Aoife O’ Connell Cavan Monaghan

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Aoife O’ Connell
Cavan Monaghan Constituency

Aoife O’ Connell is a member of Direct Democracy Ireland (a National Citizen Movement). She is one of the candidate’s for the Monaghan/Cavan Constituency. Aoife and her family have strong ties with her local community in Monaghan through Athletics and GAA. It would be a privilege for her to be of service to her community. Her background is in Holistic Practices and alternative Health.

Many of you know her from her family business Angel Whisper’s in Glaslough Street and as one of the support workers in Monaghan Life Support Service that was set up 14 years ago. To provide help and support to families who lost a loved one by Suicide. Aoife has seen first –hand the devastation Austerity has caused in her own community.

She is also involved with National Land League to help stop families being evicted from their homes, and went on to set up the Monaghan Branch of the National Land League. She is also very active with Monaghan Says No to Water Charges.

Aoife has been involved in political activism from an early age and challenging the political classes on topics such as fluoridation of public water.

Your voice will be heard and the tough questions will be asked.


National Policies   

Stop Bondholders Payments: There is no legal liability for Irish people and their children to pay for private banking debts.

HALT all evictions nationwide, work for a solution with banks.

REDUCE Family Home Mortgages. A substantial write down on personal debt to keep families in their homes and stimulate our domestic economy.

ABOLISH All Taxes on family Homes. It is morally wrong, unjust and unfair to tax a person’s home. (Enda Kenny 1994)

PROTECT Services and Allowances: Review all cuts made to essential services and people’s vital allowances.

CUT Business: Reduce costs for business to help make them more affordable and make them more affordable and competitive thus protection Irish jobs.

STOP State Asset Stripping: Keep water, oil, forestry, fisheries and mineral assets working for the people.

PREVENT the implementation of TTIP


Local Policies

End Fluoridation in public water.

Hold county councils accountable to the constituents of my area.

Oppose any further punishment of the most vulnerable with austerity, in particular the old, sick and disabled in Monaghan.

Strive to bring extra funding for social housing and have the mortgage supplement reinstated along with a rent increase for rent supplement recipients.

Greater interchange and regular liaison between community representatives and the Gardaí in regards to local issues.

Work to attract potential investors to Monaghan/Cavan to assist businesses and the farming community through extra support and extra jobs creating jobs in the region.


085 808 6224

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