Shameful U-turn​ an act of cowardice in a ​bogus democracy

Irish politicians have for decades offered a version of democracy and policy making to the people of Ireland that masks reality in a cloak of concern and transparency, with the support of the manufactured media the illusion is offered that democracy is at the forefront of all matters relating to the very people these politicians claim to represent, however that cloak slips aside from time to time, just as Dorothy in the wizard of Oz pulled back the curtain to find that there was no wizard we find that there is no democracy.

The sleazy hypocrisy of politician’s and unelected bureaucrats is legendary and regrettable, but it is their ignorance and arrogance that are very worrying and this was very transparent recently when the so called independent junior minister for health Finian McGrath preformed a shameful U-turn on the issue on the HPV vaccine.    
Direct Democracy Ireland welcomed Junior minister Finian McGrath principle and honest stand when he originally called for the vaccine to be suspended until such a time as there could an independent review of the controversial vaccine Gardasil, this is in line with the organisation REGRET coordinate and run voluntarily by concerned parents who observed dramatic negative changes in the health of their children.  But in a shameful U-turn,days later, McGrath came out and said he supported the Governments campaign to role out the HPV vaccine, this U-turn came after what can only be described as a dressing down ofthe junior minister by the more senior health minister Simon Harris, Mr. Harris, ‘MR.’ being his actual title, himself is no stranger to shameful U-turns.



So is Finian McGrath to blame?


What ever your views on the controversial vaccine Gardasil, the elephant in the room is, we live in a bogus democracy. Finian McGrath and his likes are victims of this duplicity in a political system that is controlled by external elements and vested interests, this has been obvious to the casual observer of Irish politics since the foundation of the state, this is also reinforced by the European Union and their agenda that supports corporate interests above the wellbeing of the same causal observers who sit idly by and allow the continuance of this bogus democracy, as do all other mainstream parties bar none.

What must we do to end this cycle of mistrust, dishonesty, and coercion?

How can we as a nation mend this broken corruptible political system? Remember,  whatever side you are on, what ever stance you take on any issue, at some stage you will be on the wrong side of this bogus democracy. What we need is a system were the people have the final say, a system that would see democracy on demand and not restricting us to a vote once every 5 years as our current system dictates. There is another system, a system of democracy that removes, as Dorothy did to the wizard of Oz, the vail of secrecy that cloaks the bogus democracy we live in, and removes the disease of corruption. This fair and accountable system works well in other countries, it is called Direct Democracy.

Anthony Connor and Pat Greene Direct Democracy Ireland, Louth

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  • Posted January 31, 2019


    Do you have leaders or is this a group of likeminded peaple? How do you propose getting your message across to a wider adience. You do realise our whole government structure is corrupt and would need to be demolished. A wwhole new honest liberal system would need to be written from scratch and tested under pressure for the peaple to vote on it. If there are ten thousand in this group why is ben gilroy not being protected were are the demos outside the minister for justices home. Were are the peaple. You cant just wait for lunatics like me to burn peaple out. Is this a party or a movement.. hello. Il sing up if ye dont mind a big mouth that will caude mayhem

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