Anthony Connor, East Meath and South Drogheda

Anthony Connor, East Meath and South Drogheda

It is an honour and a privilege for me to stand before the people of East Meath/South Drogheda for the Local Elections on May 24Th 2019.

I am originally from Duleek County Meath but now living in Grange Rath, Drogheda Co. Meath with my Partner Emma and our daughter Ruby. I attended Duleek boys’ national school and later returned to college as a mature student to study Law.  I am currently a Manager in Dublin Airport and  I also Volunteer as a suicide intervention officer with suicide intervention organisation SOSAD a roll that I love and cherish.

Over the past 10 years I have campaigned against the Water Charges, the Local Property Tax, Evictions, Homelessness, as well as many other issues that have adversely affected our families daily.  I am dedicated and hardworking and will always support the will of the people. I wont just speak the change, I’ll be the change. We need new people with new ideas for Meath County Council as it is run by a political, social and economic way of thinking that hasn’t changed in decades and it repeatedly fails us.

I am respectfully requesting your No.1 Vote so I can have the opportunity to represent you and your family at Local Level because this election is about our collective futures.

I chose Direct Democracy Ireland because it was set up by a new and positive political influence in today’s  modern Ireland. We do not simply regurgitate the same tired and unproductive antics offered by traditional politicians, we offer new solutions to solve old problems. One of the main failings of our society is how it deals with challenges from health, to crime, to social inequality, in a system that has a tendency towards treating the symptoms while ignoring the cause, this leads to ever increasing associated costs and problems that are never fully resolved. We wish to change all this. And this change can start with your Vote.

Best Regards

Anthony Connor

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