Ben Gilroy Meath East

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Ben Gilroy
Meath East Constituency

I’m Ben Gilroy a member of Direct Democracy Ireland and candidate for East Meath constituency. I live in Johnstown and would be privileged to serve this community as a TD . My background is in law. I have been actively involved saving family homes, businesses and farms from Banks, Vulture funds and Financial vested interests.

I became a member Direct Democracy Ireland to try bring about this political process of giving the power back to the people through initiated referendum .  As a TD  I would maintain a constant dialogue with constituents, in the spirit of Direct Democracy, pushing their interests above all else.

National Policies

  • STOP Bondholder Payments: There is no legal liability for Irish people and their children to pay for private banking debts.
  • HALT all evictions nationwide, work for a solution with banks.
  • REDUCE Family Home Mortgages: A substantial write down of personal debt to keep people in their homes and stimulate our domestic economy.
  • ABOLISH All Taxes on Family Homes: “It is morally wrong, unjust and unfair to tax a person’s home” – Enda Kenny, 1994.
  • PROTECT Services & Allowances: Review all cuts made to essential services and people’s vital allowances.
  • CUT Business Rates: Reduce costs for business to help make them more affordable and competitive thus protecting Irish jobs.
  • CEASE  State Asset Stripping: Keep water, oil, gas, forestry, fisheries and mineral assets and return these assets back to public ownership.
  • PREVENT the implementation of TTIP
  • END Fluoridation of public water.
  • ENCOURAGE community projects, with the community  actively working with an an garda Siochana as peace keepers.
  • PUSH For a bill of rights ensuring people have proper access to Water, Homes, Justice and Health.
  • SLASH TDS and top civil servants pensions, expenses and wages, and revisit past agreements so our cloth can be cut to fit our current circumstances.
  • SAY I will work hard for you

Local Policies

End Fluoridation of public water.

Hold county councils accountable to the constituents of my areas.

Oppose any further punishment of the vulnerable with austerity, in particular the old, sick, disabled  and underprivileged in my area.

Lobby for decentralization of power making decisions to encompass more of the democratic will of the people of my area

Greater interchange and regular liaison between community representatives and the Gardaí, in regards to local issues.

My Ask

I ask that you vote for me in Meath East  so I may promote the common good, with due observance of prudence, justice and charity, while maintaining the dignity, freedom and rights  of the people using a true democratic process.

Many thanks

Ben Gilroy

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  • Posted January 29, 2016


    Absolutely love this page Ben, what are your odds now with Paddy power??

  • Posted January 29, 2016

    Stephen Walsh

    Best if luck Ben from all in carrick-on suir.

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