Alan Lawes Meath West

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Alan Lawes
Meath West Constituency

My name is Alan Lawes and I am standing in the 2016 general election for Direct Democracy Ireland in the Meath West constituency. Having lived in Navan with my wife Dee and four children since 1996, I am very proud to be given this opportunity by Direct Democracy Ireland to stand as a candidate in the 2016 General Election.

My background is one of public and voluntary service working in Cappagh Hospital in Finglas as a general operative for 32 years. During this time is studied Human Resource Management at NCI and for 20 years I acted as voluntary staff trade union and health and safety representative. In 2008 I volunteered with the Garda Reserve studied Criminology at WCFC and served the community based in Kells Garda station for 4 years. Just recently I started work as a voluntary director of Johnstown People’s Park in Navan.

The reason I became a political activist over the last 6 years is no different than many other activists with Direct Democracy, anger frustration complete disillusionment with the political system. A system that ignores the homeless ignores the sick and old lying on trollies ignores the will of the people and placing an odious debt on their shoulders. The evidence in front of the Irish people before they cast a vote in this election is overwhelming. All Irish politicians and their political parties who have shared power over many years, like Fianna Fail Fine Gael Labour and the Greens will do anything and say anything to gain power. The history of Irish politics is littered with lies deceit abuse corruption and much more. Every election becomes a beauty contest between the parties where they offer promises in glossy brochure’s which they have no intention of keeping.

That’s why we have to find a different way a better way. A way of giving the Irish people a mechanism ensuring they can hold all future Governments to account.  That’s why I joined Direct Democracy Ireland, because we as a party are the only ones offering the Irish people a set of tools giving them back the power. The hunger for Direct Democracy has grown outside our movement also. With the launch of the I Year Initiative and Re-instate 48, people all over the country are crying out for a better way. That’s what we plan to offer the Irish people in this election. Vote for a Direct Democracy Candidate in this election for “A better way for all the people of Ireland.”

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