Ben Gilroy, gets an 11th hour stay of execution for Naas family facing eviction

Ben Gilroy, gets an 11th hour stay of execution for Naas family facing eviction


By Direct Democracy Ireland

This morning, Ben Gilroy of Direct Democracy Ireland in an 11th hour dash to the High Court was successful in convincing Judge Hunt to give a stay of execution on an order for possession of the premises belonging to a family in Naas Co. Kildare, allowing the family time to come to an amicable resolution with the bank in question. The order was sent to the unconstitutional County Sheriff for execution some months ago who in turn tried on a number of occasions unsuccessfully to execute the order.

The family in question is one of thousands currently facing the real prospect of becoming homeless and Direct Democracy Ireland is calling for a stop on carrying out court order for possession resulting in evictions of families from their homes.

Ben Gilroy stated “We as a society must do more to protect the family dwelling from the clutches of the financial institutions the very same institutions that are pulling the strings of Government despite their previous failings”

What we need is debt relief for families struggling under the weight of austerity and a better focused approach with regards to the mortgage crisis. The present peace-meal attitude of the Government and the banks only serves to further deepen the crisis by brushing the problem under the carpet.


If you are aware of others in mortgage distress please contact Direct Democracy Ireland.



  • Posted September 1, 2015

    Brian o hare

    Brilliant , Ben.

  • Posted September 1, 2015

    tony Duncan

    Anyone see Enda Kenny around ??

  • Posted September 1, 2015

    Michael Doyle

    Well done Ben gilroy a man of principle we need that kind of person in Leinster house instead of the arse licking shower who are there at the moment

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