Another false promise as government denies water rates will rise in the future

Another false promise as government denies water rates will rise in the future

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Whenever the government has made denials in the past they have always turned out to be lies. This is no different.

The framework directive along with other treaties demand that government subvention of services will no longer be allowed by the EU rules. Hence the water and waste prices will rise, in many multiples of their current rates, until they are in line with other countries like Germany or the UK; completely regardless of people’s ability to pay.

It is notable that there has been no leveling out of pay scales in different jobs, or raising of low pay, to take account of all the additional regressive stealth taxes and charges that are the same for everyone. In fact the opposite has been happening, worsening further the situation so the gap between rich and poor is only increasing, as is the number of poor.

The post war vision in Europe was to build a fair society, where contribution to the nation was based on ability to pay; and it worked. Nowadays the new corporate controlled government is rolling back all of those achievements for the benefit of the top tier. DDI hope to get elected so we can make a difference and find a better balance where the people are the primary concern in all decisions on how the country is run, after all the people are the nation.

Environment Department denies Europe could force us to pay higher water charges

Independent MEP Marian Harkin said the Commission could tell the Government to increase the controversial charge.

Image: Shutterstock/motodan

THE DEPARTMENT OF the Environment has denied claims the European Commission could force Ireland to introduce higher water charges.

Independent MEP Marian Harkin had claimed that EU legislation could lead to increased charges.

Harkin said a section of the EU Water Framework Directive states that if countries within the EU choose to charge households for water the fee must take into account the full cost of water services.

She told journalist Karen Coleman this means Europe can, at any stage, request that Ireland increases water charges to cover the cost of running Irish Water, as well as any loans the utility may take out.

However, a spokesperson for the Environment Department denied this was the case.

He told the Government policy on water charges is “fully consistent with the objectives of the Water Framework Directive and reflects the commitment entered into as part of the Programme of Financial Support for Ireland (2010-2013) agreed between the previous Government and the EU, ECB and IMF”.

Harkin said the legislation requires member states to apply to the European Commission for flexibility in how they charge people if they want to avoid passing the entire cost of water services onto households.

TDs Visit Rossport 5

Marian Harkin

Source: Photocall Ireland

The Midlands-North West MEP said she recently received confirmation from the Commission that Ireland has not done this. She called on Environment Minister Alan Kelly to apply for this flexibility “immediately”.

“So all of the promises we have about water charges remaining at a certain level for the next number of years, what good are they? Unless Ireland immediately requests this flexibility,” Harkin stated.

However, the Department said there was no need for any such action, adding that it was “up to individual member states” to decide if and how to implement domestic water charges.

A spokesperson for Irish Water said the company would not be commenting on the issue as it is a “matter for Government”.



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  • Posted December 28, 2014

    Enough is Enough

    The government (who seem pre-occupied with serving the requests of Brussels which is now the most powerful “vested interest” influencing state policy and decision making) never stop rolling out the absurdities.

    1. Ireland has a massive debt problem. And the government have declared that one of the objectives of Irish Water is to be able to borrow MORE money.

    2. The local authorities have built up large debts trying to improve infrastructure, including water and sewage. This has been ongoing in the past ten years. The government PR about nothing been spent on water/sewage infrastructure is nonsense. Money WAS Invested. It was mal-invested. With councillors getting infrastructure in their local areas, so that local builders could participate in the building boom. This included local authorities where FF/FG/GP/LP in various coalitions were in control.

    3. The settlement pattern in the east of the country is inefficient with regard to service provision. There are too many people living in small villages, and not enough in Dublin. And in Dublin, the residential housing density is too low. Low residential housing drives up the price of real estate. Hence this is a sacred cow of the political and business establishment. Anybody who has ever been to a continental city of 1 million people will see that Dublin is “vertically challenged”. There simply are not enough four and five story building complexes in suburban Dublin.

    4. The unions were bought up “Eircom style”. The problem here is that there are many people in the sector who got these jobs from the local authorities because of political affiliation, in the boom period (when the facilities were being built). It is the same as the ESB (most expensive electricity in Europe). And it is similar to RTE (cost a fortune, and most of the time it is just UK soap opera/US sitcoms). Wholescale inefficiency. And the media keeps throwing out the line of “investment is needed”.

    The Irish institutional state system is too inefficient for there to be any investment. Running costs are always out of control.

    5. Subcontracts to different suppliers, including a prominent business man who has former FF and PD politicians on his payroll.

    6. Accountability. Here is a clip of Luke Flanagan asking for more accountability concerning Irish Water.

    Note. Labour Party TD goes “ape” concerning Ming’s questioning of the management of Irish Water. Please DDI, please run a candidate against that LP “ape”, who is a disgrace.

    • Posted December 31, 2014

      Admin D

      He’s Cork South West, now we would like to run a candidate there and by rights should be very strong in Cork at this stage but our organisation was decimated down there a year ago by a small break away group and so we have a lot of work to do to get back in contention

      Interesting that you mentioned high density housing, I think one of the problems with it is that it creates it’s own social problems. One of them that is always overlooked is the lack of peace that can affect long term mental and physical health. living in multi storey multi unit blocks is an experience I would not like to repeat as it played havoc with sleep deprivation and interuption

  • Posted December 28, 2014

    Enough is Enough

    Good work, Marion Harkin. She is worth more in value to the Irish people, than the combined FG delegation in the EP. [ which admittedly is not that difficult given than they are a collection of imperial wasters ].

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