50c Pay rise cynical attempt to buy to votes, But pay rise does not include those on Jobsbridge

50c Pay rise cynical attempt to buy to votes, But pay rise does not include those on Jobsbridge

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By Direct Democracy Ireland 

The recent Government announcement of a 50c per hour pay increase for those on the minimum wage is potentially going to cost the people more than its worth, and could see SME’s and soul traders forced to reconsider hiring new staff or worse to  layoff existing workers.

Direct Democracy Ireland (DDI) has voiced skepticism of the 50c increase as it could see lower paid workers forced into the USC and PRSI brackets and could perhaps cost them more in the long run, the government has said they will address the issues of USC and PRSI, but this is of little or no comfort to many people who may lose their Medical cards, Rent Supplements, loan parent payments, careers allowance etc. The pay rise may be worth upwards of €1,000 a year in to one hand but by pushing many over the maximum allowed to avail of essential services will see this rise taken back with the other hand for this to be of any value to people who need it most, we must be given the changes to legislation on the tax bands and credits affecting those in need BEFORE the any adjustments are made income levels, assurances that no one will lose any of the benefits they currently hold are not acceptable as the German bundestag will have the final say on our budget.

It is no coincidence that this inadequate attempt to put more money in the pockets of the poorer section of our society has come so close to an election is proof that old style parish-pump politics is alive and well as this government is more concerned about being held to account at the ballot box once every five years than being unaccountable during the intervening years and are desperate to prove their self-worth in a cynical attempt to buy votes, but it’s all to little, to late.

Struggling SME’s will be forced to pay larger PRSI contributions which will leave some with little choice but to layoff workers, another ingenious plan by this Government that’s destined to not make the grade. We seem to have a Government hell bent of destroying small to medium businesses, the back bone of our economy stated Pat Greene of Direct Democracy Ireland while we must welcome a pay rise for the thousands who are struggling we most look at the bigger picture, something that this Government has continuously failed to do. But all logic goes out the window when there’s a general election on the horizon. We work in an international open economy that has no protection from international wage rates, see the Lisbon treaty remember it was a vote for jobs, our economy relies on competing with imports from and exporting to other parts of the EU and the rest of the world any increase in costs affects our ability to compete on this cut-throat stage.

Labour Party Minister for Jobs and enterprise Ged Nash seems to have gone on a major cynical PR campaign in a frantic bid to gain public support for his chances of re-election, we suspect that he will not stop there, and expect many more unproductive announcements from him and The Labour Party over the coming weeks and months. The Labour Party has been extremely ineffective in Government; shockingly they have both supported and promoted the Jobs Bridge scheme, a scheme that is both corrupted and abused by many employers to gain free Labour. Direct Democracy Ireland are persistent in their beliefs that nobody should be forced to work for free.

Internship should be a choice, but should also pay a fair wage. at present a single person, who was receiving €188 a week on Jobseekers, but is now on a jobs-bridge scheme will receive just €238 a week, that just €50 extra than the jobseekers payment for a 39 hour week, that is just €1.28 an hour or €6.10 if you add in the €188 far below the minimum wage. Outrageously the employer pay’s nothing. But jobs-bridge participants who are undoubtedly among the lowest paid workers in the country will scandalously not benefit from the governments announced pay 50c per hour pay increase.

Pat Greene  went on to say  “this type of politics has dragged our country down into a whirlpool of debt and we need to change this system of representative democracy to a better system of Direct Democracy where the people have the final say”

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  • Posted July 23, 2015


    Any response from Tainaiste, Joan Burton on this … Ireland has two sets of Minimum Wages?

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