Cormac McKay Dublin North-West

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Cormac Mckay
Dublin North-West Constituency

Cormac McKay is 35 years old and originally from Drumcondra on the northside of Dublin. He is currently a carer for an 85 year old friend and attending college to obtain the Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) award in Health Care. He is a former chairman of The Iona and District Residents Association (IDRA) having just resigned due to conflict of interests rules, to contest the upcoming general election.This is one of the largest residents associations on the north side of Dublin dealing with many local resident issues around the Croke Park area. The association deals with various issues regards planning, crime and litter. They also deal with traffic problems in the area, Drumcondra being one of the major traffic blackspot on the northside of Dublin.

Cormac has a real passion for people. Frustrated with local and national government policy and methods, he says he’s not looking to become a career politician he’s just looking for his democracy back and has decided to enter the field of politics. This will be his second attempt to be elected, after running in the 2014 local elections. He is very passionate for local interests and considers himself a good problem solver who encourages and promotes Direct Democracy and participatory democracy both locally and nationally.

He is a supporter of the idea of Dublin having a Directly Elected Mayor for Dublin and would like to run in that race some day. Cormac likes fitness and is a hockey player playing with St Brendans Phoenix Park. An avid technology enthusiast, he was the youngest person in Ireland to first have a mobile phone and first to have a mobile phone in his secondary school, Rosmini secondary school on Grace Park Road in Drumcondra. He left school early at 16 to pursue work and despite doing very well in the Junior cert exams he preferred working. One of his first jobs was importing health food products and supplements from the United States.

Cormac has also lived and worked all around the world moving to Australia at just 19 working door to door at sales all around Sydney, selling cable tv and mobile phones. He has also lived and worked in London in the Irish area of Kilburn and Cricklewood and moved to Toronto during the downturn after a failed attempt to launch a citywide teenage disco business using existing schools facilities unfortunately due to a lack of support from the then minister for children Brian Lenihan to back the the plan to use school facilities after hours. With management experience in Healthcare, Retail, Sales and Entertainment and having worked in many household names Guinness, Eircom, Meteor, Dixons, RTV, Arnotts and LeisurePlex to name just a few he has built up a great deal of real world life experience on his CV.             

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