Neville Bradley Dublin South Central

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Neville Bradley
Dublin South Central

Neville went to school and has lived in the constituency of Dublin South Central all his life, he has four children and his wife Mary (Parsons) who is originally from Sperrin Road in Drimnagh. Neville has been active in the community for a number of years serving on the parents association and boards of management of St Peters boy’s National School and St Paul’s girls national and secondary schools. He is currently employed as a Fire Services Manager and has served with the Civil Defence headquarter’s rescue unit.

Neville has worked as a Health and Safety Officer, and was so concerned with the dangers of smart water meters that he became one of the founding members of “Walkinstown says No to Water Meters” group. He is proud to be part of this large local residents movement that has prevented dangerous smart water meters that emit pulsing micro wave radiation 24 hours a day from being installed in our community against the residents wishes.

He has supported the Right2Water movement since its inception, and has signed up as a Right2Change candidate for Direct Democracy Ireland – a National Citizens Movement. He has also signed up to the One Year Initiative to reinstate Article 48 back into the constitution, which will give citizens the right to initiate referendums and block bad legislation that is not in the National interest.

As a supporter of the Land League, he has seen first-hand the heart
wrenching evictions of people who had no support or legal aid and he has seen the difference it makes when communities and friends unite to support these families in court.

Neville got involved in politics because he is concerned, just like most citizens, at the way our national resources have been plundered, and how our financial sovereignty stolen by the Troika which are essentially three corporate banks. The other reason is the lack of political accountability and the failure of the current political system that has allowed austerity to be forced on its citizens by outside forces with catastrophic consequences, just to pay back bond holders and Banks at the expense of the most vulnerable in our society.

You might remember seeing Neville on the ballot paper when he was a candidate in the 2011 general election, unfortunately he lost out to Fine Gael and Labour candidates that never even bothered to open a clinic in the constituency after being elected.

Direct Democracy Ireland doesn’t have an undemocratic party whip system that forces your elected representative to vote against your wishes or their parties vested interests. Neville was elected to the National Executive of Direct Democracy Ireland, and currently serves as Vice Chairman and National Press Officer.

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