallel in any case.
    However the public services should not be funded via forced taxation but be a combination of user fees and voluntary-taxation/donations.
    eg. Roads funded solely through road tax,.. etc etc.
    The public could then vote annually say on who gets the contract to maintain roads in a certain area depending on who offers the best deal in that area.

  • Posted September 30, 2014

    Christina Lennon

    We already pay for water and have done since the mid 90s when the water rates were abolished because 250000 people took to the streets to protest at this double taxation. We pay 5% on our car tax and 2% vat on everything since then . This money was supposed to be to maintain and improve our water but thats not where it went. It was stolen from where it should have been spent by successive governments which is why our water systems are such a mess now. And you can be guaranteed this new charge will go the same way- lining the pockets of the rich

    • Posted October 19, 2014

      Michael Flynn

      I agree with you

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