Threat to overturn Brexit an affront to Democracy

Threat to overturn Brexit an affront to Democracy

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Serious concern is being raised that Brexit may be blocked, remain campaigners yesterday ratcheted up their push to have the referendum result overturned- with Scotland’s first Minister Nicola Sturgeon saying her country could prevent the UK’s exit from the European Union.

A petition demanding a re-run of the referendum has received 3.5 Million names in the UK, a petition is considered for debate by the British Parliament once it passes 100,000 names. Anthony Connor of Direct Democracy Ireland today stated we will always support and encourage a debate on any issue but the will of the people must always be respected and the debate must not go any direction that will see a Re-run of Brexit, Under the UK’s complex arrangements to devolve some powers to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, legislation generated in London to leave the EU may have to gain consent from the three developed parliament’s and, we support Scotland and Northern Ireland in their fight to remain in the EU has that was the will of people and Democracy in action, something our Government should pay particular attention to.

In the meantime, Taoiseach Enda Kenny who described Brexit “a dangerous moment that threatens Irish prosperity is at hand” flies out to Brussels for Brexit talks Apparently Enda Kenny’s key priorities when meeting EU leaders will be maintaining trade between the UK and Ireland and maintaining the relationship with the Northern Ireland executive.

Connor went on to say the problem is that our Government has no red-line issues with the EU and no politician’s willing or able to negotiate a fairer deal or a better way forward, it is now we need tough talks, with the threat of Ireland Holding a referendum on EU membership it would strengthen or case in striking a deal that could benefit Ireland greatly. Let us not forget it is the EU who are demanding we charge for water; it is the EU who demanded the introduction of The Local Property Tax etc. as well many other issues that impede on our life’s on a daily basis, the question must be asked does Ireland need the EU or does the EU need Ireland, the time has come to play hardball take Switzerland for example who are not members of the EU yet they are still your Europe, have their own tailored deal with EU, have a free trade deal with the EU China. Japan and more, they export 5 Times more to the EU than the UK, adopt 0% of EU rules, and they have the highest wages in Europe are the 2nd richest country in the world, and rank first in the world in the global innovation index now I’d call that doing pretty well, but it’s worth pointing out that Switzerland operates on a Direct Democracy system that allows the people have control over how their country is run, if Ireland had the same system our political focus would be dramatically different something Direct Democracy Ireland have been campaigning for since been founded in 2013.

The threat to overturn Brexit is an affront to democracy and whatever your view maybe on remain or leave we cannot allow a situation where the will of the people is meaningless.


Anthony Connor 1

Anthony Connor, Direct Democracy Ireland, Louth.

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  • Posted June 28, 2016

    Paul Diver

    The poll has been proven to be fake.

  • Posted June 29, 2016


    Yes,,,,your right Anthony,,,,Ireland slipping into a slow abis,,,,,but the issue of water and LPT,,,,,would still be implimented even if we were not in the “EU”the issue is finding newer ways to impliment Stelf Taxation without offering services for the charge,,,,at least Britain gets its bins Emptied,,,,,here in Ireland they want there cake and eat it.

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