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You may be wondering exactly what Direct Democracy is and how it works. Direct Democracy is a form of government that is by the people, for the people. It is a type of government where the people make the decisions for themselves rather than to have the decisions made for them by representatives. Another term used to describe Direct Democracy is “pure” democracy or “true” democracy.

Direct Democracy will empower the people , and will inspire the people to become more involved to facilitate real change that truly represents the will of the People of Ireland.

Direct Democracy Ireland intends putting the power in the hands of the people, by re-introducing direct democracy provisions into the constitution as a first priority. Direct Democracy Ireland will ensure that it is held accountable, ensuring the people of Ireland will have the final say on all matters.

Reintroducing direct democracy can solve the problems of party politics making it obsolete and irrelevant. By giving the people ultimate control, people can overrule the party whip,  preventing any party becoming dominant, while preventing actions or laws passed contrary to the interests of the people. The era of ‘left vs. right’ in Irish politics will end, to be superseded by a better system representing interests of the Irish people.

The Irish constitution does not mention political parties once. The original constitution did include direct democracy. The Irish people have been denied a means of proper governance for 91 years in contradiction to the framers of the first constitution. Instead were given a dysfunctional party political system, and not the freedom Irish people fought for over the past 843 years. Every political party and political activist group claim they want what’s best for the Irish people. If they genuinely mean this, as most party members and group members presumably do, they cannot honestly be against the principles of direct democracy, as direct democracy puts the people in charge of the nation.

There is no more effective means of doing what is best for a people than to put them in charge of their own destiny. That is the definition of freedom. Anyone who is against giving people their freedom is by definition in support of their enslavement.

Our forefathers left us this article in our very first constitution in 1919 a constitution which was ratified by ALL 32 counties of Ireland.

Article 1

The sovereignty of the nation of Ireland is inalienable, It is therefore not within the competence of any generation of the people to SURRENDER that sovereignty, which each generation holds in trust for the nation. The question of surrender of national independence may not be submitted to an electorate.

Subject to that fundamental principal it is hereby declared that

ALL authority in Ireland – Legislative, Executive and Judicial, and ALL powers of government, are derived solely under God from the people of Ireland. These powers are inherent in the PEOPLE alone by virtue of the sovereignty. They must be exercised in accordance with the principals of Liberty, Equality and Justice for all. Any legislation not in accordance with these principals is hereby declared to be NULL and VOID.

Article 28

The people of Ireland may themselves initiate legislation either through the National Economic Council (Now known as the Seanad) or by a direct vote of 50,000 voters expressed through machinery to be be set up by Dail Eireann within 3 years after the passing of this constitution.

Article 28 above refers to Direct Democracy and it was provided for in our very first constitution to be removed later by the political establishment who govern us today.

It appears Ireland may have 5 constitutions since the establishment of the state. We at Direct Democracy Ireland are in the process of researching all of those constitutions to make the Direct democracy process applicable to moral life today.